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Potter County athletics fall awards


Potter County high school athletes from Gettysburg and Hoven attended an awards banquet in Hoven on Tuesday, Nov. 13. Following are the students who were honored.
2012-2013 Letter Winners and Participants
E=Emblem needed
B=Bar needed
-Lettered Previously
#-Needs a letter
Part. = Participation (no letter)
*=Letterwinner this year
Derick Arbach (FB *B)
-Hallee Cronin    (VB *B, VB capt. *B, FB chr *B)
Tyler DeRouchey (FB *B)
-Jace Everson (FB *B, FB capt. *B,)
-Cole Geditz (FB *B)
Joey Glodt (FB *B)
-Austin Haberer (FB *B, FB capt. *B)
Reid Kaiser (XC *B, XC Capt. *B)
-Denver Jost (FB *B)
-Sydney Logan (VB *B, VB capt *E-B, FB stat. *E-B)
-Tate Nafziger (FB *B, FB capt. *B)
#Alex Nagel (FB *E-B)
-Cassidy Soper (FB stat. *B)
Brayden Vogel (FB *B)
-Eric Worth (FB *B)
-Aaron Beetsch (FB *E-B)
-Lilli Cronin (XC *B, XC Capt. *E-B, FB chr. *B)
-Austin Dutenhoeffer (XC *B, XC capt. *B, FB part.)
Scott Glodt (FB *B)
#Chayce Hall (FB *E-B)
Tanner Heuer (FB *B)
-Mitchell Hinckley (FB *B, FB capt. *E-B)
-Alli Lake (VB *B)
Michael Rausch (FB *B)
-Chase Sievers (FB part. C)
-Hayden Simon (FB *B)
-Michaela Simon (VB *E-B)
-Katrina Smith (VB *E-B, FB stat *B)
#Ryan Sundberg (FB *E-B)
-Morgan Vander Vorst (VB *B)
-Chris Zuber (FB part. C)
-Kylie Baumberger (VB stat *B)
-Alysyn Breaw (VB stat *B)
-Treyson Drew (FB part. C)
-Regan Everson (VB *B, FB Chr. *B)
-Megan Geditz (FB Chr. *B, VB part. C)
Kalecia Hageman (VB part. C)
#Colton Hall (FB *E-B)
Tara Heuer (VB *E-B)
Shaye Jungwirth (XC part C)
-Samantha Kilian (FB filmer *E-B, VB part. C, VB stat. *E-B)
-Shelby Kilian (XC *B, VB part. C)
-Caleb Meinke (FB part. C)
-Destry Nafziger (VB *E-B)
#Hope Owens (VB *E-B)
-Brody Schatz (FB part. C)
-Jordan Schmidt (FB part. C)
Spencer Shaw (FB part. C)
-Kara Shoup (VB part. C)
Abby Simon (VB *E-B)
-Dalton Storer (FB *B)
-Luke Vogel (FB *E-B)
-Nic Zuber (FB student manager *E-B)
Traci Arbach (VB part. C)
-Cameron Decker (VB part. C)
-Tierney Donovan (FB stat. *E-B, VB part. C)
Trent Donovan (FB part. C)
Chris Dutenhoeffer (FB part. C)
-Alyssa Haberer (FB Chr *E-B, VB part. C)
Alyson Hageman (VB part. C)
Kali Hansen (VB part. C)
-Tim Heien (FB part. C)
#Carson Kirby (FB *E-B)
-Rease Logan (FB part. C)
Sarah McClure (XC *E-B, VB part. C)
Garrett Rausch (FB part. C)
-Megan Schrempp (VB *E-B, FB Chr *E-B)
Alison Simon (VB part. C)
Autumn Simon (VB part. C)
-Megan Simon (VB part. C)
-Emma Weyand (XC-*B)
-Truman Weyand (FB part. C)
8th Grade
-Carl Cronin (XC *B)
-Hannah Flatt (XC *B)
-Mercades Genzler (XC *E-B)
#Shawnda Rausch (XC *E-B)
7th Grade
#Delanie Larson (XC *E-B)

2012 Potter County
Fall Awards
Captains – Jace Everson, Austin Haberer, Mitch Hinckley & Tate Nafziger
Yellowstone Trail All-Conference – Derick Arbach, Austin Haberer, Mitch Hinckley, Tate Nafziger & Hayden Simon
Yellowstone Honorable Mention All-Conference – Tanner Heuer and Denver Jost
Academic All-State – Austin Haberer, Tate Nafziger, Alex Nagel & Cassidy Soper
9AA Honorable Mention All-State – Derick Arbach-End, Denver Jost-Center
9AA All-State – Tate Nafziger-Linebacker
Individual Awards voted on by the team:
Outstanding Defensive Back – Tate Nafziger
Outstanding Offensive Back – Mitch Hinckley
Co-Outstanding Defensive Lineman – Austin Haberer & Denver Jost
Co-Outstanding Offensive Lineman – Derick Arbach & Austin Haberer
Outstanding Specialty Player – Chayce Hall
Mr. Hustle – Tate Nafziger
Most Improved – Lucas Vogel
Battler Pride Award – Tate Nafziger
Captains – Hallee Cronin & Sydney Logan
Yellowstone Trail All-Conference – Hallee Cronin, Alli Lake & Sydney Logan
Academic All-State – Hallee Cronin
Individual Awards voted on by the team:
JV Most Improved – Alyssa Haberer
Outstanding JV Player – Destry Nafziger
Most Improved Varsity – Destry Nafziger
Rookie of the Year – Megan Schrempp
Miss Defense – Morgan Vander Vorst
Outstanding Server – Hallee Cronin
Outstanding Varsity Player – Sydney Logan
Battler Pride Award – Alli Lake
Cross Country
Captains – Reid Kaiser, Lilli Cronin & Austin Dutenhoeffer
Academic All-State – Reid Kaiser
Individual Awards voted on by the team:
Co-Hardest Worker –Practice – Carl Cronin & Austin Dutenhoeffer
Co-Hardest Worker-Meets – Hannah Flatt & Sarah McClure
Most Improved Runner – Delanie Larson
Most Valuable Runner – Hannah Flatt

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