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Potter County team hosts Battler wrestling tourney


The Potter County wrestling team hosted the Battler Invitational Wrestling Tournament on Saturday, Jan. 12. Bad winter weather that caused some schools to drop out of the competition, but the Battlers had a good showing with 11 medal winners.
Runner-up place winners were: Luke Smith, Garrett Rausch, Brody Schatz, Chris Zuber and Jace Everson.  Consolation champs were:  Carl Cronin, Emma Weyand, Jesse Wheeler and Cole Geditz.  Fourth place winners were:  Austin Haberer and Denver Jost.  Due to weather conditions, three teams were unable to make the trip for the tourney.
The teams that did compete were:  Aberdeen Roncalli (RON), Faulkton (FAU), Ipswich/Leola (IP/L), Mobridge/Pollock (MOPO), Potter County (POCO), Redfield/Doland (RED/D), Sunshine Bible Academy (SBA) and Webster (WEB).
The wrestlers will host a Triangular at home on Thursday, Jan. 17th (Parents Night) with Sunshine Bible Academy and Miller/Highmore at 6:00.  They also travel to Ipswich on Saturday, Jan. 19th for the Ipswich Invitational.
Here are the individual results from the Battler invitational:
Luke Smith (106#) Won by pin in 3:56 over Aiden Grout (WEB)and lost by fall to Logan Richie (WEB) to place 2nd.
Carl Cronin (106#) Won by pin in 3:49 over Andrew Edgar (FAU), lost by fall to Logan Richie (WEB), won by pin in 4:30 over Riley Binger (RED/D) and won by pin in 3:33 over Andrew Edgar (FAU) to  win  3rd.
Chance Stuwe (106#) Lost by fall to Logan Richie (WEB) and lost by decision 3-9 to Andrew Edgar (FAU).
Emma Weyand (113#) Lost by fall to Bray Harrison (MOPO), won by pin in :57 over Cody Peterson (IP/L), and won by decision 11-7 over Joe Holsing (FAU) to place 3rd.
Garrett Rausch (120#) Won by pin in :56 over Ramsey Johnsen (RON), won by major decision 13-2 over Jaden Madison (MOPO) and lost by fall to Oliver Aesoph (FAU) to place 2nd.
Phillip Vetter (120#) Lost by fall to Jaden Madison (MOPO), won by pin in 2:41 over Ramsey Johnsen (RON) and lost by fall to Deion Beardemphal (RED/D).
Brody Schatz (126#) Won by major decision 11-0 over Dalton Gerbacht (SBA) and lost by decision 4-6 in overtime to Lane Peterson (IP/L) to place 2nd.
Chris Zuber (132#) Won by decision 8-6 over Jesse Wheeler (POCO) and lost by fall to Austin Grout (WEB) to place 2nd.
Jesse Wheeler (132#) Lost by decision 6-8 to Chris Zuber (POCO), won by pin in 1:53 over Taylor Murray (RED/D) and won by decision 13-8 over Adam Anderson (FAU) to place 3rd.
Jace Everson (138#) Won by pin in 2:51 over Jordan Fiest (MOPO), won by decision 6-0 over William Edgar (FAU), and lost by fall to Spencer Rausch (WEB) to place 2nd.
Truman Weyand (145#) Lost by fall to Trig Clark (SBA) and lost by fall to Nathan Wager (RED/D).
Cole Geditz (152#) Won by pin in 3:11 over David Paul (SBA), lost by decision 5-8 to Corey Schlotte (WEB), won by pin in 1:35 over Grant Brewer (MOPO) and won by pin in 2:04 over David Paul (SBA) to place 3rd.
Austin Haberer (160#) Won by major decision 16-2 over Austin Borah (MOPO), lost by decision 1-4 to Nathan Duerre (WEB), won by decision 8-7 over Ryan Yost (RED/D) and lost by decision 1-6 in overtime to Brandon Potter (FAU) to place 4th.
Denver Jost (220#) Won by decision 6-1 over Kyle Blume (RED/D), lost by fall to Chad Sjurson (WEB) and lost by fall to Alec Lee (FAU) to place 4th.

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