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School building details


We understand that not everyone can make every meeting so we are taking this opportunity to bring the public up to speed with where we are at with the process:
Option A – add elevators and sprinklers to the current high school built in 1922= $1.02 million
Option B – completely renovate the inside of the 91 year old building = $4.7 million
**our students would have to be housed in temporary quarters while the project is completed (12-14 months)
Option C – build a new 7-12 JH/HS and locker rooms = $4.6 million (includes geothermal heat/cool)
**students would remain in current building during construction with no class disruption
**architects indicate that our current ag classroom meets all standards and would not need to be replaced.
Option D – build a new 7-12 JH/HS and competition gym with new wrestling room = $6.75 million
**our current gym, built in the mid 1970s no longer meets SDHSAA requirements for hosting district and regional events.
**The new gym would be built where the existing high school stands and would be connected to the current gym and new JH/HS.  The current gym would then become an auxiliary gym for practices and JH and grade school games.
NOTE that the projected costs are based on the area knowledge of the architects; the actual bids could come in less.  Each of the projected costs includes everything except the desks and chairs for the classrooms.
Copies of the projected costs and proposed blueprints are available at the school business office for review.
The next step will happen at our Feb. 11 board meeting.  At that time the board will need to pass a resolution for a bond issue in an amount to cover whichever option we choose to pursue.  The board would also need to decide the term of the bond issue 20 or 30 years.
Here is where we need your input….please contact either a board member or school administrator with any questions you may have or your thoughts on which option you feel would be best in the long term for our students.
For over 90 years GHS has been providing quality, well rounded educations to Potter County’s children. Please help us continue that tradition.
The bond issue affects all classes of taxable values the same.  The table below lists how the bonds would affect us as tax payers.  Current interest rates are 2.5% for 20 years and 3% for 30 years.
$5 mil over 20 yr – $2.11
$5 mil over 30 yr – $1.68
7 mil over 20 yr – $2.95
7 mil over 30 yr – $2.35
Assessed value/increase
$50,000 = $105.41/yr
$50,000 = $83.83/yr
$50,000 = $147.57/yr
$50,000 = $117.37/yr
$75,000 = $158.11/yr
$75,000 = $125.75/yr
$75,000 = $221.35/yr
$75,000 = $176.05/yr
$100,000 = $210.81/yr
$100,000 = $167.67/yr
$100,000 = $295.13/yr
$100,000 = $234.73/yr
$150,000 = 316.22/yr
$150,000 = $251.56/yr
$150,000 =$442.70/yr
$150,000 = $352.10/yr
The longer term means we would pay less up front but more over all.  For example the $7 mil over 20 years would cost $5,900 per $100,000 over the term of the bond but the same bond at 30 years would cost $7,042 per $100,000 but save $60/$100,000 per year in taxes.
Any bond resolution that the board passes is a “NOT TO EXCEED” amount.  If the bids come in lower, donations or grants are received prior to issuing the bond, we would only issue what we needed.
If we are able to pass the bond issue on the first vote in April, construction would begin in August 2013 and students would be in the new building by August 2014.
The school plans to hold additional community meetings in the upcoming months to provide additional information and answer any questions you may have.  Please watch the paper for the meeting time and places.  We will also put them on the radio and VentureVision as well as continue the use of the School Reach program.
Kay Schmidt
Gettysburg School Board President

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