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Bright Horizons child protection event is Saturday


The Bright Horizons event will be held on Saturday, Feb. 16 at the American Legion Community Building.
It is open to all and runs from 4 to 6 p.m., and everyone is invited to attend and find proactive ways to protect children from child sexual abuse and its potentially debilitating effects.
The program is organized by Mary Beth Holzwarth with the help of many friends and volunteers. The program will feature door prizes, goodies, youth singing, along with information and first hand accounts on ways to protect children from sexual abuse. The featured speaker will be Mr. Tony Kalacinski, child sexual abuse survivor from Selby, who will also be available to visit with people after the event.
Holzwarth stresses that those attending will leave feeling empowered and energized.
To learn more about the Bright Horizons Event or Endeavor 52, contact Mary Beth Holzwarth at 769-0817 or email Or you can learn more by attendimg the Bright Horizons Event on Saturday, Feb. 16 at 4 p.m. at the American Legion Community Building in Gettysburg.

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