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City ordinance defines fireworks rules


The week of the Independence Day holiday is generally punctuated by fireworks, and this year with the change in a state law regarding the time frame in which they can be lit, the Gettysburg Police Department reminds fireworks fans of the local ordinance.
Fireworks may not be discharged between the hours of midnight and 7 a.m. through July 5.
On July 1, a state law changed that allows fireworks to be shot off through July 7 this year, or the first Sunday following the July 4 holiday.
However, the city ordinance only allows fireworks to be discharged in the city limits through July 5.
It was explained that city ordinances may not be more lenient than state laws, but they may be put in place to more tightly restrict laws. According to Chief of Police Bill Wainman, the city ordinance limiting the fireworks to use through July 5 will be enforced in Gettysburg.
He also reminds residents that no bottle rockets or rocket-like projectiles are allowed within the city limits.
If you have questions regarding the use of fireworks, please contact the Gettysburg Police Department at 765-9600.

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