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2014 Budget Appropriation Ordinance


Ordinance #74
2014 Budget
Appropriation Ordinance
An ordinance making appropriations for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2014 and ending December 31, 2014, and levying property tax for the year 2013.
Be it ordained by the Town Board of Lebanon, South Dakota.
Section 1. That the following sums of money, or as much therefore as may be authorized by law, as may be needed for deemed to be necessary to defray expenses and liabilities of the town, and the same is hereby appropriated for the corporate purposes and objects of said town here after specified of the fiscal year commencing on the First day of January 2014 and ending on the Thirty-first day of December 2014.
General Funds:
410 General Government    2014
411.5 Contingency        $1000.00
414 Financial
Administration        36,000.00
Total General
Government        $37,000.00
420 Public Safety
422 Fire        $500.00
Total Public Safety        $500.00
430 Public Works
431 Hwys, Streets
& Lights        $6,000.00
432 Sanitation & Dump    1,000.00
Total Public Works        $7,000.00
450 Culture & Recreation
452 Parks        1,000.00
456 Auditorium        5,250.00
Total Culture     & Recreation    $6,250.00
491 Misc.
(Publishing Fees)        $2,500.00
General Funds Total Appropriations
410 General Government    $38,000.00
420 Public Safety        $500.00
430 Public Works        $7,000.00
450 Culture & Recreation    $7,250.00
491 Misc.        $2,500.00
TOTAL BUDGET        $55,250.00
Be it further ordained by the Town of Lebanon, South Dakota.
Section 2. That a summary of the appropriated amounts and means of financing them be attached to said ordinance.
General Fund        2014
Unobligated Cash Balance    $1,000.00
310 Taxes        31,700.00
330 Intergovernmental
Revenue        18,000.00
340 Charges for
Goods & Service         50.00
360 Misc. Revenue         4,500.00
Total Means of Finance         $52,250.00
Be it further ordained by the Town of Lebanon, South Dakota
Section 3. The Finance Officer is hereby authorized and directed to certify said tax levy to the County Auditor of Potter Co. State of South Dakota to the end that the same be spread and assessed as provided by law.
Enterprise     Liquor     Sewer
Funds     Fund     Fund
Cash Balance –
Est. Revenue    $106,000.00    $14,800.00
Less Appropriations –
Expenses    $92,000.00    $10,000.00
Surplus    $14,000.00    $4,800.00
First Reading: Monday, September 9, 2013
Second Reading: Thursday, October 7, 2013
Published: Thursday, January 30, 2014
James McRoberts, Pres. Town Board
Rachelle Griese
Finance Officer/Town of Lebanon
Published once at the total approximate cost of $46.73

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