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Airport fence damage under investigation


Major damage was done to the fence at the Gettysburg Airport when a vehicle knocked down poles and tore out wire Sunday morning.
A call for wrecker assistance for a damaged vehicle at the city airport prompted a call to local police and ambulance personnel around 1 p.m. on Sunday. There, Nathan Sundberg, 20, was with a pickup that showed severe damage consistent with the fence collision. Sundberg, who reportedly suffered a concussion, was taken by ambulance to the Gettysburg hospital where he was treated and later released. The vehicle was removed from the tarmac, and no arrests were made at the time but charges are pending.
Damage to the fence is estimated around $15,000, and the Ford F150 pickup sustained extensive damage. A field east of the airport was also reported to have been driven through, but the damage to that was not significant. The incident is under investigation.
-Molly McRoberts

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