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Unofficial primary election results


The unofficial results are in from the primary election in Potter County on Tuesday, June 3. There was a 41% voter turnout with 732 of the 1802 registered voters casting ballots.
Republican Primary District 5 County Commissioner
Karen S. Doerr    68
Delvin C. Worth    71
District 23 State Representative
Larry Nielson    175
Dale Hargens    70
Gene W. Toennies    103
Michele Harrison    109
Justin R. Cronin    484
U.S. Senator
Stace Nelson    62
Mike Rounds    401
Dr. Annette Bosworth    43
Jason Ravnsborg    19
Larry Rhoden    122
SD Governor
Lora Hubbel    104
Dennis M. Daugaard    546
Democratic Primary SD Governor
Susan Wismer    52
Joe Lowe    17

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