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POTTER COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS PROCEEDINGS APRIL 3, 2012 GETTYSBURG, SD The regular meeting was called to order by Chairman Williams at 8:00 A.M. in the Commissioners Room at the Courthouse. Commissioners present: Worth, Shellito, Arbach and Maroney. MINUTES Moved by Arbach, seconded by Worth to approve the March 6, 2012 minutes as read. All voted aye. Motion carried. LIBRARY BOARD APPOINTMENT Moved by Worth, seconded by Shellito to extend the term of office of Renee Kirby to the Library Board from Dec. 31, 2012 to Dec. 31, 2013. All voted aye. Motion carried. DOE Cindi Forgey, DOE, met to advise the Board of several appeals on flooded land to be presented at the Board of Equalization on Tuesday, April 10. HWY DEPT. Derek Mitiche, Brosz Engineering and Ron Gillen, SDDOT met to further discuss FAS 155 north of 212. Load Limits will remain in effect for an additional 2 weeks. Surplus sale is scheduled for May 25 tentatively. FUEL QUOTES Hwy Supt. presented the following fuel quotes for #2 FM. Hoven Coop $3.61 NCFE $3.539 NPC $3.5742 EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT Cheryl Saunter, EM Dir. met to discuss availability of the Homeland Security Funds. Quarterly EM signatures were obtained from Chairman Williams. A burn ban was also discussed. BURN BAN Moved by Maroney, seconded by Shellito to impose a burn ban effectively immediately until further notice. All voted aye. Motion carried. STATES ATTORNEY Craig Smith met to discuss several legal issues of concern to the County. Several indigent applications were also discussed. OFFICERS REPORT The Register of Deeds, Clerk of Courts and the Auditor¹s Account with the Treasurer were reviewed. Moved by Arbach, seconded by Worth to approve the above reports. All voted aye. Motion carried. Auditor¹s Account with the Treasurer as follows: AUDITORS ACCOUNT WITH THE TREASURER AS OF 03/30/12 Cash Items $1,010.70 Great Western Checking 39,352.50 Plains Commerce Checking 6,952.31 Plains Commerce Fund Investments; 455,675.98 Plains Commerce Bank 500,000.00 Checks on Hand 11,797.24 TOTAL CASH BALANCE $1,014,788.73 Total Assets In Custody of County As of 03/30/12 County Amount $743,652.26 Amounts Held For Other Gov 266,688.54 Amounts Held For Others 4,447.93 TOTAL ASSETS $1,014,788.73 SHERIFF Sheriff Hamburger met to present the monthly activity report. AUTOMATIC BUDGET SUPPLEMENT Moved by Worth, seconded by Maroney to authorize an automatic budget supplement to the following funds. All voted aye. Motion carried. 101-211-426, $987.50 Hwy Safety Camera Grant 201-311-425.20, $1,572.50 FEMA Flood Grant. PRECINCT DESIGNATION Moved by Worth, seconded by Shellito to designate Potter County as one precinct. Roll call vote: ³Aye²: Worth, Shellito, Maroney and Williams. ³Nay²: Arbach. Motion carried. HARER PLAT Commissioner Arbach presented the following resolution and moved for its adoption. BE IT RESOLVED by Potter County Board of Commissioners that the Plat of Tract 1, Harer Addition, located in the NW1/4SE1/4SW1/4, Section 29, T120N R75W, 5th P.M., Potter County, South Dakota having been examined, is hereby approved in accordance with the provisions of SDCL, Chapter 11-3 and any amendments thereof. Commissioner Maroney seconded the foregoing resolution. All voted aye. Resolution declared adopted. CLAIMS Moved by Worth, seconded by Shellito to approve the following claims and authorize the Auditor to issue warrants for the same. All voted aye. Motion carried. PAYROLL BY DEPTS: Commissioners $2,345.80; Auditor 3,535.60; Treasurer 4,470.42; States Attorney 3,597.10; Janitor 1,137.75; DOE 3,670.70; ROD 3,424.79; VA 230.77; Sheriff 7,170.20; Library 3,428.20; Extension 931.50; Weed 499.24; R&B 19,999.59; FEMA 553.86. SDRS $5,828.64; Well mark 35,559.00; AFLAC 873.73; Great Western Bank 11,146.61. OVERTIME BY DEPTS: R&B: Don Hericks 259.12; Storkson 103.50; Griese 307.73; Gordon 22.50; McRoberts 20.24; Dick Hericks 70.84; Kraft 10.54 4 SEASONS/JERRED RENTALS $400.00 EXTENSION & VA OFFICE RENT, A & B BUSINESS, INC. 131.99 SUPPLIES, AMAZON 862.66 SUPPLIES, ARBACH, WILLIAM 17.02 TRAVEL & EXPENSE, ASSOC. OF SD CO. WEED & PEST 150.00 DUES, ATCO INTERNATIONAL 112.00 SUPPLIES, AVERA QUEEN OF PEACE 64.90 SERVICES & FEES, B & R TRUCK REPAIR 315.97 REPAIRS/MAINT., BEST WESTERN RAMKOTA HOTEL 173.98 TRAVEL& EXPENSE, BUTLER MACHINERY CO. 357.53 REPAIRS/MAINT., BW INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 396.00 INSURANCE, BW Insurance Agency, Inc. Cali 2,759.00 SALARIES & WAGES, CENTER POINT LARGE PRINT 77.88 SUPPLIES, CENTURY LINK 82.00 UTILITIES, CITY OF GETTYSBURG 85.15 WATER BILLSD, CITY OF GETTYSBURG 17.95 SUPPLIES, COMMUNITY CARE CLINIC 120.00 SERVICES & FEES, DAKOTA FIRE EQUIPMENT 32.50 SUPPLIES, DEAN¹S REPAIR 51.95 REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE, DONALD HERICKS 46.99 TRAVEL & CONF., FISCHER OIL COMPANY 850.85 SUPPLIES, FORGEY, CYNTHIA 92.00 TRAVEL & EXPENSE, GETTYSBURG COLLISION CENTER 70.00 REPAIRS/MAINT., HEARTLAND WASTE MANAGEMENT, IN 90.00 UTILITIES, FALYN HOGG 117.57 TRAVEL & EXPENSE, HOVEN MEDIA, INC. 280.74 PUBLICATIONS, ARBACH INSURANCE 490.00 RENT & UTILITIES, JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 115.67 REPAIRS/MAINT., KURT STORKSON 46.99 TRAVEL & CONF., LYCOX ENTERPRISES, INC 16,995.00 SUPPLIES/REPAIRS, MAXINE J RISTY COURT REPORTING 72.50 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, MONTANA DAKOTA UTILITIES 300.62 UTILITIES, MICHAEL TODD & CO., INC 3,281.61 SUPPLIES, MID-AMERICA BOOKS 208.11 SUPPLIES, MIDWAY PARTS 54.70 SUPPLIES, MIDWAY PARTS 261.01 REPAIRS/MAINT., MONTANA DAKOTA UTILITIES 1,256.69 UTILITIES, NEW CREATIONS 77.83 SUPPLIES, NEW CREATIONS 50.29 SUPPLIES, NEWMAN TRAFFIC SIGNS 235.55 SUPPLIES, NORTH CENTRAL FARMERS ELEVATOR 28,312.00 TRAVEL & CONF., POTTER COUNTY NEWS 210.54 PUBLICATIONS, POTTER COUNTY LIBRARY 28.17 SUPPLIES, POTTER COUNTY TREASURER 318.36 POSTAGE & FREIGHT EXPENSE, POTTER COUNTY NEWS 48.40 PUBLISHING, POWELL, JOAN 4,731.40 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, SCHLACHTER LUMBER 9.33 REPAIRS/MAINT., SD POLICE CHIEF¹S ASSOCIATION 65.00 REGISTRATION, SD SHERIFF¹S ASSOCIATION 419.87 DUES, SERVALL 54.64 SUPPLIES, SERVALL UNIFORM & LINEN SUPPLY 56.18 SUPPLIES, SHELLITO, RAY 41.44 TRAVEL & EXPENSE, SMITH, CRAIG 469.13 RENT, SUPPLIES, PHONE, FAX, STATE TREASURER 52.00 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, STEVE L. SMITH 146.03 TRAVEL & CONF., SYNERGY GRAPHICS, INC. 180.00 SUPPLIES, THE BOOK FARM, INC. 118.88 SUPPLIES, THE CROSSROADS HOTEL & CONFERE 93.00 TRAVEL & CONF., TRUE VALUE HARDWARE 10.58 REPAIRS/MAINT., The BURG 1,262.81 TRAVEL & CONF., VENTURE COMMUNICATIONS 769.98 PHONE BILLS, VENTURE COMMUNICATIONS 44.50 UTILITIES, VENTURE COMMUNICATIONS IN 148.65 UTILITIES, VERIZON WIRELESS 95.83 PHONE BILL, VERIZON WIRELESS 66.22 UTILITIES, VILAS 98.17 SUPPLIES, VILAS PHARMACIES 27.97 SUPPLIES, VOYAGER FLEET SYSTEMS, INC. 448.07 SUPPLIES, WALWORTH CO. SHERIFF¹S DEPT. 250.00 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, WESTERN COMMUNICATIONS, INC 100.00 TOWER RENTAL, WESTERN COMMUNICATIONS, INC 303.20 REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE, WESTERN COMMUNICATIONS, INC 7,168.00 SUPPLIES, YANKTON COUNTY SHERIFF 25.00 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES. PUBLIC AUCTION At 10:00 A.M., as advertised the public auction was held with the following results. Lot 16 & S 10¹ of Lot 17, Block 66, Platts Addn., Gettysburg, SD Successful bidder: Richard Penrod in the amount of $1,250.00 Lot 20 & Lot 21 Blk 9, Original Town, Gettysburg, SD Successful bidder: Ronald V. Larson in the amount of $1,320.00 Moved by Worth, seconded by Maroney to accept the above bids and authorize the Auditor to issue Tax Deeds for the same. All voted aye. Motion carried. ADJOURN Moved by Arbach, seconded by Maroney to adjourn until 8:00 A.M., April 10, 2012. All voted aye. Motion carried. BRUCE WILLIAMS, CHAIRMAN POTTER COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS ATTEST: KAREN S. DOERR AUDITOR Published once at the total approximate cost of $98.20 -041212

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