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Girls place first at Ipswich Invitational Saturday at Ipswich


Team Results: Gettysburg, 456, Leola 599, Frederick Inc. Selby Area Inc.,
Ipswich Inc., Bowdle Inc., Edmunds Central Inc., Eureka Inc.
Individual Results: Karen Bauer, Gettysburg, 115; Megan Simon, Gettysburg,
165; Kylie Baumberger, Gettysburg. 176;
Team Results: Ipswich 262, Frederick 273, Sully Buttes 274, Eureka 287,
Gettysburg 294, Bowdle 322, Leola 329, Herreid 336, Edmunds Central Inc.,
Selby Area Inc.
Individual Results: Willie Colson, Sully Buttes, 85; Wayne Yackley, Sully
Buttes, 86; Kole Hawkinson, Gettysburg, 90; Caleb Meinke, Gettysburg, 99;
Justin Mennenga Sully Buttes, 103; Jeff Smith, Gettysburg, 105; Tyler
Kroeber, Sully Buttes, 137.

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