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School Board held regular meeting May 14


May 14, 2012 The Gettysburg Board of Education held their regular meeting on the above date in the Elementary Library. Present were the following: Kay Schmidt, Matt Cronin, Kevin Geditz, Paul Kellogg, Ryan Lake, and Rose Schatz. Absent: Tom Fairbanks. Also present were Brian Doherty, Wendy Smith, Barb Everson, Amber Mikkelsen and Crissy Bieber. The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Board President Schmidt called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. Correspondence was a thank you from Julie Poeppel and a letter of resignation from NEMHC. Motion by Cronin, second by Geditz to approve the agenda with the following changes: add School Board Rep. Ballot for SDRS and remove Executive Session for Student issues. All present voted aye. Motion by Schatz, second by Kellogg to approve the following consent agenda: approve the minutes of the April 17, 2012 regular board meeting; approve the minutes of the May 7, 2012 special board meeting; approve the financial reports: approve the May 10, 2012 claims. All present voted aye. Motion carried. Cronin acknowledges conflict of interest with claims to J&B Quickstop and John Deere Financial and his aye vote does not include these items. MAY 10, 2012 CLAIMS PRESENTED FOR PAYMENT GENERAL FUND VENTURE COMMUNICATIONS $207.24, COMMUNICATIONS; ABERDEEN AWARDS, 169.00, VOCAL/BAND AWARDS; ALL-AROUND GRAPHIX, 132.50, GUID/TATU T-SHIRTS; AUNTIE KAKE¹S, 74.24, INSERVICE/CONFERENCES; AUTOMATIC BUILDING CONTROLS, 892.00, ANNUAL FIRE ALARM/PLUS SUPPLS; BANK OF THE WEST, 40.00, SAFE DEPOSIT BOX RENT; BJ¹S INSTRUMENT REPAIR, 280.00, BAND INSTRUMENT REPAIR; BSN SPORTS/SPORT SUPPLY GROUP, 1,152.52, BB/AD/VB/TRACK SUPPLIES; CASS-CLAY CREAMERY, INC., 50.00, SNACKS/DAKOTA STEP; CENTURY BUSINESS PRODUCTS INC, 33.86, ELEM/HS COPIES; COACH AND ATHLETIC DIRECTOR, 7.95, AD SUBSCRIPTION; CONTACT PAPER GROUP, 2,368.50, AD/JH/ELEM/FISC/HS PAPER; CROWN AWARDS, 498.40, AWARDS/MEDALS/PLAQUES; CWD/HRS, 34.80, SNACKS/DAKOTA STEP; DAKOTA FARM & RANCH SUPPLY, 44.47, CUST SUPPLIES; DAYS INN, 660.50, LODGING/STATE FFA 1/2; ELAN FINANCIAL SERVICES, 310.12, TIE CONF LODGING/LIBRARY DVDS; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC., 251.51, SAVIN COPIER/PRTR SUPLS/COPIES; G¹BURG SCH T & A FUND, 296.00, 1Ž2 LODG. STATE STUDENT COUNCIL; G¹BURG SCHOOL/DISTRICT REFUND, 2,846.40, JAMIE CRONIN, 74.00, MILEAGE/TRACK MEET, AMBER MIKKELSEN, 135.47, REIMB LAB SUPPLIES, VERN SMITH, 61.00, TRAVEL/AD CONFERENCE, SUNSHINE BIBLE ACADEMY, 120.00, TRACK ENTRY FEE, POST OFFICE, 135.00, POSTAGE, AMBER MIKKELSEN, 20.73, REIMB FOOD PURCHASED, SPLIT ROCK COUNTRY CLUB, 30.00, GREEN FEES, SDASBO, 50.00, BUSINESS OFFICE CONV REGISTR., KEITH KUSLER, 294.00, TRACK MEET STARTER/MILEAGE, NORM MACK, 193.66, TRACK MEET REFEREE/MILEAGE, NWAS, 150.00, WORKSHOP FEE-HOBERT, KIMBERLY SCHWEISS, 51.00, MEALS STATE FFA, KEITH SCOTT, 52.00, MEALS STATE FFA, KEITH SCOTT, 16.72, REIMB BUS SUPPLIES, REDFIELD HS, 125.00, TRACK ENTRY FEE, LEMMON HS, 115.00, TRACK ENTRY FEE, LAKESIDE COUNTRY CLUB, 20.00, GREEN FEES, CHRISTY SALTSMAN, 78.50, REIMB RIBBONS FOR FIELD DAY, KEITH SCOTT, 61.00, MEALS STATE FCCLA, OAHE HILLS GOLF COURSE, 45.00, GREEN FEES, AMBER MIKKELSEN, 823.32, NATIONAL FCCLA FLIGHTS, KIM GOEBEL, 40.00, MEALS SDCA CONFERENCE, NWAS, 75.00, TECH BOOT CAMP/W SMITH, EUREKA LIONS CLUB, 80.00, TRACK ENTRY FEE; GETTYSBURG ROTARY CLUB, 97.50, SUPT MEALS; HANSEN PLUMBING, INC, 72.99, RPR FOUNTAIN AT FB FIELD; HARMON LAW OFFICE PROF. LLC, 583.33, LEGAL FEES; HAUFF MID-AMERICA SPORTS, 19.90, TRACK SPIKES; HEARTLAND WASTE MANAGEMENT INC, 240.00, APRIL GARBAGE SERVICE; HISTORY EDUCATION, 314.95, LIBRARY DVDS; INFOBASE LEARNING, 454.84, LIBRARY WORLD ALMANAC FOR KIDS; INSTRUMENTALIST COMPANY, 129.00, BAND AWARDS; J & B¹S QUICKSTOP, 9.55, TRACK ICE; J.W. PEPPER & SON INC, 135.63, VOCAL/BAND MUSIC; JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL, 170.62, MOWER SUPPLIES; JOSTENS OF SOUTH DAKOTA, 219.04, GRAD DIPLOMAS; LAMB MOTOR CO., INC., 103.45, SVC/RPR SCHOOL VEHICLES; LANGER¹S FAMILY FOODS, 245.05, TRACK/FACS/ELEM ART SUPPLIES; MARCO, INC., 90.66, FISCAL COPIES; MIDWAY PARTS INC, 11.47, CUST SUPPLY; NEW CREATIONS, 14.35, TRACK SUPPLIES; ORIENTAL TRADING CO INC, 59.99, GUIDANCE TATU NECKLACES; PAPERDIRECT, INC., 154.66, LIBRARY SUPPLIES; PAUER SOUND & MUSIC, INC., 50.05, HS REPAIR; PETTY CASH, 38.20, POSTAGE; POTTER COUNTY NEWS, 103.05, FISC/ELEM/AD ADV/PRINTING; QUILL CORPORATION, 26.93, FISCAL SUPPLIES; RAMADA INN – AIRPORT, 1,485.26, LODGING/STATE FCCLA; RAMKOTA INN, BEST WESTERN, 138.00, GUIDANCE LODGING; SANFORD HEALTH PLAN, 51.00, HEALTH INS ADMIN FEE; SASD, 150.00, ADMIN/LEADERSHIP CONF REGIG; SCHLACHTER LUMBER, 145.05, CUSTODIAL SUPPLIES; SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC, 75.36, CONSTRUCTION PAPER; SERVALL UNIFORM/LINEN COMPANY, 267.78, APRIL SERVICES; SMITH, WENDY, 280.40, TRAVEL/TIE CONF/DDN TRAING; TAYLOR MUSIC, 155.00, BAND INSTRU. REPAIRS; TECHNOLOGY/INNOVATIONS IN EDUC, 800.00, TIE MEMBERSHIP; THE BURG¹S GAS & ETC., INC., 160.01, SCHOOL VEHICLE GAS; UNIVERSITY OF OREGON, 134.00, DIBELS DATA SYSTEM; WRIGHT EXPRESS FLEET SERVICES, 9.00, MONTHLY GAS CARD FEE. CAPITAL OUTLAY FUND BSN SPORTS/SPORT SUPPLY GROUP, $2,679.85, DISCUS CAGE/CIRCLE; CITY OF GETTYSBURG, 386.75, WATER; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC., 240.58, SAVIN COPIER/PRINTER LEASE; GAS¹N GOODIES, 101.01, SCHOOL VEHICLE GAS. G¹BURG SCHOOL/DISTRICT REFUND, 450.73, WARREN WILSON, 175.07, REIMB BUS DIESEL, BILL LEHMAN, 59.02, REIMB GAS, AMBER MIKKELSEN, 66.06, REIMB GAS, VERN SMITH 57.01, REIMB GAS, KIMBERLY SCHWEISS, 25.01, REIMB GAS, KEITH SCOTT, 68.56, REIMB GAS J & B¹S QUICKSTOP, 3,557.98, SCHOOL VEHICLE FUEL; LEC INC – LOGAN ELECTRIC, 202.81, TRENCHING WORK FOR DISCUS CAGE; SCHLACHTER LUMBER, 798.13, MATERIALS FOR DISCUS ENCLOSURE; THE BURG¹S GAS & ETC., INC., 482.61, SCHOOL VEHICLE GAS. SPECIAL EDUCATION FUND VENTURE COMMUNICATIONS, $11.44, COMMUNICATIONS; AUNTIE KAKE¹S, 11.92, ROLLS/STATE EVAL; SPED PARENT, 1,283.50, MEALS/PARKING/MILEAGE; GETTYSBURG MEDICAL CENTER, 1,715.00, PT/OT SERVICES; SPED PARENT, 1,231.02, MEALS/PARKING/MILEAGE; LANGER¹S FAMILY FOODS, 29.16, SPEECH SUPPLIES; MEDICAL SERVICES RIC, 267.00, PROFESSIONAL SERVICES; NORTHEASTERN MENTAL HEALTH CEN, 1,376.70, PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES; POTTER COUNTY NEWS, 20.40, ADVERTISING; REHAB INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO, 39,039.00, SPED SERVICES. CAPITAL PROJECTS FUND/QSCB FROST, DON, $980.00, FB FIELD RPR/LABOR & SUPP; MANHARTH, DUANE, 280.00, FB FIELD RPR/LABOR & SUPP FOOD SERVICE FUND AUNTIE KAKE¹S, $396.06, BREAD/BUNS; CASS-CLAY CREAMERY, INC., 1,455.71, DAIRY PRODUCTS; CWD/HRS, 2,905.76, PURCHASED FOOD/SUPPLIES; HEARTLAND WASTE MANAGEMENT INC, 120.00, APRIL GARBAGE SERVICE; LANGER¹S FAMILY FOODS, 51.34, LUNCH GROCERIES; SERVALL UNIFORM/LINEN COMPANY, 93.61, APRIL SERVICES; SNA, 38.25, LUNCH/NAT¹L STATE MEMB DUES. PAYROLL GENERAL FUND, $125,736.35, SALARIES/INS/RETIREMENT; SPED FUND, 16,516.51, SALARIES/INS/RETIREMENT; FOOD SERVICE, 3,977.43, SALARIES/INS/RETIREMENT. Amber Mikkelsen met with the Board regarding National FCCLA costs and gave the Board a proposed funding agreement. The Board will study this and it will be discussed at the June School Board meeting. The 2nd reading of the updated bullying policy was read. Motion by Geditz second by Lake to accept the policy revision to the District Bully Policy, A19. All present voted aye. Motion carried. The Preliminary Budget was distributed and discussed. Motion by Lake, second by Cronin to hire a 2nd Kindergarten teacher instead of the previously discussed teacher¹s aide for the 2012-2013 Kindergarten class. All present voted aye. Motion carried. Motion by Kellogg, second by Schatz to approve Open Enrollment students OE2012-13 001 and 002. All present voted aye. Motion carried. Motion by Lake, second by Schatz to purchase the reading series for the common core standards for the K-6th grades. All present voted aye. Motion carried. Motion by Kellogg, second by Lake to approve the resolution authorizing membership in the South Dakota High School Activities Association. All present voted aye. Motion carried. Motion by Cronin, second by Lake to vote for Jason Uttermark for Division I Representative position at the SDHSAA. All present voted aye. Motion carried. Motion by Geditz, second by Kellogg to vote yes on Amendment No 1 on the SDHSAA amendment ballot. All present voted aye. Motion carried. Motion by Cronin, second by Schatz to vote for Dave Merrill as School Board Representative to the SDRS. All present voted aye. Motion carried. Motion by Geditz, second by Schatz to approve the 2012-13 Administrative and Certified contracts given to the following: Tim Hagedorn, Wendy Smith, Barbara Everson, Penelope Baus, Jay Berglund, Cristina Bieber, Bethany Blegen, Jamie Cronin, Valerie Dahlquist, Kim Goebel, April Hobert, Catherine Larson, Jessica Larson, Kathryn Larson, Justin Jensen, William Lehman, Jr., Mandy Lewis, Amber Mikkelsen, Julie Poeppel, Mary Quiett, Christine Saltsman, Cynthia Schmidt, Keith Scott, Sally Simon, Vernon Smith, Patty Stoner, Julie Williams and Sara Wuttke. All present voted aye. Motion carried. Mrs. Wendy Smith reported on the mock accident, Awards Day and the Scholarship/Athletic Banquet. Graduation is scheduled for this Saturday with Justin Cronin as the speaker. She also reported on school activities. Mr. Doherty reported that the current teacher openings are HS science and kindergarten. He discussed the tornado watch/warning drill. He discussed SDDOE workgroups and common core testing. Motion by Cronin, second by Kellogg to adjourn the meeting. All present voted aye. Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 9:59 PM. M. Kay Schmidt, Board President Barbara Everson, Business Manager Published once at the total approximate cost of $212.44 -052412

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