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Potter County cross country invitational results

Cross County, Sept. 19 at Gettysburg
Varsity Girls:   1. Ipswich  8, 2. Wolsey-Wessington 23, 3. Potter County 27, 4. Timber Lake 33, 5. Lemmon 45
1. Macy Heinz, Ipswich, 19:23; 2. Aleah Steger, Ipswich, 20:06; 3. Gracie Weinheimer, Sully Buttes, 20:45; 4. Bobbi Smith, Timber Lake, 21:05; 5. Ally Boomsma, Wolsey-Wessington, 21:06; 6. Tessa Kilber, Ipswich, 21:08; 7. Taylor Maurer, Ipswich, 21:33; 8. Ashley Robinson, Wolsey-Wessington, 21:35; 9. Sasha Cordell, Potter County, 21:50; 10. Kylee Schuchard, Bison, 22:07;
11. Hannah Weinheimer, Sully Buttes, 22:20; 12. Emilie Larson, Potter Count, 22:32; 13. Delanie Larson, Potter County, 22:35; 18. Sarah McClure, Potter County, 22:56.
Varsity Boys   1. Ipswich  14, 2. Bison  21, 3. Stanley County 24, 4. Sunshine Bible Academy 30, 5. Potter County 40, 6. Lemmon 42
Individual Results
1. Daniel Burkhalter, Bison, 17:04; 2. Colton Weeldreyer, Ipswich, 18:10; 3. Shay VanDenHemel, Stanley County, 18:16; 4. Wyatt Haux, Ipswich, 18:31; 5. Cale Meiners, Stanley County, 18:34; 6. Jace Burma, Sunshine Bible, 18:34; 7. Chris Hass, Sunshine Bible, 18:59; 8. Maxwell Geditz, Ipswich, 19:05; 9. Josh McKinstry, Bison, 19:20; 10. Kordell Arnold, McIntosh, 19:25;
11. Andy White Eyes, Tiospaye Topa, 19:26; 12. Craig Mallon, Hitchcock-Tulare, 19:32; 13. Lance Guthmiller, Sully Buttes, 19:58; 14. Carl Cronin, Potter County, 20:06; 15. Jonathan Burkhalter,
17. Lucas Smith, Potter County, 20:44.
Munchkin Run
Pre-K through 2nd grade
1. Emma Schlachter-Gettysburg 2nd grade 1:12, 2. Loudan Bassett-Gettysburg Kindergarten 1:21, 3. Caius DuBray-Tiospaye Topa Kindergarten 1:30, 4. Riley Poeppel-Pierre  1:38, 5. Carter Poeppel-Pierre 1:48, 6. Garrett Rausch-Gettysburg Pre-K 2:01
3rd through 5th grade
1. Taelor Zweber-Gettysburg 5th grade 2:46, 2. Alexis Bassett-Gettysburg 3rd grade 2:49, 3. Tanner Eide-Gettysburg 4th grade 3:09 4. Neva Mikkelsen-Gettysburg 4th grade 3:26 5. Olivia Mikkelsen-Gettysburg 4th grade 3:26, 6. Mitch Mohr-Edmunds Central 4th grade 4:30, 7. Mia Cordell-Gettysburg 4th grade 5:19

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Lady Battlers finish Highmore-Harrold in straight sets

Tuesday, Sept. 15
Potter County 25-25-25
Highmore-Harrold 12-18-20
Non-Conference at Gettysburg
Serving: Highmore-Harrold 45-52 3 aces (Josey Aasby 13-14 1 ace, Becca Buchholz 8-8 1 ace); Potter County 70-75 3 aces (Sierra Wieseler 11-11 1 ace, Kendra Dressel 18-19 1 ace).
Hitting: Highmore-Harrold 62-75 15 kills (Aasby 23-33 5 kills, Theresa Alger-Wind 12-13 4 kills); Potter County 102-122 45 kills (Alyssa Haberer 33-38 24 kills, Kori Hansen 31-33 7 kills, Karen Smith 13-17 6 kills).
Setting: Highmore-Harrold 86-86 12 assists (Buchholz 76-76 9 assists); Potter County 97-97 33 assists (Megan Schrempp 92-92 33 assists).
Digs: Highmore-Harrold 32 (Natalie Leisinger 14, Shae Hustad 6).
Blocks: Highmore-Harrold 5; Potter County 2 solo 2 assists (Haberer 2 solo 1 assist, Schrempp 1 assist).
Records: Highmore-Harrold 4-1; Potter County 7-1.
JV Match: Potter County won 2-1.
C Match: Potter County won 2-0.

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Battlers bring home win

Potter County 34
Faulkton 20
Non-conference at Faulkton
Potter County (1-2) 6 8 6 14 — 34
Faulkton (1-3) 0 6 6 8 — 20
PC — Tanner Storer 4 run.
F — Carson Ortmeier 2 run.
PC — Storer 25 run (Jacob Rausch run).
F — Tanner Bowar 6 run.
PC — Rausch 55 run.
PC — Storer 45 run (Rausch run).
PC — Storer 40 pass interception return.
F — Nathan Vetch 75 kickoff return (Cole Brand pass from Jack Aesoph).
OFFENSE: Potter County rushing (Rausch 10-61, Storer 10-60), passing (Rausch 4-13-1 for 79), receiving (Garrett Rausch 2-29); Faulkton rushing 57-118 (Aesoph 26-77, Ortmeier 6-33), passing (Aesoph 5-21-2 for 57), receiving (Melius 2-29, Gannon Martinmaas 1-25).
DEFENSE: Faulkton, Aesoph 11 tackles, Tanner Bowar 9 tackles, Melius 6 tackles.

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2016 Appropriations Ordinance


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Resolution 2015-8-3


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Resolution 2015-8-4


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Board of Education held regular meeting Sept. 14

Untitled-9September 14, 2015
The Gettysburg Board of Education held their regular meeting in the conference room on the above date.  Present were the following:  Brian Robbennolt, Kevin Geditz, Paul Kellogg and Mark Schatz.  Absent: Matt Cronin, Kenny Goebel and Kim Schweiss.  Also present were Tim Hagedorn, Wendy Smith, Barb Everson, Karen Tennant and Carrie Weller.
The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Board Vice-President Robbennolt called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.
Motion by Kellogg, second by Geditz to approve the agenda with the following addition: add Home school applications 2015-16 1-8.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Motion by Geditz, second by Kellogg to approve the following consent agenda: approve the minutes of the August 12, 2015 regular board meeting and the August 24, 2015 special board meeting: approve the financial reports; and approve the 9-10-15 claims.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.  Schatz acknowledges conflict of interest with claims to Schatz Electric, and his aye vote does not include that item.
September 10, 2015 Claims Presented for Payment:
A-B EMBLEM, $392.18, Patches for Band Uniforms; ABERDEEN AWARDS, 12.00, Track/Plaque name plates; ALL AMERICAN SPORTS CORP, 50.41, FB mouthguards; ASSOCIATED SCHOOL BOARDS OF SD, 185.00, Supt./Joint conf regis fee; BAYMONT INN & SUITES, 83.00, Lodging vocal music conf; BEST WESTERN RAMKOTA HOTEL, 111.99, AD/coaches clinic lodging;
BUHL’S LAUNDRY, 356.40, Dry clean band uniforms; BURG’S GAS & ETC., INC., THE, 579.26, Bus diesel; CDW GOVERNMENT INC, 362.89, Printer toner; CENTRAL AREA BUSINESS OFFICIALS, 60.00, Business Mgr dues; CENTRAL DISTRIBUTION, 1,488.58, Cust supplies; CITY OF GETTYSBURG, 689.86, Water; CLASSROOMDIRECT, 62.67, JH classroom supplies;
COMMTECH, 1,075.00, Annual svc fee/cameras, intercom; COMMUNITY CARE CLINIC, 120.00, Bus driver physical; CONNECTING POINT, 1,426.00, Svc work on Promethean/Smart boards; DAKOTA FARM & RANCH SUPPLY, 505.27, Cust supplies/grass seed; DAKOTA FIRE EQUIPMENT CO, 225.50, Install kitchen fire extinguisher; DEMCO, 1,347.59, Library book shelves;
EDDIE’S TRUCK CENTER, 3,588.62, Prevost bus repairs; ELAN FINANCIAL SERVICES, 1,350.78, Bus Mrg conf reg/cust/elem fiscal/band/fb supplies; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC., 334.57, Supplies/copies printers/copiers; EUREKA SCHOOL DISTRICT, 200.00, YTC dues FY 2016; G & R CONTROLS, 1,395.00, Custodial registration/mech seminar;
G’BURG SCHOOL/DISTRICT REFUND, 979.85, Dakota Farm & Ranch, 1.79, Custodial supplies, Tim Hagedorn, 132.31, Motel/ASBSD conference, WEX Bank, 142.27, Monthly gas card fee/gas, Warren Wilson, 77.98, Reimb gas, DCI, 86.50, Background checks/preschool will reimb, Matheson, 149.00, Renew lease on Ag cylinders,
Kate Jones, 40.00, Refund band instrument rent, DACAC, 35.00, Fall Guidance workshop registration, Mobridge School, 30.00, CC Entry Fee, Post Office, 147.00, Postage, SDBA, 25.00, SDBA membership (Roberts), NAME, 113.00, Membership dues (Roberts);
GAS’N GOODIES, 418.65, School Vehicle gas/AD ice; GETTYSBURG BAKERY, 41.28, Inservice Rolls; GETTYSBURG COLLISION CENTER, 320.00, Replace windshield on Bus #2; GOPHER, 20.95, PE supplies; HEARTLAND WASTE MANAGEMENT INC, 480.00, July/Aug; HEGSTROM, RANDY, 270.00, Pest spraying service;
HUB INT’L, formerly BW INSURANCE, 442.00, Add’l vehicle insurance; IN STITCHES, 110.00, Embroidery on golf jackets; J.W. PEPPER & SON INC, 161.74, Chorus stands/music; JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL, 31.20, Fix flat tire on mower; LANGER’S FAMILY FOODS, 10.57, HS science teacher; McLEOD’S PRINTING & OFFICE SUP, 77.16, Staff Absence reports;
MID-AMERICAN RESEARCH CHEM COR, 267.43, Cust supplies; MOBRIDGE/POLLOCK SCHOOL DISTRICT, 300.00, CSDC dues FY 16; MONTANA DAKOTA UTILITIES, 4,444.91, Elec/Natural Gas; NASCO, 662.33, FACS supplies; NCS PEARSON, INC., 339.15, Gr 8 Write to Learn subsc; PEARSON EDUCATION, 470.52, Gr 4 and 5 math wkbks;
PETTY CASH, 77.23, Postage; PIONEER ATHLETICS, 556.70, FB field paint; POTTER COUNTY NEWS, 661.75, Fiscal printing; PUBLISHERS MARKETING SERVICE, 72.50, AD/Golf subscr renewal; QUILL, 946.96, Title 1 printer ink; REALLY GOOD STUFF INC, 247.57, Gr 1 classroom supplies; SCHLACHTER LUMBER, 308.77, Custodial/Ag supplies;
SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC, 353.32, Fiscal/math supplies; SD LIBRARY NETWORK, 337.50, Lib membership fee; SDHSAA, 851.55, HS/AD dues/fees/ins; SERVALL UNIFORM/LINEN COMPANY, 105.24, Aug services; TEACHER’S HELPER, 49.05, JH classroom supplies; TRUE VALUE HARDWARE, 685.77, Custodial supplies;
VARSITY SPIRIT FASHIONS, 700.00, Cheerleader uniforms; VENTURE COMMUNICATIONS INC, 371.75, Communications; VEOLIA, 4,285.00, Fees for chemical disposal; WEX BANK, 85.58, Monthly Gas card fee/gas; WILLIAM H SADLIER INC, 273.63, Gr7 Vocab wkbks; WTCOX, 664.91, HS library periodicals.
AARON SWAN & ASSOCIATES, 23,810.00, QA testing/ground/cement; BYTESPEED, LLC, 15,570.00, Computers for JH/HS computer lab; ELAN FINANCIAL SERVICE, 479.88, Playground equip mats; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC., 328.14, Printer/Copier leases; EMC PUBLISHING, 3,135.17, JH/HS computer textbooks;
GIA PUBLICATIONS, INC., 381.00, Elem music kit; LEC INC – LOGAN ELECTRIC, 10,018.93, Playground dirt work/rent equipment/wire shot clock; PNC EQUIPMENT FINANCE, LLC, 5,118.64, Scoreboard payment; SCHATZ ELECTRIC INC, 11,128.07, Ag shop lights/locker room lights; SCHLACHTER LUMBER, 2,459.02, Elem lobby/install Terra Turf; SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC, 2,372.95, FACS chair and table and chairs.
AUTISM BEHAVIORAL CONSULTING, LLC, 1,174.83, Professional Services; AVERA GETTYSBURG HOSPITAL, 455.00, PT/OT services; HOBERT, APRIL, 22.46, Reimb supplies; VOCABULARYSPELLINGCITY.COM, 52.95, Membership renewal.
SERVALL UNIFORM/LINEN COMPANY, 63.91, August services.
HOBERT, APRIL, 70.73, After school snacks
GENERAL FUND, 115,168.78, Salaries/Ins/Retirement; SPED FUND, 15,934.79, Salaries/Ins/Retirement; LUNCH  FUND, 532.20, Salaries/Ins/Retirement; DR ED/AFTERSCHOOL, 439.47, Salaries/Ins/Retirement.
The Youth Center fall practice schedule was given to the Youth Center Board.  The winter sports schedule will be given to them by Oct. 1, 2015.
Motion by Schatz, second by Geditz to approve the first reading of the Retention Policy.  All present voted aye. Motion carried.
Mr. Hagedorn presented the peanut free policy.  It was discussed at length, and he will continue to work on it and bring it again to the next meeting.
The construction update was discussed.  Kitchen fan issues/HVAC systems and gym progress were discussed.
Motion by Kellogg, second by Schatz to approve the contract for Molly McRoberts for $2,800.00 for journalism teacher.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
The facility use agreement was discussed.  Mr. Hagedorn will continue to work on it and will bring another draft to the next board meeting.
Motion by Geditz, second by Schatz to set Mill Levies for the 2015-2016 school year at the following: Pension:  $.30, Special Education: $1.25, Capital Outlay: $3.00, and Opt Out request of $175,000.  General Fund mill levy will be the following as set by the State:  AG $1.568, OO $4.075, Other $8.727. All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Motion by Schatz, second by Kellogg to approve the 2015-2016 budget with the following changes from the preliminary published budget:
General Fund
$407,320.00     $400,273.00
Fiscal Services
87,301.00     88,801.00
Operation of Plant
243,636.00     245,531.00
Total Appropriations
2,021,129.00     2,018,876.00
Capital Outlay
Junior High     21,300.00     23,100.00
Secondary     22,640.00     24,040.00
Operation of Plant
222,798.00     219,898.00
Other     300.00     -0-
Driver’s Ed/After School
4,751.00     7,137.64
General Fund
Local Reserve
112,999.00     110,746.00
Total Means of Finance
2,021,129.00     2,018,876.00
Driver’s Ed/After School
4,751.00     7,137.64
All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Mr. Hagedorn presented a 5-year Capital Outlay plan.  It was discussed, and will be updated and presented again at the next meeting.
Mrs. Wendy Smith reported on the gym floor timeline.  There is a local person that will help us with the web page, and then the web page students will keep it updated.  The Senior class is requesting to go to Los Angeles for their Senior Trip.  Homecoming is next week.  She discussed the JH/HS state reports.
Mr. Hagedorn reported that the Elementary School has been designated as a Focus school.  He will have more information to follow.  Purchasing wall mats for the new gym was discussed.  The Blue Ribbon task force was discussed.  The SDHSAA Transgender policy was handed out.
Home School applications HS2015-16 1-8 were acknowledged.
Motion by Geditz, second by Schatz to adjourn the meeting at 9:37 PM.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Brian Robbennolt, Board Vice-President
Barbara Everson, Business Manager
Published once at the total approximate cost of $205.83

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GHS Homecoming…

homecoming candidatesIMG_2309Royalty candidates have been selected for GHS Homecoming. Pictured are (back row, l to r) Rease Logan (Ellen and Kevin), Kali Hansen (Brandy Cole/Bill Hansen), Cameron Decker (Kari and Rick), Tim Heien (Vicki and Keith). Front row: Andrew Silva (Rachel and Curt Hamburger), Megan Simon (Tammy and Stuart), Tierney Donovan (Dennise and Shawn), and Carson Kirby (Renee and Kelly).  Coronation will take place Monday evening, Sept. 21 at 7:30 in the GHS gym.

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Battler Homecoming at GHS

Homecoming will get underway next week, Sept. 21-25 in Gettysburg.
This year’s parade is following a video game theme of, “Patriots, you can live in your world, but you have to play in ours.  Go, Battlers!”
Members of the community are invited to join in next Friday’s parade which starts at 1:30 p.m. Please call the school at 765-2436 by Friday morning at 9 a.m. to let them know you plan to participate. Parade line up starts around 1 p.m. on the east side of Commercial Avenue.
Following the parade, a pep rally will be held at the school gym. The week will kick off with coronation on Monday, Sept. 21 at 7:30 in the GHS gym. Coronation will be followed by the football jersey auction and burning of the “G.” The royalty candidates selected by the student body are Cameron Decker, Kali Hansen, Tierney Donovan, and Megan Simon. The king candidates are Rease Logan, Andrew Silva, Carson Kirby, and Tim Heien. The crowners at the event will be Megan Schrempp and Trent Donovan.
The GHS Student Council announced the dress-up days for the week which start off with Video Game Character Day on Monday, Preppy/Nerd/Athlete Day on Tuesday, Grandma/Grandpa Day on Wednesday, Class Color Day on Thursday with junior high students dressing in pastels, freshmen in white, sophomores in purple, juniors in black, and seniors in neon, and Friday will be Battler Pride Day.
Sports are a big part of homecoming, and there is something for every Battler fan going on throughout the week. On Monday the JH football team will play at the Faulkton Quad starting at 4 p.m. On Tuesday, the Lady Battlers will host Ipswich starting with the junior high team at 4:30 p.m.
Wednesday the cross country team will run in the Lakeside Invitational at Faulkton starting at 1 p.m.
Thursday the Lady Battlers will head to Ft. Pierre to play Stanley County on the volleyball court for the homecoming game with matches starting at 5 p.m.
Friday, Sept. 26 will be the lucky day for the Mighty Potter County Battlers when they take on Hitchcock/Tulare for the homecoming game with a 7 p.m. kickoff at Battler Field.
On Saturday the Lady Battlers will head to Onida to play in the CSDC Tourney at 11 a.m. The junior high team will head to Bowdle for the YTC tourney at 3 p.m.
The cross country team will host the Potter County Invitational meet in Hoven at 10 a.m.
The junior high football team will be in Selby at 10 a.m. for the YTC jamboree.
Future Battler football players can show their stuff with the Punt, Pass, and Kick competition Friday afternoon at Battler Field following the community pep rally, with registration starting around 4 p.m.
Class reunions are scheduled for the weekend, along with other family reunions and celebrations.
Hoven’s homecoming is set for the following week, so watch the News next week for more details on that.
-Molly McRoberts

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Pee wee football…

little fbIMG_0700The Battler tradition starts young! There were 26 kids who came out for peewee football from third to fifth grade, with David Larson coaching with help from Bill VanderVorst and Brooke Bieber. Greg Gerber and Derick Stanley coached the 14 kids in the first and second grade for flag football. Darrin Simon organized the Saturday morning program, which started over the weekend. Here Brendan Bieber (Crissy and Brooke) tackles a dummy under Coach Larson’s watch.

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