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Board of Education held special meeting March 19

March 19, 2013
The Gettysburg Board of Education held a special meeting in the Elementary Library on the above date.  Present were the following:  Kay Schmidt, Matt Cronin, Kevin Geditz, Paul Kellogg, Ryan Lake, Brian Robbennolt and Kimberly Schweiss.  Also present were Tim Hagedorn, Wendy Smith, Barb Everson, April Hobert, Sally Simon, Keith Scott, Mary Quiett, Tylee Norman, Sara Wuttke, Crissy Bieber, Amber Mikkelsen, Jessica Larson, Bethany Wuttke, Katie Larson, and Patty Stoner.
The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Board President Schmidt called the meeting to order at 7:33 PM.  A letter was read from Pete Tanner regarding the new school and a community gym.
Motion by Robbennolt, second by Cronin to approve the agenda with the following addition:  add high school building discussion.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Motion by Kellogg, second by Schweiss to adjourn to Executive Session for Negotiations, SDCL 1-25-2-4 at 7:47 PM.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Board President Schmidt declared the Board out of Executive Session at 8:30 PM.
Motion by Kellogg, second by Geditz to adjourn to Executive Session for Negotiations, SDCL 1-25-2-4 at 8:45 PM.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Board President Schmidt declared the Board out of Executive Session at 8:58 PM.
Motion by Cronin, second by Schweiss to adjourn to Executive Session for Negotiations, SDCL 1-25-2-4 at 9:15 PM.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Board President Schmidt declared the Board out of Executive Session at 10:00 PM.
Motion by Schweiss, second by Robbennolt to issue contracts for the 2013-2014 school to the current certified staff with a $1000.00 raise with base raising by that amount also and to give classified staff a .35/hour increase.  The other items discussed and agreed upon will be updated in the Negotiated Agreement and brought to the next meeting for approval.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
There was a High School Building discussion.
Motion by Cronin, second by Kellogg to adjourn the meeting.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:25 PM.
M. Kay Schmidt, Board President
Everson, Business Manager
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Fisher Sand and Gravel to continue operation near Tolstoy

Notice of Intent to Continue Operation
Notice is hereby given that the SAND/GRAVEL mining operation being conducted by:
FISHER SAND & GRAVEL CO., BOX 1034 DICKINSON, ND 58601-1034 will continue its mining operation located at NW1/4  Section3; T120N-R73W, Potter County, SD.
The general location of the mining operation is 1 mile north of Tolstoy, 1 mile west, 1 mile north
The operation originally advertised to be completed by 01/01/2010, will be extended to: 01/01/2020
Proposed future use of the affected land will remain as originally advertised.
For additional information contact FISHER SAND & GRAVEL CO. or the SD Dept. of Environment & Natural Resources, Minerals & Mining Program, 523 E. Capitol Ave, Pierre, SD 57501-3182, phone 605.773.4201.
Publish twice at the total approximate cost of $18.43

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County Commissioners held special meeting March 18

MARCH 18, 2013
A special meeting was called to order by Chairman Maroney at 8:00 A.M. in the Commissioners Room at the Courthouse.  Commissioners present: Worth, Shellito and Williams.  Absent Arbach. Also present: DOE Cindi Forgey and States Attorney Craig Smith.
Moved by Williams, seconded by Shellito to accept the resignation of Linda Clark as Deputy Auditor and Clerk to the Dir. of Equalization with regrets. All voted aye.  Motion carried.
Moved by Worth seconded by Shellito to authorize Auditor Doerr to hire a full time Deputy Auditor and to authorize DOE Cindi Forgey to hire a part time clerk.  Base wage is $11.00 per hour. Roll call vote:  Aye: Worth, Shellito and Maroney.  Nay: Williams.  Absent not voting Arbach. Motion carried.
Moved by Williams, seconded by Worth to adjourn.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.
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School building meeting to be held Thursday, April 4 at gym with tours of GHS

Around 25 voters in the Gettysburg School District attended a meeting at the Senior Center on the evening of March 21 to hear a presentation about the proposed high school building project.
The information was provided to help voters in the school district make an informed decision before a bond issue vote takes place on April 9. The bond is for a maximum amount of $6.9 million. The presentation indicated that, depending on the bids, the maximum amount could exceed the amount actually needed for the project.
Dean Marske of HKG Architects explained the project earlier in the day to a noon crowd of around 75 people, but the evening presentation gave more detail on the history leading up to the bond resolution.
Marske explained that around six years ago he and his structure engineers were asked to tour the existing building to determine if it was structurally sound. He said the school is structurally sound, but there are issues in several areas including the life safety code, code compliance, and technology.
Marske said that life safety codes include things like emergency exits, fire alarms, and fire sprinkler system, while code compliance includes making the school handicapped accessible with the addition of elevators, replacing all the pipes, and upgrades to the electrical and security systems, and things of that nature.
The cost to do the basic upgrades to the existing school building would cost around $4.2 million.
Options were then discussed with adding classrooms, music room, cafeteria, and a competition gym which would allow the existing space to be used as an auxiliary gym. In order to host district or regional sporting events, the court needs a 25 foot clearance height requirement. The current gym is at 18 feet.
Several schools in the region are including the new larger gymnasiums. Gettysburg’s central location makes it ideally suited for the larger tournaments, making the competition gym advantageous to the community for drawing additional income from sporting events.
The proposed high school building, which is designed to be on one level, will feature 13 classrooms, each 900 square feet. There were also upgrades implemented to better serve the FACs (home ec), science lab, and V-tel, which is the distance learning technology. Then it was decided to relocate the kitchen and lunch room, which is now located in the multipurpose room of the elementary. This was designed in a commons area between the schools, so high school students will no longer have to leave the building for meals, which is how they are routed to the lunch room rather than through the hallways of the elementary school, which disrupts the younger students. The commons area will also be the location for the concession stand for events.
Several reasons were given for including the competition gym to the project. One is the increased need for space to accommodate sports. Both boys and girls sports are played during the same season, along with the high number of athletes involved in the activities. Additional lockers will be added where the bleachers are now located on the north wall of the existing gym. No additional locker rooms are being built; instead space in the existing gym is being utilized. Precast walls will be used for the building which are highly energy efficient. Geothermal heating will be put in place, and existing boilers will be used as supplements. He said that geothermal heating pays for itself within seven years.
The wrestling room will be moved to the existing multipurpose room which will increase their space from 24 feet to 38 feet across for mats.
Parking will be on the south and west, as it is now along the side of the gym and existing high school, and will actually increase since the playground will be moved to a fenced area in the front of the elementary school.
The ag shop will not require any remodeling.
Marske said that bidding has been very competitive, and other school projects his company has worked with in the area have been coming in under budget.
The new gym and locker room upgrades are projected to be $1.8 million using precast walls and includes everything such as wooden floor, dividing curtains, seating, etc. A steel building could be used to cut costs, which is estimated around $200,000 less. Marske said that also cuts the life span of the building. The current gym was built in 1974 and has a 40 to 50 year life expectancy. Precast is anywhere from 60 to 80 years.
If the vote passes, the school classroom area will be completed by August of 2014. The new gym would be completed by August of 2015. The students would not be relocated, so would be able to continue classes together during the construction.
The new school would also be large enough to accommodate growth, and it was reported that the kindergarten class was large enough this year that it was necessary to split it into two groups. Next year’s projected kindergarten class is already at 32. During the past few years the enrollment for the school has increased from 220 to a current number of 265.
Toby Morris from Dougherty and Company, which is the company that does financing for schools and issues the bond talked about the importance of doing the project now while interest rates are at an all time low. As a result of the extremely low rate environment, there would likely never be a need to refinance, and the low fixed rate would be locked in for 30 years.
The tax levy example is 2.62 per $1,000 of valuation, which is what Morris described as the worse case scenario. He explained that as valuation goes up, taxes should go down.
The levy of the bond does not discriminate between ag or commercial property.  The levy is equal across the board, so unlike an opt out, it stays the same straight across. The $1,000 valuation of ag land would be taxed the same as $1,000 of owner occupied or commercial property.
During the afternoon meeting, Kay Schmidt, president of the Gettysburg School Board, told the group that the board had done a lot of research and weighed all the options for the project and believe with the current interest rates that this is the time to move forward. “Somebody in 1922 had the courage to spend the equivalent amount to educate my family,” she said, adding that it’s time to take responsibility and do the same for our future.
Another community meeting will be held on Thursday, April 4 at 7 p.m. in the GHS gymnasium. A presentation will be presented by HKG Architects and the school board will be available to help answer questions. Tours of the high school will be given to show the deterioration of the 91 year old building.
The election is April 9 at the Gettysburg Firehall, and absentee voting may be done from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the school business office. Barb Everson, business manager for the school, will be at the school on Good Friday from 1-3 p.m. for absentee voting, and reminds voters to bring their drivers license to cast a ballot.
By Molly McRoberts

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Absentee voting at school

The school bond election will be held on Tuesday, April 9 at the firehall in Gettysburg, however, absentee voting is going on now at the school.
Voters in the Gettysburg School District who would like to vote absentee may vote at the school business office weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. until the election.
Barb Everson, who is the business manager, will be at the school Good Friday afternoon, March 29, from 1-3 p.m., which is a good opportunity for college students to stop in and cast their votes.
Voters are reminded to bring a drivers license to the school to vote absentee.

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Easter egg hunt Saturday

The Easter Bunny is coming to town on Saturday!
The annual Easter egg hunt, sponsored by Gettysburg In Action, will be held at the city pool park beginning at 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 30. The event is held for children ages eight and under.
Kids can register for prizes in addition to finding treats in the Easter eggs that can be found all across the park.
Folks of all ages are invited to come and visit the Easter Bunny on Saturday afternoon. The egg hunt will be held at the park, rain or shine!

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Set appointments with Board of Equalization

The Potter County Commissioners will meet as the Board of Equalization on April 9 to review assessments for the 2013 year.
Anyone who would like to meet with the board regarding their property assessments must submit written notice to the Potter County Auditor by April 2.
To make appointments with the county auditor, contact Karen Doerr at 765-9408.

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National champions…

bowling picRandy Tennant of Onida and Tim Luken of Gettysburg bowled the highest score in the Classified Doubles division during the United States Bowling Congress Open Championships, held in Baton Rouge, LA, to be named 2012 National Bowling Champions. They won the 151 day long tournament with a score of 1231. The USBC Open hosts over 60,000 contestants, and 16,000 were in their division. During an awards ceremony on March 14 at the 2013 National Bowling Open Championship in Reno, NV, they were presented commemorative gold watches, engraved with their name and score. They also bowled in this year’s USBC Open and hope to place again.

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Hawkinson breaks State B record, Battlers place seventh

New record... GHS junior Kole Hawkinson (Julie and Dave Kilian/Ken Hawkinson) broke a 21 year old record at the State B tournament on Saturday. Hawkinson dropped 14 three-point baskets during his three games to break the tournament record. He scored 29 points in his last game and earned a spot on the all tourney team.

New record…
GHS junior Kole Hawkinson (Julie and Dave Kilian/Ken Hawkinson) broke a 21 year old record at the State B tournament on Saturday. Hawkinson dropped 14 three-point baskets during his three games to break the tournament record. He scored 29 points in his last game and earned a spot on the all tourney team.

The Potter County Battlers made  their final appearance of the State B tournament on Saturday  afternoon against the Arlington Cardinals and brought home the seventh place tourney trophy.
The highlight of the game was in the fourth quarter, when GHS junior Kole Hawkinson hit his 14th three pointer in the tournament. That swish of the net broke a 21 year old record for the most three-point shots in the State B tournament set by Eric Lappe of Harrold in 1992.
There was some discrepancy in the stats, but after a quick review,  it turned out that Hawkinson had not been credited for a fourth three-pointer in the first game of the tourney. He was also scored 29 points in the game and was named to the all-tournament team.
The buzzer ended the game with the Battlers winning 72-62 and  bringing home seventh place after an outstanding year of 23 wins and just two losses that came in the first two games of the State B tournament.
Read all about the Potter County Battlers and their State B action on page 10 of the News, and catch the action in photos throughout the paper.
–Molly McRoberts

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Wind, ice factors in Monday morning rollover accident

Emergency crews from Hoven and Tolstoy were called out around 11 a.m. on Tuesday morning to a one vehicle rollover.
Sheldon Finley, 33, of Chelsea SD was driving west on US Hwy 20 when the accident occurred just east of 323rd Ave.
According to Potter County Sheriff Curt Hamburger, extremely high wind gusts and icy roads were a factor in the rollover, which did considerable damage to the 2009 Dodge Ram 1500.
Sheldon was wearing a seatbelt and placed the 911 emergency call. The ambulance from Hoven and the fire department from Tolstoy responded to the call. Sheldon refused medical treatment when the ambulance arrived.
His vehicle, which was driving west, came to a rest in the north ditch, facing east.
The driver was sited for overdriving road conditions. Although no damage amount was available at press time, Sheriff Hamburger said the pickup box and cab had a considerable amount of damage.
–Molly McRoberts

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