Gettysburg, SD

100 things to celebrate…

kindergarten 100 dayKindergarten students in Mrs. Crissy Bieber’s class celebrated the 100th day of school on Friday, Feb. 7. The students made necklaces with 100 fruit loops, they made glasses out of the number 100, they counted to 100 in different ways, they did 100 exercises, and found out where 100 steps took them in the school building, which was to the office. They finished different sentences about 100, for example, “If I had $100 dollars I would buy___,” or “I can lift 100 _____,” or “In 100 years I hope I can _______.” They later enjoyed the Phil Baker concert sponsored by the GIA. Pictured are (back row, l to r)  Jensen Zweber (Josh and Jenny), Joseph Biel (Kami Archer/Derick Stanley), Jaelyn Biel (Kami Archer/Derick Stanley), Xavier Hobert (Mike and April). Middle row: Angelina Long (JD Long and Laura Kempf), Jace Wager (Kerry and Rachel), KeyaPaha Ducheneaux (Cetan Ducheneaux and Ami Robideau), Cameron Bowden (Chris and Janessa). Front row:  Clare Cordell (Todd and Amy), Jadyn Ahlemeier (Scott and Trish), Peyton Stevens (Shane and Tracy).

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