Cat-alyst for change…

The cat countdown is on in Gettysburg. Eight cats were counted in this photo, and a few had already bolted before the picture was taken. These strays congregate near the dumpsters at the city shed, and will likely be relocated once cat trapping starts this week. The feral cat population in Gettysburg has become a nuisance to many property owners, with cats digging in garbage, children’s sandboxes, flower pots, and disrupting bird nests. According to the city police department, once cats are caught in live traps they will be kept for three days to give the owners time to claim the animal. After that, the cats will be relocated to area farms or turned over to a humane society. Pets should be licensed with a collar displaying the tag, and repeat offenders may be fined. If you are willing to have a trap set on your property in town or have a farm where the cats can be relocated, contact the Gettysburg Police Department at 765-9600. 

 Photo by Molly McRoberts

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