97th annual County Fair starts Saturday

The Potter County Fair and Achievement Days gets underway this weekend, with a few changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

All 4-H related events taking place at the 2020 Potter County Achievement Days will be limited to a maximum of 50 people at any given time. This number will include 4-H members, judges, staff, leaders, and spectators.

There will be thorough cleaning and sanitization between all activities, change overs, and all frequently touched surfaces.

On Saturday, Aug. 1, the youth entering static exhibits will have the opportunity to have their projects judged and given a ribbon placing, but after they are judged on Saturday morning, the exhibitors will be taking them home. No 4-H static exhibits will be staying on display at the fairgrounds this year.

Project check-in will be done by family groupings, instead of the traditional project areas. Families will be assigned check-in times in order to maintain safe social distancing guidelines. After judging is complete, projects will be checked out by a leader and sent home with the family.

Youth will still have a chance to show their livestock, but efforts will be made to keep the six foot distancing between competitors during shows.

After the animal’s show is complete the members and families are able to take the livestock home. They do not need to keep animals at the fairgrounds for the entirety of the achievement days.

The Round Robin will be done as a quiz bowl this year. The contestants will be given a quiz bowl packet to be completed and scored. If there are any ties, they will be broken by verbal questions given by the judge.

Due to restrictions and guidelines this year, there will not be a live auction 4-H livestock premium sale. Instead, previous donors will be asked if they would like to make a donation of any size to the 4-H sale fund. All donations raised will then be split evenly among the registered county livestock exhibitors.

The 4-H leaders ask everyone for their patience as they work their way through this difficult situation.

If you have question, contact Jean Senyak at the Potter County Extension office, 605-765- 9414 or email potter.county@sdstate.edu.

See the fair schedule on page 12.

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