A spin on summer…

Kids of all ages came to the school gym on Friday, July 20 to catch the show put on by the Hanson Family Jugglers and Unicyclists. The show was brought to town as part of the Potter County Library summer reading program with around 120 in attendance who saw performances by a world record holder for speed juggling, a national unicycle champion, and tricks done for the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team. Following the show, children were invited to learn some of the juggling and balancing skills from the Hanson family. One favorite trick was learning to balance spinning plates, which these three youngsters appear to have mastered. Pictured from left are Kellan Bessette (Kelly and Shawn), Nathan Van Bockel (Amanda Hepper and Blake Van Bockel), and Faith Goebel (Andrea and Jeff). Pictured in the background is Mrs. Elaine Thomas, who was one of the residents from Avera Oahe Manor who attended the show. 

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