Gettysburg, SD
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After school programs to start

Federal grants in the past have been given to communities and schools to help fund programs for students who may need extra help with homework or tutoring.
Gettysburg School has never benefited from any of these grants, for several different reasons, but mostly they were granted because of needs.
Because of the Maas Foundation, which gave some funds to help pilot a program, the school is starting a similar program after school on Tuesday and Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:30 starting March 19. This is the start of the fourth quarter of the school year.
This new program will be run by Gettysburg Elementary fifth grade teacher Sally Simon and Special Education director April Hobert.  Surveys were sent home with students with an excellent return rate, and there is no fee to the parents for the after school programs.
Forms must be signed and returned to school for a child participate.  Forms can be picked up in the school office.
Superintendent Tim Hagedorn said the Maas Foundation funding made it possible to start the program. “We will keep track to see what the costs will be and how long we can keep it going,” he said. “This is a good starting point to see the success and assess the need for more time for the program.”