Gettysburg, SD

Back to school…

girls backpacksDSC_0384Back to school…
Theses friends shared stories and giggles before the bell rang to start the new school year on Tuesday morning at Gettysburg Elementary. The girls sat amid the row of backpacks that were left to line the front of the school while their owners checked out the new playground. The classmates took turns showing each other their new school supplies, and appeared to be catching up on lots of laughs before heading into class for the more serious business of learning! Pictured from left are third graders Tyler Simon (Darrin and Sally), Megan Hermann (Naomi and Ed), and Katie Robbennolt (Rena and Brian). This year the school is starting out with 262 students, with 141 in the elementary school, 40 in junior high, and 81 in high school. That is up from 259 students at the start of last year. See page 3 for the school menu.
Photo by Molly McRoberts

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