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Mostly sunny

Basement wall replaced at manor

All is well at the Avera Oahe Manor in Gettysburg.
The report came from Mark Schmidt, Executive Director, Avera Gettysburg Hospital. After a rain storm the night of May 18 dumped over three inches on the city, a portion of the south basement wall at the manor collapsed.
According to Schmidt, the basement is secured and braced, tarps are protecting the area from rain, and all services are running.
An Avera architect, independent engineers, and engineers from the state of South Dakota assessed the damage after the storm, and repair work was soon underway.
Although the affected area was not near the rooms of the residents, four people in a nearby wing were moved as a precaution and for their comfort. They are now all back in their rooms.
Planning has begun with a contractor for wall replacement in the basement. As a precaution, the offices located directly above the area are not being used.

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