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Battlers beat Chargers 43-6

In Yellowstone Trail Conference football action, the Potter County Battlers hosted their neighbors to the south from Sully Buttes on Friday night.
A chilly wind blew across Battler field as the Chargers kicked off to the Mighty Battlers, who started their first offensive drive toward the end zone. With Chayce Hall under center, it only took about seven plays and three minutes off the clock to put six points on the board with a handoff to Tate Nafziger. Hall then put the boot to the ball to add another point, and the home team took the lead with 7-0.
Sully Buttes got to work and put up a big pass that moved the team to the Battler 42, but they couldn’t get past it and punted it away.
After a few plays back and forth, Hayden Simon picked off a Charger interception and ran it in for touchdown, which was followed by another extra point at the foot of Hall. The score jumped to 14-0 with 3:35 left in the first quarter.
On the next Charger possession, Jace Everson intercepted to get the ball back for the men in red. The next play ended up with a run right up the middle for a 33 yard touchdown by Mitch Hinckley. The uprights were again split by Hall and the scoreboard clicked up to 21-0.
On the Potter County kickoff the Battlers recovered the ball and took possession on the Charger 25. Nafziger took the ball on the next play and ran it in for another six. The extra point was a line up for the kick, but the snap was too high so Tanner Heuer went ahead and ran it in for two points. Just like that, the score was 29-0.
The Chargers started to rally, putting some quick first downs across the field. They started the second quarter just inside their side of the field. The ball moved within five yards of the end zone when they connected on a big pass play. The Chargers found the end zone and put up their first six points of the night. There was no joy on the extra point, so Sully Buttes kicked off to the Battlers with the home team leading 29-6.
A little bit later, Simon was handed the ball and ran 31 yards for a touchdown, which is what Battler fans have come to expect when he gets the ball. By the same token, Hall put another point up, kicking the ball through the goal posts, and the Battler lead increased to 30 points with the scoreboard showing 36-6.
The Charger possession ended with a punt that didn’t cross the 50, putting Potter County in good field position with the line of scrimmage starting on the Charger 30. Hall engineered another touchdown drive with Sundburg pushing 11 yards into the end zone with 25 seconds to play in the half. Hall, staying true to form, kicked up the extra point and the score moved to 43-6. That also kicked in the running clock rule, which means the clock doesn’t stop after the spread is 35 points.
Onida took the kick to start the second half, where the temperature had dropped to the mid 30s on the field. With the clock now running, the Chargers went up against the Mighty Battler defense which forced a punt and brought in some of the younger Battlers to the offensive lineup.
The quarterback position was passed to Caleb Meinke, and the Charger defense held the home team to a fourth and punt.
It wasn’t long before the ball was back in the hands of the Battlers, and with the clock running the second unit got a little more play time.
In the fourth quarter a Charger possession started a down field drive in the hopes of scoring double digits. On a fourth down and one yard to go play, they pushed through for a fresh set of downs. That was their last chance to touch the ball, when a loose one was recovered by the guys in red.
There were very few flags throughout the game, and it ended with another notch in the win column for the Battlers.
Overall, the home team rushed for 214 yards on 31 carries.
The Potter County  Battlers head to Ft. Pierre on Friday night to take on the Buffaloes at 7 p.m. They will be back home the following week to take on McLaughlin for the final game of the season before heading into playoffs.
–Molly McRoberts