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Battlers head to tourney in Ipswich on Jan. 25

It was a different format for the Ipswich tournament on Saturday, Jan. 25. Instead of a bracket style competition, the wrestlers competed in a round robin style. Each wrestler had more matches for the day.
106# Carl Cronin: win by pin in 5:23 over Dylan Wolff, LEM; win by pin in 1:33 over Zach Strong, E/ED; win by technical fall in 5:41 over Wyatt Huffman, L/M; win by pin in 2:29 over Daymon Steuck, I/L; 3-2 decision over Chauncey Goethals, ACJV to become champion.
113# Chance Stuwe: win by pin in 1:54 over Colton Weeldreyer, I/L; win by pin in 1:44 over Shawn Heier, EEK; win by pin in 1:04 over Joey Brown, PC;  fall to Michael Peltier, ACJV to place 2nd.
113# unattached Joey Brown: 13-4 major decision over Coldton Weeldreyer, I/L; win by pin in 3:47 over Shawn Heier, EEK; loss by fall to Michael Peltier, ACJV; loss by fall to Chance Stuwe, PC to place 3rd.
120# Lucas Smith: win by pin in 5:44 over Dalton Schiaber, EEK; 12-4 major decision over Blake Anderson; loss to Dirk Wolff, LEM to place 2nd.
132# Brody Schatz: win by pin in 3:32 over Tristan Dallman, EEK; 10-2 major decision over Clayton Bruenich, EEK; win by pin in 3:09 over Josh Gilliland, SB; win by pin in 1:41 over Collin Haar, ACJV; win by pin in 2:47 over Tanner Moore, I/L to become champion.
138# Garrett Rausch: win by pin in 3:39 over Phillip Vetter, PC; forfeit by Brookston Mathern, EEK; win by pin in :35 over Austin Wiley, SB;  win by pin in :44 over Nick Brandner, I/L; 5-0 decision over Dexter Hanson, ACJV to become champion.
138# unattached Phillip Vetter: fall to Garrett Rausch, PC; win by pin in 1:34 over Dexter Hanson, ACJV; win by pin in 5:14 over Brookston Methern, EEK; 4-20 loss to Austin Wiley, SB; win by pin in 1:17 over Nick Bradner, I/L to place 2nd.
145# Chris Zuber: 2-7 loss to Alex Marsh, I/L; win by pin in 1:49 over Brandon Peterson, L/M; 4-8 loss to Patrick Wilson, LEM; win by pin in :53 Aubry Orr, ACJV to place 2nd.
152# Jesse Wheeler: 5-11 loss to Paul Grotjohn, ACJV; 14-4 major decision over Marshall Paul, EEK; win by pin in 2:48 over Duel Tomac, L/M; fall to Levi Haar, ACJV to place 3rd.
195# Jordan Trujillio: win by pin in 1:01 over Nick Schaible, AC unattached; fall to Luke Bjur, EEK; fall to Lucas Vogel; fall to Braydon Peterson, L/M to place 3rd.
195# unattached Lucas Vogel: win by technical fall over Lucas Biur, EEK; win by pin over Jordan Trujillio, PC; win by pin in :12 over Nick Schaible-Heiser, UN; win by pin in 2:49 over Braydon Peterson, L/M. to become champion.
220# JR Belford: 18-12 decision over Seth Strong, EEK; fall to Brian Reisenauer, ACJV; win by pin in 3:17 over Skyler Klebsch, ACJV; fall to Garrett Clark, L/M to place 3rd.

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