Gettysburg, SD

Battlers lose second round in State B tourney

Dressed in their home court colors, the Mighty Potter County  Battlers scored on the first possession of the game against  Langford Area Lions in their second game of the State B  tournament.
The tipoff was at noon on March 15 at the Barnett Center on  the campus of NSU in Aberdeen. After suffering the first  defeat of the season to South Central the day before, the men  in red were in it to win it, but the Lions roared onto the
court and took control of the scoreboard. At the buzzer  ending the first eight minutes of basketball, Langford drew a  foul, dumped two from the free throw line, and closed the  quarter with Potter County trailing 11-21.
In the second, junior Kole Hawkinson found his three point  spots and dunked a couple for the home team, which helped to  tighten up the score. Chayce Hall added another three, and  the 15 point lead once held by the Lions was down to two  points by the halftime buzzer, 31-33.
Thirty seconds into the second half, Mitch Hinckley tied up  the game at 33, with Tate Nafziger adding a three point shot,  followed by Eric Worth’s layup, another three by Hawkinson,  and the team sparked a nice lead. Before long it was tied up
again for the fifth tie of the game at 43 points, with three  minutes remaining. The Battlers gave the ball away in  turnovers and the Lions took advantage, taking back the lead  at the end of the quarter, 47-52.
The fourth quarter saw a spread in the score, with Langford  jumping up their lead throughout the last eight minutes of play. Even though Hawkinson swished in a couple more of his trademark shots from his favorite three point spot in the wings, the team couldn’t pull out the victory. The score at the buzzer was 56-71.

By Molly McRoberts