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Board of Education for 2014-15 called to order

Untitled-2July 14, 2014
The Gettysburg Board of Education held their regular meeting on the above date in the Elementary Library.  Present were Kay Schmidt, Kevin Geditz, Paul Kellogg, Ryan Lake, Brian Robbennolt, Kimberly Schweiss, and Mark Schatz.  Absent:  Matt Cronin.  Also present were Tim Hagedorn, Wendy Smith, Barb Everson, Gerrick McComsey, Larry Mettler and Scott Sikkink.
The meeting opened at 7:00 PM with a Pledge of Allegiance.
The first item of business was a public hearing on the Proposed Budget for the 2014-2015 school year.  The board reviewed and discussed the proposed budget.
Vice-President Schmidt called the meeting to order at 7:25 PM.
Motion by Robbennolt, second by Geditz to approve the agenda.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Motion by Schweiss, second by Lake to approve the following consent agenda:  approve the minutes of the June 16, 2014 regular board meeting; approve the financial reports; approve the 6-30-14 claims; and declare surplus and obsolete items due to being outdated and to be disposed of properly.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.  The list of obsolete items is on file in the business office.  Kellogg acknowledges conflict of interest with claims to HKG and his aye vote does not include these items.
June 30, 2014 Claims
MARY QUIETT, $201.99, Reimb library reading awards; VENTURE COMMUNICATIONS, 634.47, Communications; ALL AMERICAN SPORTS CORP 362.42, Recertify helmets; BURG’S GAS & ETC., INC., 1,074.66, School vehicle fuel; CITY OF GETTYSBURG, 156.85, Water; DAKOTA FARM & RANCH SUPPLY, 36.98, Oil for bus; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC., 195.21, Copier/Printer copies;
G’BURG SCHOOL/DISTRICT REF., 680.77, Post Office, 196.00, Postage, Keith Scott, 40.00, Reimb fuel, Bryce Hall, 271.75, Reimb fuel, Gettysburg Flowers, 38.00, Awards day balloons, Warren Wilson, 25.00, Reimburse Fuel, DCI, 86.50, Background cks on B. Cihak/C. Lolley, School (checking acct) (116.48), NSF fees/voided cks, SDIAAA, 140.00, SDIAAA & SDHSCA memberships/AD;
GAS’N GOODIES, 253.91, School vehicle gas; GETTYSBURG ROTARY CLUB, 165.00, Supt dues/meals; GOLDEN WEST TECHNOLOGIES, 4,536.00, Partial pmt/student laptops/bags; HARMON LAW OFFICE PROF., 470.00, Legal services; HAUFF MID-AMERICA SPORTS, 675.20, Replace football jerseys; HEARTLAND WASTE MANAGEMENT, 240.00, June Services;
HOVEN MEDIA, INC., 47.25, Advertising; INTERSTATE ALL BATTERY CTN, 8.00, Batteries; J.W. PEPPER & SON INC, 11.25, All-state chorus music; LEC INC – LOGAN ELECTRIC, 52.50, Forklift rent; MIDWAY PARTS INC, 17.88, Bus bulb/socket; MONTANA DAKOTA UTILITIES, 1,093.48, Electricity/ temp hookup; PETTY CASH, 84.18, Postage; POTTER COUNTY NEWS, 330.74, Printing/Advertising;
SANFORD HEALTH PLAN, 64.00, Health ins admin fee; SCHLACHTER LUMBER, 526.03, Cust. summer supplies; SCHUR, CPA, RONALD L, 9,200.00, FY 2013 Audit Services; SMITH, CRAIG E., 905.00, Legal services; TRIPLE S TARPS, 117.00, Repair Hoven VB nets; TRUE VALUE HARDWARE, 59.54, Cust.summer supplies; W.W. TIRE SERVICE INC., 49.95, Align tires/minibus3.
CPM EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM, 4,706.40, Algebra & Geometry Textbooks; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC., 250.58, Copier/Printer leases; GOLDEN WEST TECHNOLOGIES, 15,000.00, Student computer/partial pmt; MCGRAW-HILL SCHOOL EDUC, 2,844.96, Chemistry textbooks.
VENTURE COMMUNICATIONS, $5.18, Communications; AHLEMEIER, JAMIE, 46.00, Meals/Autism workshop; AVERA GETTYSBURG HOSPITAL, 1,400.00, PT/OT services/May/June; BAUS, PENNY, 80.00, Meals/Autism workshop.
HKG ARCHITECTS, $18,813.00, Architectural services; SHARPE ENTERPRISES, 500,949.66 Construction costs through 5-31; SHARPE ENTERPRISES, 736,809.40, Construction costs6-1 to 6-30.
LAMB MOTOR CO, $58.00, Install DrEd brake
Motion by Kellogg, second by Robbennolt to approve the following contracts: Bryce Hall, Asst. Football coach, $2,394.40, and Head Boys Basketball coach $3,032.90; Wendy Rausch, Asst. Girls Basketball coach $2,394.40 and Asst. Volleyball coach $2,394.40; and Jessica Larson, Head Cross Country coach, $2,234.77.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Motion by Robbennolt, second by Geditz to approve the 2012-2013 Audit Report and 2013-2014 Letter of Engagement from Ron Schur, CPA.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Motion by Kellogg, second by Schweiss to approve the 2014-15 Consolidated App/IDEA flow-through funds application.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Motion by Lake, second by Geditz to adjourn as the 2013-2014 Board of Education at 7:35 PM.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
The school board would like to thank Kay Schmidt and Ryan Lake for their many years of dedicated service to the Gettysburg School District.
July 2014-3
The 2014-2015 Board of Education was called to order at 7:35 PM by Superintendent Tim Hagedorn.  The first item of business was giving the oath of office to board members Mark Schatz and Paul Kellogg for their 3 year terms.
Superintendent Hagedorn then called for nominations for school board president.  Kevin Geditz nominated Matt Cronin. Mark Schatz seconded the nomination.  All present vote aye.  Motion carried.   Kim Schweiss moved that nominations cease. Paul Kellogg seconded the motion.  All present voted aye. Matt Cronin is the school board President.
In President Cronin’s absence, Superintendent Hagedorn called for nominations for school board vice-president.  Kevin Geditz nominated Paul Kellogg. Mark Schatz nominated Brian Robbennolt.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.  After a vote, Brian Robbennolt is the school board vice-president.
Vice-President Robbennolt then took over as the chairman of the meeting.
Motion by Schatz, second by Schweiss to approve the agenda.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Motion by Kellogg, second by Geditz to approve the following Consent Agenda.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
a. July 14, 2014 CLAIMS
ASSOCIATED SCHOOL BOARDS OF SD, $827.56, Board Dues 14-15; BW INSURANCE AGENCY CA, 26,675.00, Property/Auto/Liab insur.; CNA SURETY, 105.00, Fiscal Bond; DEMCO, 157.52, Elem/Hs library subscr. renew; GOLDEN WEST TECHNOLOGIES, 300.00, Wireless support renewal; GROUP CAST, LLC, 585.00, Renew School Reach;
IMPACT APPLICATIONS, INC., 600.00, Concussion software renew; MARCO, INC., 78.60, Fiscal copies; MID-AMERICAN RESEARCH CHEM COR, 528.21, Cust weed killer & supplies; OAHE AREA YOUTH CENTER, 1,500.00, City Aud rent Jul-Sept; RENAISSANCE LEARNING, INC, 2,656.50, Lib/Accel Reader/Star; SASD, 479.55, Supt/mbrship dues; SD LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, 125.00, Lib annual conf regis fee;
SD LIBRARY NETWORK, 337.50, Lib 14-15 mbrship; SHI INTERNATIONAL CORP, 3,093.10, Software licenses Windows; SOFTWARE UNLIMITED, INC, 3,700.00, Fiscal Software maint. fee; TECHNOLOGY/INNOVATIONS IN EDUC, 825.00, 14-15 dues; WIND CIRCLE NETWORK, INC., 150.00, Forticlient license renewal; WORKERS’ COMPENSATION FUND, 11,837.00, Worker’s comp ins.
CPM EDUCATIONAL, $477.00, JH Math teacher bundles.
WORKERS’ COMPENSATION FUND, $780.00, Worker’s Comp Ins.
WORKERS’ COMPENSATION FUND, $557.00, Worker’s Comp Ins.
b. Appoint Business Manager Barb Everson as Secretary to the Board.
c. Designate Bank of the West and Great Western Bank as Official Depositories.
d. Name Potter County News as the official newspaper.
e. Set 7:30 PM in the Elementary Library on the 2nd Monday of the month as the time and place for school board meetings.  The Board affirms their authority to reschedule a regular meeting or call a special meeting.
f. Set compensation for board members at -0-.  Mileage will be paid to a board member attending meetings related to school meetings.  Board members attending overnight meetings will be reimbursed for meals and lodging.
g. Adopt the board Policy Manual.
h. Appoint Mr. Hagedorn as Administrator for Lunch fund, Title/REAP Programs, FSA programs, 504 Administrator, and Attendance officer.
i. Appoint Bradley Cihak and Wendy Smith to sign FSA documents.
j. Appoint Business Manager Everson as the administrator of the Trust and Agency Fund.
k. Authorize Business Manager to borrow among funds, if necessary for cash flow; also pay bills between board meetings to obtain discounts, avoid penalties and pay athletic officials.  Also approve $5,000.00 to be kept in the Imprest Fund in the Trust & Agency account to pay bills between board meetings.
Motion by Schweiss for Mark Schatz to join Brian Robbennolt, and Paul Kellogg or Matt Cronin, as needed/available, on the construction committee.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Larry Metter from HKG discussed the RFP’s for the construction project.  Gerrick McComsey from Sharpe Enterprises discussed the water issues that were found by the Ag shop area.  Scott Sikkink also discussed the contaminated soil found by the Ag shop.  Business Manager Everson reported that an insurance claim had been filed for the contaminated soils process, and she was notified that insurance will not being paying on this claim. The parking lot project was discussed. At the city council meeting on July 7, 2014, the city committed to pay for parking lot area A and alternate D.
Motion by Kellogg, second by Geditz to publish the personnel salaries for the 2014-2015 school year.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Administration: Tim Hagedorn, $71,701.39; Wendy Smith, 55,775.12 Activity, 478.88; Barbara Everson, 40,621.40.
Certified Staff: Penelope Baus, $40,738.23; Jay Berglund 32,819.84, Concessions, 2,953.78; Cristina Bieber, 34,880.49; Bradley Cihak 18,713.94, Summer 13,406.84, Activity 1,197.19; Jamie Cronin, 38,046.58, Activity 5,516.76; Kirsten Cronin, 16,012.64, Activity 3,192.52, Valerie Dahlquist, 32,175.28, Kim Goebel, 35,275.91, Activity 1,058.28, Kathrine Heffernan, 33,700.00;
Tricia Heien, 32,225.28; April Hobert, 35,560.00, SPED director 11,022.75; Cathrine Larson, 35,482.24, Activity 88.70; Jessica Larson, 32,125.28, Activity 2,266.89; Kathryn Larson, 35,094.15; Caylee Lolley, 31,925.28, Activity 3,511.77; Amber Mikkelsen, 34,275.28, Activity 3,084.77; Mary Quiett, 36,791.04;
Christine Saltsman, 32,760.19, Activity 88.70; Cynthia Schmidt, 15,962.65; Keith Scott, 36,295.05, Summer 8,661.31, Activity 4,899.83; Sally Simon, 34,225.58; Vernon Smith, 35,671.62, AD 7,342.81, Activity 6,599.25; Patricia Stoner, 38,216.86; Julie Williams, 40,340.40; Sara Wuttke, 37,471.33.
Non-Certified: Christopher Dutenhoeffer, $7.50/hr; Lucas Smith, 7.50/hr; Nicholas Zuber, 7.25/hr; Jamie Ahlemeier, 9.30/hr; Jeff Bown, 11.60/hr, 17.40/hr OT; Don Frost 16.10/hr, 24.15/hr OT; Theresa Goebel, 10.55/hr; Marilyn Scott 9.40/hr, 11.07/hr Route Driver, 10.50/hr Activity Driver, 8.30/hr Layover; Keith Scott, 11.07/hr Route Driver, 10.50/hr Activity Driver, 8.30/hr Layover; Nancy Smith, 11.74/hr; Delores Wickersham 9.90/hr; Warren Wilson, 10.50/hr Activity Driver, 8.30/hr Layover; Bryce Hall, 5,427.30; Jessica Larson, 2,234.77; Wendy Rausch, 4,788.80.
Motion by Kellogg, second by Schweiss to set the following prices:
Lunch: Adults $3.50, JH/HS $3.00, Elementary $2.50
Breakfast: Adults $1.75, Students $1.25
Athletic Events: Adults $5.00, Students $3.00
Football Parking: $25.00 per season, including play-off games
Activity Tickets: Grades 1-6 $10.00, 7-12 $20.00, Adults $30.00, Over 65 Golden Battler Card
Substitute Teachers: $90.00 current certification, $70.00 lapsed certification, $60.00 non-certified
All present voted aye. Motion carried.
Designating a candidate for the state convention was tabled.
Motion by Schweiss, second by Geditz to set mileage rates at 37 cents per mile with 20 cents per mile if a school vehicle is available and the employee chooses to drive their own vehicle.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Fuel bids were discussed. Neither Gas & Goodies nor The Burg returned their bid letters, but Barb contacted them via phone.  Motion by Schweiss, second by Schatz to get diesel from the Burg, and gas from Gas & Goodies for the 2014-15 school year. All present voted aye.  Pump price was discussed. Gas & Goodies indicated they will give us 3 cents per gallon off pump price and the Burg indicated they will give us 5 cents per gallon off pump price.
Motion by Kellogg, second by Geditz that Schatz Electric will be the electrician this year.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried. (Schatz abstained)
Mrs. Wendy Smith reported that the state report cards are available on-line.  She discussed the moving process.  She met with the engineer regarding the intercom system and security cameras etc.
Mr. Hagedorn discussed open positions.  A co-op meeting was discussed.  The school would like to thank the Grace Bible Church for allowing us to have summer school in their building.
Motion by Schweiss, second by Kellogg to approve the Tablet handbook and the JH/HS handbooks that included new dates and verbage from the state following our civil rights review.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Motion by Kellogg, second by Schatz to adjourn the meeting at 10:34 PM.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Brian Robbennolt,
Board Vice-President
Barbara Everson, Business Manager
Published once at the total approximate cost of $277.43

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