Board of Education held regular meeting Aug. 13

August 13, 2018

The Gettysburg Board of Education held their regular meeting on the above date in the conference room. Present were the following: Brian Robbennolt, Matt Cronin, Paul Kellogg, Daryn Zeigler and Mark Schatz, via telephone. Absent: Kenny Goebel and Kevin Geditz. Also present were Chip Sundberg, Wendy Smith, Barb Everson, Julie Williams, LaNae Fuerst, Grant Luikens, Logan Decker, Grace Goebel, Olivia Mikkelsen and Neva Mikkelsen.

Board President Robbennolt called the meeting to order at 7:32 PM.

FCCLA students and advisor, LaNae Fuerst, reported on their National FCCLA trip and thanked the Board for their financial help.

With Schatz on the telephone, all votes were recognized by roll call, but for the ease of the minutes, all unanimous motions will be reflected as all present voted aye.

Motion by Cronin, second by Kellogg to approve the agenda with the following additions: add Approve Waiver, Acknowledge Home School Applications and Executive Session for Personnel, SDCL 1-25-2-1. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Motion by Kellogg, second by Zeigler to approve the following consent agenda: approve the minutes of the July 16, 2018 regular board meeting; approve the financial reports; approve the August claims; recognize there are no new conflict of interest disclosures; and approve and declare surplus the obsolete items. The complete list of items is on file in the business office. All present voted aye. Motion carried. Schatz acknowledges conflict of interest with the claim to Schatz Electric.

August 2018 Claims


95 PERCENT GROUP, INC. $429.00 Title I/Reading intervention material; AMERIPRIDE SERVICES, INC. 30.00 July svcs; B&R BAUER, INC. 240.00 Fix pipe & sprinkler head; B&R TRUCK REPAIR, LLC 1,155.36 Big buses inspection & rprs; BOULDEN PUBLISHING 94.20 Guid/Career workbooks; BSN SPORTS/SPORT SUPPLY GROUP, 248.50 VB shorts; 

CENTRAL DISTRIBUTION 1,104.34 Cust supplies; CHASE CARDMEMBER SERVICES 2,634.79 Elem Lib/laminator, Computer hardware, MS,Cust.HS Elem, Supplies, Supt books, web page host fee, subscription CITY OF GETTYSBURG 826.66 Water; COMMTECH 409.85 Cust/key cards; 

CRONIN, JAMIE 126.58 Reim gas/first aid class/supplies; DAKOTA FARM & RANCH SUPPLY 204.96 Tech,custodial,FACS supplies; DAKOTA FIRE EQUIPMENT CO 509.00 Fire extinguisher inspection; DEAN’S REPAIR 117.90 Svc minivan & school pickup; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC. 211.41 Printer/copier supplies & copies; 

EPIC SPORTS 628.92 AD/FB/VB supplies; FOREMAN SALES & SERVICE 98.25 Inspection/Bus #2; FREY SCIENTIFIC COMPANY 58.32 HS Sci material; FUERST, LaNAE 372.96 FACS/travel reim/Mentoring program travel; G & R CONTROLS 2,755.76 Band uninvent rpr;

G’BURG SCHOOL/IMPREST 362.27, Jamie Cronin 55.87 Reimb vehicle gas, LaNae Fuerst 274.00 National FCCLA travel reimb, PC Clerk of Court 32.40 Small Claims Fee; GAS’N 

GOODIES 613.25 School vehicle gas; GOLDEN WEST TECHNOLOGIES 300.00 Monthly networking fee; HEARTLAND WASTE MANAGEMENT INC 240.00 July svcs; HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT PUBL. 3,879.79 Math intervention material/Elem reading wkbooks; HOVEN MEDIA, INC. 41.26 AD adv; 

IMPACT APPLICATIONS, INC. 435.00 2018-19 concussion testing software; INTERSTATE ALL BATTERY CENTER 266.75 Batteries; IXL LEARNING 3,969.00 IXL site license; JOSTENS, INC. 3,729.00 2017-18 yearbooks; LAKE AREA DOOR 303.24 Replace cables&roller on Ag shop door; LEC INC – LOGAN ELECTRIC 194.76 Check uninvent; 

LODGE AT DEADWOOD, THE 81.00 Lodging/AD conf.; McLEOD’S PRINTING & OFFICE SUP 282.59 Fiscal checks; MID-AMERICAN RESEARCH CHEM COR 1,263.35 Cust supplies; MONTANA DAKOTA UTILITIES 3,949.43 Electricity/Natural gas; NASCO 25.34 Gr 3 material; NETOP TECH, INC. 509.00 Chromebook license; 

O’CONNOR COMPANY 1,557.28 Cust/HVAC filters; ORIENTAL TRADING CO INC 151.82 Elem supplies; PEARSON EDUCATION 507.95 Elem wkbks & tests; PETTY CASH 33.65 Postage; POTTER COUNTY NEWS 546.08 Printing/advertising; QUILL CORPORATION 87.99 School ofc supplies; REALLY GOOD STUFF INC 892.40 Elem supplies; 

RENAISSANCE LEARNING, INC 7,440.00 Accel Reading program/Star Reading & Math; ROCHESTER 100 INC 125.00 Elem/student folders; SCHATZ ELECTRIC INC 720.70 Flood light bulb for outside gym; SCHLACHTER LUMBER 609.61 Cust supplies; SCHOLASTIC INC 1,645.92 Elem/MS subscriptions; 

SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC 2,829.04 Office/Elem/FACS/HS/MS supplies; SCHOOLMATE 515.00 Student planners; SD TEACHER PLACEMENT CENTER 420.00 2018-19 membership fee; SDASBO 125.00 Bus.mgr. conf regis/dues; TAYLOR MUSIC 327.00 Band folios,music stands; TEACHER CREATED RESOURCES 129.96 Elem/MS supplies; 

TIME FOR KIDS 108.90 Gr 2 subscr; TRUE VALUE HARDWARE 235.77 Cust supplies; TWEEN PUBLISHING/c21 STUDENT 293.65 MS/FACS wkbks; VENTURE COMMUNICATIONS INC 360.03 Communications; VOWAC PUBLISHING COMPANY 1,141.84 Elem supplies; VOYAGER SOPRIS LEARNING 103.29 Dibels material; 

WAGER, SHANE 2,000.00 Monthly tech svcs; WELLMARK BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD OF 178.20 Annual claims processing fee; WISC-Education 626.06 2018-19 School Messenger; WORKERS’ COMPENSATION FUND 10,639.00 2018-19 workers comp premium; WORTH, BART 10.00 FB insurance payback; WUTTKE, SARA 22.00 Meal reim/summer workshops.


CHASE CARDMEMBER SERVICES 794.04 MS/textbooks, Fiscal/paper shredder; ELAN FINANCIAL SERVICES 15.54 Library book; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC. 321.14 Printer/copier leases; GLOBAL EQUIPMENT CO., INC. 337.90 HS Sci/incubator; GOLDEN WEST TECHNOLOGIES 4,346.00 2 InFocus interactive whiteboards; 

MCGRAW-HILL SCHOOL EDUCATION 7,970.95 3-5 Science series; PIERRE MUSIC LLC 4,150.00 Mini-grand piano; PNC EQUIPMENT FINANCE, LLC 5,118.64 Scoreboard lease 13/20; QUILL CORPORATION 179.99 Fiscal/fax machine; SCHOOL SPECIALTY 259.64 Printer carts; WENGER CORPORATION 18,346.00 Riser system w/acoustic shell.


CHASE CARDMEMBER SERVICES $347.11 SpEd supplies; DAKOTA FARM & RANCH SUPPLY 14.70 UPS chg; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC. 22.74 SpEd printer lease/copies; NCS PEARSON, INC. 473.83 SpEd forms; QUALITY INN & SUITES 160.00 SpEd lodging; SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC 380.27 SPED forms; TEACHER SYNERGY, LLC 202.99 Speech supply card; WORKERS’ COMPENSATION FUND 2,340.00 2018-19 workers comp.

Motion by Cronin, second by Schatz to adjourn to Executive Session for Personnel, SDCL 1-25-2-1 at 7:41 PM. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Board President Robbennolt declared the Board out of Executive Session at 7:52 PM.

Business Manager Everson administered the Oath of Office to Daryn Zeigler for his 3 year term of office.

Motion by Zeigler, second by to approve resignations from Wendy Rausch, Asst, GBB coach, and Tiera Geist, SPED Aide. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Motion by Cronin, second by Zeigler to approve the contract adjustment of Rachael Pederson from $39,565.28 to $41,565.28 as she obtained her Master’s Degree. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Motion by Kellogg, second by Daryn to approve the following contracts: Bryce Hall, Head BBB coach $3,747.06 and Asst. FB coach $2,714.70; Brady Hartung, Asst. FB coach $2,714.70; Michael Schlachter, Head Wrestling coach $3,747.06; Ashley Clemens, MSVB coach $1,988.23; Chuck Seuer, Asst. CC coach $1,988.23; and Shawn Donovan Head GBB coach $3,747.06. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Motion by Cronin, second by Kellogg to approve the Residency Request, 2018-19-2. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Motion by Zeigler, second by Cronin to join the Emergency Bus Pact. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Motion by Kellogg, second by Zeigler to approve Open Enrollments 2018-19-8 and 9. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Business Manager Everson discussed and reviewed the Preliminary Budget.

Motion by Zeigler, second by Cronin to adopt the following policies: CA, CCB, CF, CGB, CHD, CI, CIA, CK and CM; to review the following policies: DA, DBB, DG, DID, DIE, DK, DLC; to amend the following policies DB, DGA, DM; and to have a first reading on the following policies: DBDA, DC, DD, DE, DFA, DGD, DH, DI, DIAB, DIB, DIC, DJ, DJB, DJBA, DJC, DJG, DLA, DLB, and DN. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Motion by Cronin, second by Zeigler to approve the Elementary Handbook. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Motion by Kellogg, second by Zeigler to approve the Extension for Spanish Waiver. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

The Board acknowledged 4 home school applications.

Business Manager Everson reported that on-line payments for the lunch program are set to be available on 9-15-18. The cost for using the on-line payment systems will be $2.75/$100. There will be no cost to the school. She also reported that Gas & Goodies and Stans will both be giving the school a $300 credit on our bills, and then we will be charged the regular price for fuel during the year. She explained that the annual report is submitted is done and submitted to the State.

Mrs. Wendy Smith reported that registration started today. Homecoming is Sept. 7th in Gettysburg with coronation on Sept. 4th. New graduation requirements were discussed.

Mr. Sundberg reported that there will a joint in-service in Onida with ABO staff on August 20th for teachers. Rachel Wager from the Nursing Home contacted Mr. Sundberg asking if the school would be a critical incident host for the nursing home and that was agreed upon. On Sept. 21st, we will have a 11:30 AM dismissal because of a 2:00 PM football game. He received information from Logan Electric for the Window/AC project for next year. The open house is scheduled for this Thursday.

The next meeting is scheduled for September 10, 2018 at 7:30 PM.

Motion by Kellogg, second by Zeigler to adjourn the meeting at 8:47 PM. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Brian Robbennolt, Board President

Barbara Everson, Business Manager 

Published once at the total approximate cost of $158.36


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