Board of Education held regular meeting Jan. 10

January 10, 2108

The Gettysburg Board of Education held their regular meeting on the above date in the in the conference room. Present were the following: Brian Robbennolt, Matt Cronin, Kevin Geditz, Paul Kellogg, Mark Schatz and Daryn Zeigler. Absent: Kenny Goebel. Also present were Chip Sundberg, Wendy Smith, Barb Everson, Julie Williams, Cathy Larson and Jamie Cronin.

Board President Robbennolt called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM. The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion by Cronin, second by Geditz to approve the agenda with the following addition: add approve Volunteer Coach.

All present voted aye.

Motion by Schatz, second by Kellogg to approve the following consent agenda: approve the minutes of the December 11, 2017 regular board meeting; approve the financial reports; and approve the January 8, 2018 claims. All present voted aye. Motion carried.


212 MINI MALL 48.00 Corsages/Honor Band; ABERDEEN AWARDS 25.20 WR stickers(2 yrs); ALL-AROUND GRAPHIX 360.50 AD/Fall sports awards; AMERIPRIDE SERVICES, INC. 109.94 Dec Services; AVERA OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE 71.00 Bus driver random test; B&R TRUCK REPAIR, LLC 1,512.49 Service big bus #1/Brake rpr/big bus 2;

BJ’S INSTRUMENT REPAIR 90.00 Band instrument rprs; BOOK SYSTEMS, INC. 200.00 Library/automated system Snapshots renew; CHASE CARDMEMBER SERVICES 606.29 Perkins expense/Tech supplies/FACS supplies; CITY OF GETTYSBURG 339.86 Water; CWD 121.42 Soup for teacher inservice; DAKOTA FARM & RANCH SUPPLY 99.92 Cust supplies/Bus supplies/AD supplies;

DEAN FOODS NORTH CENTRAL INC 102.10 Milk for elem snack; DEAN’S REPAIR 177.66 Svc minibus #6/#5; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC. 357.48 Copier & Printer supplies/copies; FRIENDS/SD PUBLIC BROADCASTING 50.00 Library/donation; G’BURG SCHOOL – LUNCH FUND 349.90 Lunch 2nds pd by Board;

G’BURG SCHOOL/IMPREST 400.68, Jeremy Mikkelsen 170.40 BB Official/mileage, Kyle Kurth 120.00 BB Official, Craig Cassens 155.28 BB Official/mileage, SDMEA 54.00 MS All-State Band applications, Voided checks (99.00) Voided checks;

G-SPORTS WRESTLING 538.05 WR/wallcharts, scorebk,headgear; GAS’N GOODIES 1,520.0 Vehicle fuel; GOLDEN WEST TECHNOLOGIES 300.00 Monthly networking fee; HAGGERTY’S MUSICWORKS 103.25 Band/drumheads; HARMON LAW OFFICE PROF. LLC 120.00 Legal svcs; HAUFF MID-AMERICA SPORTS 2,705.30 BBB uniforms (red, white);

HEARTLAND WASTE MANAGEMENT 240.00 Dec Garbage; HUGH O’BRIAN YOUTH LEADERSHIP 225.00 Regis fee; J.W. PEPPER & SON INC 331.47 Vocal music/Band music; JAYMAR 118.26 Fiscal/W-2,1099 forms; LANGER’S FAMILY FOODS 184.06 HS Science supplies/FACS groceries; M-F ATHLETIC COMPANY INC 508.81 Track supplies;

McLEOD’S PRINTING & OFFICE SUP 82.53 Staff absence forms; MID-AMERICAN RESEARCH CHEM COR 1,565.63 Cust/floor cleaner/supplies; MIDWAY PARTS INC 102.30 Bus fuel additives; MONTANA DAKOTA UTILITIES 8,484.25 Electricity/Gas; POTTER COUNTY NEWS 394.20 Fiscal printing/Nov & subs renewals; RAMKOTA HOTEL 423.96 Lodging/Honor Band;

RAMKOTA HOTEL 182.00 Lodging/FFA Leadership advisor/FFCLA teacher; SCHLACHTER LUMBER 69.92 Cust supplies; SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC 42.96 Elem & Fiscal supplies; SDCTM 120.00 Math conf regis; SMITH, CRAIG E. 200.00 Legal svcs; SORUM, CAYLEE 67.82 One-act play costumes; STANLEY COUNTY SCHOOL 75.00 Wr entry fee; TRUE VALUE HARDWARE 76.74 Cust/AD supplies; VENTURE COMMUNICATIONS INC 378.76 Communications; VILAS SUPERSTORE 2.39 HS Science supplies; WAGER, SHANE 1,800.00 Monthly tech svcs.


ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC. 321.14 Copier/printer leases.

G’BURG SCHOOL/IMPREST 20.00; Elite Business Systems 20.00 New printer leases.


AUDIOLOGY ASSOCIATES, INC 120.00 Professional svcs; AVERA GETTYSBURG HOSPITAL 1,855.00 PT/OT svcs; AVERA ST LUKES 84.00 PT svcs; CHASE CARDMEMBER SERVICES 185.03 SpEd supplies; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC. 53.04 SPED printer/copier supplies/copies; G’BURG SCHOOL/IMPREST 20.00 SpEd printer leases #1;

HOLINKA, GWEN HAWLEY 180.00 OT svcs; OSNES, PAMELA 894.48 SpEd/behaviorial svcs; SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC 357.34 SpEd toner; VENTURE COMMUNICATIONS INC 5.92 Communications; VILAS SUPERSTORE 13.26 SpEd supplies; WILLIAMS, THEODORE L. 2,585.00 Psychological svcs.




LANGER’S FAMILY FOODS 45.53 After School Program snacks.

Building issues were discussed.

Motion by Schatz, second by Zeigler to approve the 1st reading of the Criminal Background Check policy. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Motion by Geditz, second by Kellogg to approve the 1st reading of the Conflict of Interest and Conflict Disclosure Policies. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Motion by Cronin, second by Schatz to set the election date as April 10th, 2018, and to approve the Combined Election Agreement with the City of Gettysburg. All present voted aye. Motion carried. Zeigler’s one year term and Robbennolt’s 3 year term are both up and the new terms will both be 3 year terms.

Motion by Cronin, second by Geditz to approve Austin Lake as a volunteer wrestling coach. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Business Manager Everson reported that the auditors did their audit close earlier in the day and all went well. They had a couple of recommendations that were discussed. She also discussed getting CD rates to put $400,000 in a 6-month CD.

Principal Wendy Smith reported on MS teaching changes and that report cards will be mailed out this week.

Mr. Sundberg discussed attendance. He also reported that Mr. Scott is now highly qualified in Psychology. Mr. Sundberg stated that he would like to reimburse staff that take a praxis that we request them to take. The Board agreed with this.

Motion by Schatz, second by Cronin to adjourn to Executive Session for Personnel, SDCL 1-25-2-1 at 6:50 PM. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Board President Robbennolt declared the Board out of Executive Session at 6:58 PM.

Motion by Geditz, second by Kellogg to offer Administrative contracts for the 18-19 school year to Superintendent Chip Sundberg, Principal Wendy Smith and Business Manager Barb Everson, with salaries to be negotiated at a later date. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

The next meeting is scheduled for Feb 12, 2018 at 6:30 PM.

Motion by Cronin, second by Zeigler to adjourn the meeting at 7:00 PM. All present voted aye. Motion carried.

Barbara Everson, Business Manager Brian Robbennolt, Board President

Published once at the total approximate cost of $117.57


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