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Board of Education held regular meeting May 12

Untitled-34May 12, 2014
The Gettysburg Board of Education held their regular board meeting on the above date in the Elementary Library.  Present were the following:  Matt Cronin, Kay Schmidt, Kevin Geditz, Paul Kellogg, Ryan Lake, Brian Robbennolt and Kimberly Schweiss.  Also present were Tim Hagedorn, Wendy Smith, Barb Everson, Tylee Norman and Mark Schatz.
The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Board President Cronin called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.
Motion by Schmidt, second by Lake to approve the agenda with the following additions:  add FFA test plot; Approve Negotiated Agreement, and Executive Session for Student, SDCL 1-25-2-2.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Motion by Robbennolt, second by Schweiss to approve the following consent agenda; approve the minutes of the April 14, 2014 regular board meeting; approve the financial reports; and approve the May 8, 2014 claims.  All present voted aye. Motion carried. Kellogg acknowledges conflict of interest with the HKG claim and his aye vote does not include these items.
VENTURE COMMUNICATIONS, $108.08, Communications; A&M PRODUCTS COMPANY, 221.00, Add’l BBB plaques & trophies coop; ABERDEEN AMERICAN NEWS, 310.10, Hs library/subsc/salvage bid; ABERDEEN AWARDS, 30.50, Vocal plaques, awards, pins; ALL AMERICAN SPORTS CORP, 1,027.10, FB/recertify helmets;
BEST WESTERN RAMKOTA HOTEL, 1,539.86, Lodging State FCCLA; BURG’S GAS & ETC., INC., THE, 3,238.47, School vehicle fuel; CENTRAL DISTRIBUTION, 756.80, Custodial supplies; CITY OF GETTYSBURG, 397.55, Water; CROWN AWARDS, 385.12, Library medals; CWD/HRS, 200.64, Snacks for testing;
DAKOTA FARM & RANCH SUPPLY, 138.88, Ag materials; DAYS INN, 648.00, Lodging/State FFA (1/2); DEMCO, 308.16, Library supplies; ELAN FINANCIAL SERVICES, 1,117.83, TIE lodging/fiscal & track supplies/School veh gas/history day supls; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC., 263.19, Savin printer copies & supplies; G’BURG SCH LUNCH FUND, 655.72, Reimb for seconds 1st semester;
G’BURG SCHOOL/DISTRICT REFUND, 2,456.37, Post Office, 147.00, Postage, Pierre High School, 100.00, Track Entry Fee, Split Rock Country Club, 15.00, Golf Green Fees, Norm Mack, 213.66, Track Referee/mileage, Keith Kusler, 304.00, Track Referee/mileage, Keith Scott, 9.80, History Day postage, Herreid High School, 29.50, Share of Region Golf exp,
SDASBO, 50.00, Registration Fees/Everson, Sunshine Bible Academy, 120.00, Track Entry Fee, Keith Scott, 127.52, TIE Conference fuel/meals, Katie Larson, 259.10, TIE Conference mileage/meals, Crissy Bieber, 63.00, TIE Conference meals, Sara Wuttle, 63.00, TIE Conference meals, Wendy Smith, 63.00, TIE Conference meals,
SD History Day, 105.00, 7 students/entry fee, Redfield High School, 125.00, Track Entry Fee, Keith Scott, 37.29, Reimb fuel, Ipswich School, 100.00, Track Entry Fee, DCI, 86.50, Background check on J. Bown/T. Dodd, Bowdle Golf Club, 25.00, Green Fees, ABO School, 301.00, JH/Elem band contest entry fees, Warren Wilson, 112.00, Reimb fuel/meals State FCCLA;
GAS’N GOODIES, 62.52, AD/ice, fuel; GETTYSBURG BAKERY, 31.25, Inservice supplies; GLASS PRODUCTS INC, 71.96, Cust rpr; HARMON LAW OFFICE PROF. LLC, 1,474.83, Legal Services; HEARTLAND WASTE MANAGEMENT INC, 240.00, April Services; HERMITAGE ART COMPANY INC, 58.19, Grad program covers;
HOLZWARTH SALES & SERVICE, 157.54, Ag CO2 tanks; HOVEN MEDIA, INC., 23.63, Fiscal Advertising; J.W. PEPPER & SON INC, 96.44, Vocal/Band music; JONES SCHOOL SUPPLY CO, 14.70, Chorus Pins; JOSTENS, INC., 357.18, Graduation supplies; K-LOG INC., 287.54, Library chairs partial; LANGER’S FAMILY FOODS, 134.00, FACS/JH/Elem/Insve supplies;
M-F ATHLETIC COMPANY INC, 629.95, Track PV supplies; MARCO, INC., 78.60, Fiscal Copies; MIDWAY PARTS INC, 39.03, Custodial Supplies; MIKKELSEN, AMBER, 28.00, Meals State FCCLA; MONTANA DAKOTA UTILITIES, 5,638.36, Natural Gas/Electricity; NEW CREATIONS, 13.64, Fiscal supplies;
PETTY CASH, 37.86, Postage; POTTER COUNTY NEWS, 405.83, Advertising/printing; RAMKOTA INN, BEST WESTERN, 89.99, Lodging Bus. Mgr spring conf; SANFORD HEALTH PLAN, 64.00, Health ins admin fee; SCHLACHTER LUMBER, 295.20, Ag/cust materials; SD SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENTS ASSOC, 150.00, Supt conf. regis fee;
SERVALL UNIFORM/LINEN COMPANY, 187.50, April services; TRUE VALUE HARDWARE, 34.93, Cust supplies; UNIVERSITY OF OREGON, 66.00, Dibels Data System renewal; VILAS PHARMACY, 14.57, FACS supplies.
DEMCO, $1,662.00, Library tables/projection screen; ELITE BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC., 250.58, Savin printer/copier leases; K-LOG INC., 669.00, Library chairs partial; SOIL TECHNOLOGIES, INC., 911.25, Excavation services.
AVERA GETTYSBURG HOSPITAL, $1,872.50, OT/PT services; WILLIAMS, THEODORE L., 1,611.50, Psych services.
HKG ARCHITECTS, $20,555.25, Archit. services/Sept/March; SHARPE ENTERPRISES, INC., 621,265.63, Construction costs-April.
CASS-CLAY CREAMERY, INC., $1,399.09, Dairy products; CHILD & ADULT NUTRITION SERVIC, 701.84, Purchased food; CWD/HRS, 4,871.16, Purchased food/supplies; EARTHGRAINS BAKING CO’S INC., 419.59, Bread/buns; HEARTLAND WASTE MANAGEMENT INC, 120.00, April Services; LANGER’S FAMILY FOODS, 12.37, Groceries; SERVALL UNIFORM/LINEN COMPANY, 168.35, April Services; SIMON, NADINE, 8.66, Reimb purchased food.
GENERAL FUND, 123,866.45, Salaries/Ins/Retirement; SPED FUND, 17,697.87, Salaries/Ins/Retirement; FOOD SERVICE, 4,830.18, Salaries/Ins/Retirement; DRIVERS ED/AFTERSCHOOL, 243.74, Salaries/Ins/Retirement.
Tylee Norman, FFA Advisor reported to the board FFA yearly activities.  She also reported that the FFA chapter would like to again rent the test plot.  Motion by Schmidt, second by Geditz to waive the rent for the test plot for this year.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
There was a discussion regarding the new school building project.  Progress, drainage, parking, and windows were all discussed.  Asbestos removal in the old high school was discussed.
Motion by Lake, second by Kellogg to approve the following signed contracts: Tim Hagedorn, Wendy Smith, Barbara Everson, Penelope Baus, Jay Berglund, Cristina Bieber, Jamie Cronin, Kirsten Cronin, Valerie Dahlquist, Kim Goebel, Kathrine Heffernan, Tricia Heien, April Hobert, Catherine Larson, Jessica Larson, Kathryn Larson, Caylee Lolley, Amber Mikkelsen, Mary Quiett, Christine Saltsman, Cynthia Schmidt, Keith Scott, Sally Simon, Vernon Smith, Patricia Stoner, Julie Williams and Sara Wuttke.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
At this time salvage bids for the old high school building were to be opened.  There were no salvage bids.
Motion by Geditz, second by Schmidt to change the school’s health insurance, effective July 1, 2014, to Avera Insurance through the Associated School Boards of South Dakota with $2000 and $2500 deductible options.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Motion by Schweiss, second by Schmidt to vote for SDHSAA ballots and amendments in the following way: West River Rep – Steve Morford, Spearfish; Native American at Large – Dr. Roger Bordeaux, Todd Co; Large Group Board of Education – Todd Kolden, Aberdeen Central; Division III Rep – Dan Martin, Stanley Co; Amendment 1 – Yes; Amendment 2 – No; Amendment 3 – Yes; Amendment 4 – No; and Amendment 5 – No. All present voted aye. Motion carried.
A resignation was tabled.
Motion by Kellogg, second by Schmidt to approve OE13-14-5.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Business Manager Everson presented the Preliminary Budget for 2014-2015.
Mrs. Wendy Smith reported on current activities. Spring sports awards are on Friday in Hoven and graduation is scheduled on Sunday, May 18, 2014.  The moving process was discussed.
Mr. Hagedorn reported on the Open House touring the high school yesterday. He held a meeting with the preschool staff, and will hold another one in July to discuss if the preschool will be at the school next year.  Elementary field trips are scheduled this week and next week. The fire department requested using the high school building for smoke training.
Motion by Lake, second by Geditz to approve the updated negotiated agreement.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Motion by Schmidt, second by Kellogg to adjourn to Executive Session for Legal, SDCL 1-25-2-3, at 9:30 PM.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Board President Cronin declared the Board back in session at 9:44 PM.
Motion by Lake, second by Schweiss to adjourn to Executive Session for Personnel, SDCL 1-25-2-1 at 9:45 PM.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Board President Cronin declared the Board back in session at 10:13 PM.
Motion by Robbennolt, second by Kellogg to hire Jeff Bown as a custodian at $11.25/hr.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Motion by Schmidt, second by Robbennolt to pay Jay Berglund for 120 hours at $15.00/hr to work on the common core curriculum for math.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Motion by Robbennolt, second by Schweiss to adjourn to Executive Session for Student, SDCL 1-25-2-2 at 10:14 PM.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
Board President Cronin declared the Board out of Executive Session at 10:25 PM.
Motion by Robbennolt, second by Kellogg to adjourn the meeting.  All present voted aye.  Motion carried.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:25 PM.
Matthew Cronin, Board President
Barbara Everson, Business Manager
Published once at the total approximate cost of $241.16

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