Gettysburg, SD

Burn ban is on throughout Potter County

No, the rain was not enough to make it safe to have open fires!
Potter County Emergency Manager Cheryl Sautner reminds county residents that a burn ban is still in place.
Because of the extremely dry conditions, no open fires of any kind are allowed. The burn ban covers Potter County and all the communities within the county.
The county commissioners put the burn ban on beginning July 5, and Sautner cautions that it will remain in effect until further notice. She reminds everyone that the county is extremely dry, and it is going to take more than just an inch of rain to make burning safe. There have been a few little rain episodes, but no water has been left standing in the fields and the county, along with much of the state, is suffering from drought conditions. No significant rain amount is predicted in the near future.
Everyone is urged to take extra precautions to avoid fires while the burn ban is in place. Those violating the burn ban can face charges including fines, and if additional property is damaged, jail time.
Stay safe, and keep our firefighters safe, too. Wait until it rains…a lot.
–Molly McRoberts