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Cake walk…

cake walkDSC_0415The cake walk is a centerpiece of the fun at the harvest fest and kiddy carnival hosted by Gettysburg In Action. The annual GIA event drew nearly 140 kids to the Oahe Area Youth Center in downtown Gettysburg on Saturday afternoon where they played games, toured a miniature haunted house, and had lots of fun showing off their costumes. Ashton Larson (Katie and Tony) was dressed as Dracula and had a group of girls competing against him for a treat at the cake walk. Pictured seated from left are Jaden Ahlemeier (Scott and Trish), Haylie Ahlemeier (Kevin Ahlemeier/Jamie Ahlemeier), Gabby Goebel (Mike and Kim), Ashton, Vivian Jost (Travis and Jessica), and Kirstie Lake (Bridget and John).

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