Cameras, cats, and chickens discussed at city council meeting

Unapproved Minutes

Gettysburg, South Dakota

April 2, 2018

Pursuant to the due call and notice thereof, the City Council met in regular session on April 2, 2018 at 7:00 PM. Those present Mayor Bill Wuttke, Ron Larson, Pat Everson, Dawn Nagel, Ryan Lake (joined the meeting at 7:01 PM), and Adam Roseland. Also present were Dave Mogard, Chief of Police, Russell Anderson, Maintenance Supervisor, Daniall Ablott, Finance Officer, Kara Williams, Economic Development, Chip Sundberg, Gettysburg School Superintendent, Mike Jager, Kathleen Schlachter, and Geri Hause.

Moved by Everson, Roseland seconded motion carried to approve the minutes from March 12 and March 19, 2018 with Nagel suggesting on the March 19th minutes on the very last part where it says; where start taking off good programs add “money” so it reads; taking “money” off good programs for clarification.


Payroll Expense by Department:

Ambulance, $2,415.73; Finance Office, 3,650.17; Parks, 53.56; Police, 6,541.66; Sewer, 4,946.61; Snow Removal, 2,200.83; Streets, 4,374.06; Swimming Pool, 260.63; Water, 3,833.42.

Total Payroll Expense

by Department                   $28,276.67

Net Payroll                         $20,435.40

AFLAC, Supplemental Insurance, $470.96; American Fence Company, Airport Supplies, 110.24; Avera Gettysburg Hospital, Ambulance Fees, 2,650.00; Bank of the West, Payroll Taxes and Sales Tax, 5,787.23; Butler Machinery Company, Snow Removal Parts, 2,510.06; Cam-Wal Electric, Lighting, 20.50; Child Support Service, Payroll Deduction, 568.00;

Dakota Farm & Ranch Supplies, Street, Water, Snow Removal, Park, Police & Airport Supplies, 6,488.89; Deadwood Mountain Grand, Police Conference, 197.22; Decker Repair & Welding, Street Supplies, 531.67; Economic Development, 1st Quarter Stipend, 5,000.00; Galls Inc, Police Supplies, 685.75; Gas N Goodies, Police Carwashes and Ambulance Fuel, 84.75;

Gettysburg Economic Development, BBB Taxes, 3,842.79; Graham Tire Company, Police Repair, 568.20; Heartland Waste, Garbage Fee, 5,997.05; John Deere Financial, Street Supplies, 12.67; Keep It Safe, Computer Backup, 160.00; KLJ Engineering, Airport Fees, 3,867.50; Kohlman, Biersbach & Anderson, Year End Financial Statements, 1,400.00;

Lemler, Laurel, Water Deposit Refund, 100.00; Logan Electric, Finance, Street, and Lighting Repair, 2,177.79; Michael Larson, Legal Fees, 802.50; Michael Todd & Company, Street Supplies, 245.71; Mid Dakota Rural Water, City and Airport Water, 14,863.00; Midway Parts, Street, Snow Removal, and Police Supplies, 83.24; Mike’s Repair, Street, Ambulance, and Snow Removal Repair, 1,037.29;

Montana Dakota Utilities, Gas, Electric and Lighting, 6,894.92; New Creations, Police and Finance Supplies, 402.15; Northwest Pipe Fittings, Inc, Water and Street Supplies, 175,276.80; Petty Cash, Water, Police, Snow Removal, and Finance Supplies, 70.97; Physio Control Inc, Ambulance Supplies, 696.00;, Park Supplies, 1,447.00;

Potomac Aviation Technology, Airport Fees, 250.00; Potter County News, Finance, Street, Police, Rubble Site, and Pool Ads, 250.36; Potter County Treasurer, Police Fees, 1,170.00; Praxair, Ambulance Supplies, 219.50; Principal Financial Group, Life Insurance, 79.40; Schatz Electric, Airport Repair, 959.77; Schlachter Lumber, Finance Supplies, 14.99;

SD Department of Revenue, Water Testing and License Plate Fees, 167.35; SD Municipal League, District Meeting, 108.00; SD Police Chief Assn, Police Conference, 85.00; Servall, Finance, Airport, Ambulance, and Police Supplies, 146.44; South Dakota One Call, Water Locate Fees, 1.05; South Dakota Retirement System, Retirement, 3,491.06;

The Drug Education Press, Police Supplies, 95.00; Titan Machinery, Street Equipment, 73,320.00; US Postal Service, Water Supplies, 169.68; Venture Communications, Phones, Faxes, and Internet Services, 849.07; Verizon, Street and Police Phones, 289.07;

Vilas Superstore, Police and Street Supplies, 6.97; Welder, Dave, Water Deposit Refund, 100.00; Wellmark BCBS, Health Insurance, 10,416.53; Westphal, Mikelyn, Water Deposit Refund, 100.00; Wex Bank, Ambulance Fuel, 222.51; Zuber Refrigeration, Auditorium Repair, 263.67.

TOTAL CHECKS            $358,261.67

Moved by Nagel, Everson seconded, motion carried to approve the vouchers payable.

Two bids for the 2018 Street Sealing Project were presented: Jensen Rock and Sand for $59,400 and Pro Seal Inc out of Mitchell for $43,776.02. Moved by Roseland, Everson seconded, motion carried to accept the Pro Seal bid.

Moved by Roseland, Larson seconded, motion carried to approve the Retail (on-off sale) Malt Beverage, Retail (on-off sale) Wine for the 212 Mini Mall.

Chip Sundberg, Gettysburg School Superintendent addressed the council regarding the school’s land around the football field. Sundberg asked if the Council had any interested in re-leasing the land.

Anderson explained Todd Goldsmith’s appointment. Moved by Roseland, Everson seconded, motion carried to approve the three more blocks going to the elevator to utilize the most of grant.

Mogard gave his police report. He checked into body cameras. Watchguard will replace two body cameras and two car cameras for $10,000. Mogard stated that car cameras are not needed. Tazer will replace the two body cameras now for $11,000 but in two years will replace the two cameras again, and in five years will replace the cameras again and replace the docking port. Moved by Everson, Lake seconded purchasing the cameras from Tazer. Mogard has over 70 letters ready to send out for property standards. Mogard will discuss surveillance cameras next month. Mogard discussed the concerns on cat issues.

Anderson gave his maintenance report. State bids for a Wheel Loader; Case is $119,495 for 2018 Wheel Loader with a 3 year warranty including oil and filters; RDO is $117,500.01 for a 2017. Moved by Everson, Roseland seconded, motion carried to accept the Case bid and do the Lease for one year and then purchase it.

Anderson asked if the Council wants any changes done on the map. Moved by Lake, Roseland seconded, motion carried to have our legal council look into what it would take to close the streets north of Court Street except East Street.

City Wide Cleanup was discussed. Moved by Everson, Nagel seconded, motion carried to have City Wide Cleanup from May 7th to May 11th, 2018.

There was one fuel bid from Agtegra for the following: Unleaded $2.415, Ruby Field Master $2.49. Moved by Larson, Nagel seconded, motion carried to accept the bid from Agtegra.

Ablott gave the finance officer’s report. Moved by Roseland, Larson seconded, motion carried advertise for a hearing on a Retail (on-off sale) Malt Beverage for Dollar General.

The Fire Department Roster was discussed. Moved by Nagel, Lake seconded, motion carried to add Jared Lower and Blake Robbennolt to the fire roster and take Corey Beetsch off.

Moved by Everson, Larson seconded, motion carried to close City Hall and allow Ablott and Conradie to attend Human Resource and Finance Officer School from Tuesday, June 5 until Friday, June 8.

Moved by Larson, Nagel seconded, motion carried to approve the extension of the building permit for R & K Mechanical, 201 S Park Street, new garage.

Motioned by Everson, Roseland seconded, motion carried to go into executive session for personnel at 7:46 pm. Council reconvened at 8:17 pm.

Moved by Nagel, Roseland seconded, motion carried to hire Alyssa Haberer as the pool manager for the 2018 season at $13.50 an hour and Nadine Simon and Rachel Hamburger as office personnel for $10.00 an hour as well as returning lifeguards Cole Nafziger, Sasha Cordell and Jeremy Fegueroa with Cole at $10.50 an hour and Jeremy and Sasha at $10.00 an hour all with the potential for $1.00 bonus based on performance. Nagel noted that the remaining lifeguard positions are still to be determined upon interview that have not worked before and we no longer need to run the pool ad.

Round Table: Mogard stated a young girl at the school will be doing a mock accident on April 25. Wuttke read a Thank you from Ron Larson and the family for the flowers we sent.

Public Comment: Kathleen Schlachter would like to start a discussion about changing the ordinance to allow chickens in town.

Motion by Larson, Everson seconded, motion carried to adjourn at 8:21 PM.


Bill Wuttke, Mayor


Daniall Ablott, Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $89.15


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