Candidates ring in homecoming

Gettysburg High School is getting ready for homecoming celebrations next week, and seniors were selected to represent GHS as the homecoming royalty. Coronation will take place on Tuesday evening at 7:30 in the school gym. Pictured from left are Marcus Kostboth (Norm and Marsha), Hunter Eide (Shon and Gerri), Cassidy Goebel (Mark and April), Sasha Cordell (Todd and Amy), Jenna Robbennolt (Brian and Rena), Autumn Pitlick (Chad and Kayla), Joseph Canchola (Marlen Canchola/Sergio Canchola), and Joey Wheeler (Janelle Wheeler/Ed Wheeler, Jr.). They are pictured by the school bell, which recently found its way back home on the lawn, now located under the new sign.

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