Gettysburg, SD

City Council held special meeting Aug. 27

Unapproved Minutes
Gettysburg, South Dakota
August 27, 2012
Pursuant to the due call and notice thereof, the City Council met in special session on August 27, 2012 at 7:00 PM. at the City Finance Office. Those present Mayor Bill Wuttke, Council members Ron Larson, Fran VanBockel (via telephone), Pat Everson, Dawn Nagel, Peggy Lehman and Josh Bausch. Also present was Russell Anderson Maint. Supervisor, Sharleen Eliason, Finance Officer, Police Chief Bill Wainman and Gayle Kludt GWBDC.
President of the Council VanBockel opened the meeting at 7:03PM.
Moved by Nagel, seconded by Everson, motion carried to approve the following accounts payable: Midwest Alarm for fire alarm for the City Auditorium for half of bill which is $2,275.00. This company requires upfront payment of half before they start the project.
Mayor Wuttke and Council member Bausch entered the meeting at 7:04PM.
At this time Wuttke asked Finance Officer Eliason to present the Budget for 2013. Finance Officer Eliason did previously ask each department head to review their budget and to give input on projects they would like to accomplish. Police Chief Bill Wainman discussed the police budget regarding teletype with Potter County Sheriff’s office. He would like this service reinstated. After discussion moved by Everson, seconded by Lehman motion carried to approve Budget Ordinance 2012-8-17 for the first reading.
Council member Larson asked if anyone has submitted the cost for the band shell. At a previous meeting it was discussed that if it is placed in the City park it would need to be ADA compatible and Rick Simon was going to check and get back to us with the additional cost.
Moved by Nagel, seconded by Larson, motion carried to adjourn at 8:32PM
Bill Wuttke, Mayor
Sharleen Eliason, Finance Officer
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