Gettysburg, SD

City Council held special meeting Nov. 9

Unapproved Minutes
Gettysburg, South Dakota
November 9, 2012
Pursuant to the due call and notice thereof, the City Council met in special session on November 9, 2012 at 7:00 PM. at the City Fire Hall. Those present Mayor Bill Wuttke, Council members Fran VanBockel, Pat Everson, Dawn Nagel, Peggy Lehman, Josh Bausch and absent Ron Larson. Also present was Sharleen Eliason, Finance Officer, Jim Stevens, and Larry Madsen.
Council member Everson entered the meeting at 7:09PM.
Mayor Wuttke opened the meeting at 7:10PM.
Public meeting was opened to the public for comments regarding the transfer of the Off Sale liquor license from Firehouse Liquors to Vilas Super Store. Hearing no comments moved by Everson, seconded by Lehman, motion carried to approve this transfer.
Mayor Wuttke opened the public meeting for the 2013 alcoholic licenses. Hearing no public comments moved by Lehman, seconded by Nagel, motion carried to approve these licenses.
Finance Officer Eliason asked the council for a voucher for payment for $42.36 for Petty Cash reimbursement. Moved by Lehman, seconded by Everson, motion carried to approve.
The following building permit was given to the Council for review:
Mike Jager, Mechanic Shop, Out lots 2, 3, 4, 5 Brower’s First Addition
Moved by VanBockel, seconded by Nagel, motion carried to approve.
Council member Bausch entered the meeting.
Snow removal Ordinance 2012-11-21 was presented for the first reading. This changes the fines for parking violation during snow removal season. The fines will be $25.00 for first offense and additional violations fines $50.00.  And changes for the unauthorized removal of impounded vehicles shall be assessed an additional fine of $100.00 due and payable in addition to any other charges or fees. Moved by Bausch, seconded by Nagel motion carried to approve this first reading.
In Round table discussion Council member Nagel suggested the area by the library would be an excellent spot for the skating rink. It would be city owned property (for liability purposes), there would be easy access to the rink.  We could open the bathrooms at the auditorium if needed. This area is well lit with the street lights and we could use the benches that are on Commercial Ave. Discussion that it would need to be dug down about 3 inches and the city will construct a shelter to be used for warming and an area to put on skates. Council members all agreed this was an excellent idea. Council member Bausch stated that Wednesday they are coming to test the fire alarm at the auditorium.
Moved by Lehman, seconded by VanBockel, motion carried to adjourn at 7:32PM
Sharleen Eliason, Finance Officer
Bill Wuttke, Mayor
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