City council meeting covers many topics

 Unapproved Minutes

Gettysburg, South Dakota

July 12, 2021

Pursuant to the due call and notice thereof, the City Council met in regular session on July 12, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. at the City Finance Office in Gettysburg, SD and via ZOOM.  Those, present, were Mayor Bill Wuttke, Philip Nagel, Michael Fischer, Fran VanBockel, Eric Ellwanger, Kelly Archer, and Adam Roseland.  Also, present, were Dave Mogard, Chief of Police, Russel Anderson, Maintenance Manager, Greg Gerber, Maintenance, Sheila Schatz, Finance Officer, Kara Williams, Economic Development, Steven Zuber, EMT Director, Greg Roseland, R&K Mechanical, Kaylei Clark, Tim Luken, Carl Hawkinson, Mike Jager, Julio Vasquez, and a few public participants (via ZOOM). 

Moved by Nagel, VanBockel seconded, to approve the July 12, 2021, proposed agenda.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Moved by VanBockel, Ellwanger seconded, to approve the minutes of the June 7, 2021, regular council meeting and the minutes of the June 14, 2021, special council meeting.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.


Payroll Expense by Department:

Airport $2,162.76

Ambulance $5,435.92

Council $0.00

Finance Office $3,788.54

Mayor $0.00

Parks $2,106.82

Police $8,494.04

Rubble Site $2,910.99

Sewer $2,304.04

Snow Removal $0.00

Streets $5,376.11

Swimming Pool $12,042.45

Water $4,972.68

West Nile $0.00

Total Payroll Expense

 y Department $49,594.35

Net Payroll $37,741.26

Aflac – Insurance $685.11

Agtegra – Fuel $2,331.87

Ahlemeier, Haylie – Travel & Conference – WSI Training $112.00

AirNav, LLC – Annual Advertising Fee $153.00

American Legal Publishing Corp. Prof. Svs. – Ordinance Codification $255.00

Applied Concepts, Inc. Police Repairs & Maintenance $965.92

Avera Health Plans Health Ins. $8,620.50

Avera/DASFlex – Flex Plan $970.79

Bank of the West Sales Tax & Payroll Taxes $10,583.71

Cam-Wal Electric Co-Op Lights $22.50

Century Business Products Prof. Svs. – Monthly Copier Fee $22.50

Child Support Services Payroll Deduction $401.00

City of Gettysburg- Petty Cash $38.26

Clubhouse Hotel & Suites Travel & Conference (Fin. Off. School) $673.28

Coffee Bean/212 Mini Mall Finance Office Supplies $69.97

Dakota Farm & Ranch Supplies Streets, Police, Pool, Sewer, Parks, Water, & Finance Office Supplies $766.29

Dollar General – Pool, Parks, Streets & Finance Office Supplies $300.75

Economic Development 2nd Qtr. Stipend $5,000.00

Elliott Company Sewer Supplies $252.21

Ed Wager Fire Dept./Ambulance Rprs./Maint. $1,985.07

Gas-n-Goodies Police Car Washes $29.00

Gettysburg Development Corp. BBB Taxes $1,144.91

Great Western Bank Finance Office, Police & Pool Supplies $960.75 

Hanson, Jayden Reimbursement (Pool) $100.00

Heartland Payment Systems CC Fees $85.32

Heartland Waste Mgmt., Inc. Garbage $6,014.33

John Deere Financial Parks Supplies $504.84

Johnson, Kenny Prof. Svs. – Skunk Removal $40.00

Keep It Safe Computer Backups $160.00

Kiefer Aquatics Pool Supplies $34.00

KLJ Engineering, Inc. Prof. Svs. – Sewer & Airport $13,284.17

Langer’s – Pool Supplies $30.47

Logan Electric Parks Lighting Repairs/Maintenance $101,798.03

Marco – Copier Lease $159.21

Menards – Police Supplies $14.88

Michael Larson – Prof. Svs. $1,260.00

Midway Parts Streets, Pool, Sewer & Parks Supplies $43.22

Mogard, David Police Supplies $126.72

Mogard, Maria Travel & Conference $26.06

Montana Dakota Utilities Gas, Electric and Lighting $4,676.55

New Creations Police, Water & Finance Office Supplies $182.27

Northwest Pipe Fittings Water, Sewer & Pool Supplies $2,255.52

Pheasant Land Industries Police Supplies $60.38

Potter County News Liquor, Ambulance, Finance Office, Rubble Site, and Pool Publications $401.71

Praxair Ambulance Oxygen $122.21

Principal Financial Group Life Insurance $88.72

Ramkota Hotel – Pierre Travel & Conference $212.00

Red River Grain Co. Streets & Sewer Supplies $603.16

R&K Mechanical Prof. Svs. $37,920.00

Sam’s Club – Pool Supplies $512.09

Schatz Electric, Inc. Airport Repairs & Maintenance $284.00

Schatz, Makaivry Travel & Conference $27.99

Schatz, Sheila Travel & Conference $83.00

Schlachter Lumber, Inc. Parks Supplies $181.73

SD Dept. of Ag & Natural Resources Prof. Svs. – Annual Drinking Water Fee $600.00 

SD Dept. of Revenue Water Testing $30.00

SD Municipal League Travel & Conference $50.00

SD One Calls – One Calls $22.05

SD Retirement Systems Retirement $4,563.64

Servall – Rugs $423.54

Simon, Nadine Travel & Conference $133.56

Standard Ins. Co. Monthly Dental & Vision Ins. – ACH $424.04

True Value Police, Streets, Water, Sewer, Airport, Parks, Animal Control, & Pool Supplies $744.27

US Postal Service Water Bills Postage & Certified Letters $357.56

Venture Communications Telephone/Fax/Internet $1,074.05

Verizon Wireless Streets & Police Phones $400.69

Wager, Shane Monthly IT Retainer $180.00

WEX Bank – Fuel $452.33

Wilkinson, Karen Water Deposit Refund $100.00

Winwater Water & Sewer Supplies $224.16

Zuber, Cassie EMT Class & Test Reimbursement $798.00

TOTAL CHECKS $255,956.12

Moved by Nagel, VanBockel seconded, to approve the vouchers payable.  Discussion was had regarding Cassie Zuber’s voucher to reimburse her for EMT class taken.  Moved by Nagel, VanBockel seconded, to approve the voucher’s payable, making the exception that Cassie Zuber will reimburse City $200 toward EMT class, currently, wherein she will be reimbursed back the same after being employed with City as an EMT for (1) year.   All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Appointment:  Tyler Fischer (not here)

Appointment – Steven Zuber, EMT Director

Zuber gave ambulance update.  Zuber informed the EMTs’ and firemen are planning a mock car crash on June 26, 2021, for training.  Zuber asked for Council to approve hiring Raelyn Geigle as a new EMT for City when in Executive Session for personnel.  Zuber stated the ambulance now has (2) EMTs who are qualified to do advanced life support (ALS) intervention to provide a higher level of care and Zuber and Hayley Logan are currently taking a paramedic class.

Zuber informed that Tausha Kraft is no longer with the Avera Missouri River Medical Center and needs to be taken off the City’s list of officers as a health officer, however, Kristi Livermont will remain.  

Zuber stated that Randy Hegstrom has been hired to do some pest control in the fire hall.  

Zuber asked that Council consider giving EMT staff across the board a raise in pay.  He explained with the legwork that has been done and PCC now doing third-party ambulance billing, revenue has significantly increased and by updating technology through internet, etc., the ambulance has also had decreased billing cost.  VanBockel explained that employee reviews are done on an annual basis and Zuber will need to perform all EMT reviews to be given to Nagel and VanBockel for review and then Zuber will have an individual evaluation, as well.  

Discussion was had regarding the Cabela’s Masters Walley Circuit fishing tournament the city has been asked to possibly host in August of 2022.  A small committee of (3) council members was formed and have talked to all the surrounding area resorts, hotels and restaurants who are excited and would like to have Gettysburg agree to host this tournament.  Moved by Nagel, Roseland seconded, to agree to host the 2022 Cabela’s Masters Walley Circuit fishing tournament in mid to latter August of 2022.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.  Nagel reiterated that there will be very minimal expense to the city as discussion is being had with the resorts and Economic Development who seem eager to get involved in helping to host the event.  Schatz will contact Jeff Kelm, Director for the Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Masters Walley Circuit to let him know the city would like to agree hosting this fishing tournament in August of 2022.

The Notice of Public Hearing for a Retail (on-sale) Liquor license for Julio Vasquez – South of the Border was published July 17, 2021.  Discussion was had explaining the difference between a Retail (on-sale) Liquor license vs. a Retail (on-sale) Liquor Restaurant license.  Julio explained why he was applying for the regular liquor license instead of the restaurant liquor license and stated that when he purchased the Medicine Rock Café building, it was advertised as a turn-key operation which he felt was very false.  He explained in detail that many more repairs and remodeling had to be done which takes up more time and expense to complete.  Council explained that all liquor licenses come up for renewal, annually, and are re-visited and re-evaluated by Council every year wherein the decisions are brought to a vote on renewals of each license every year.  Moved by Roseland, Nagel seconded, to deny the Retail (on-sale) Liquor license application turned in by Julio Vasquez.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.  It again was reiterated with Julio that he may apply for the Retail (on-sale) Liquor Restaurant license when South of the Border is ready to open for business as there is no restriction on the number of restaurant licenses that can be given within the city.  Council stated to please not let this be a discouragement to his efforts in continuing with the remodel as the community very much wants to see the South of the Border restaurant open.    

Discussion was held on the Specialty Care Transport Interface Agreement drafted by PCC as an agreement between the city ambulance services and Avera Missouri River Medical Center.  Attorney Larson reviewed the same and stated it looks good and can be presented to the hospital at this time for its review if Council so agrees.  Moved by VanBockel, Ellwanger seconded, to approve the current Specialty Care Transport Interface Agreement as is and send said contract to the Avera Missouri River Medical Center for its review.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.  It was discussed that Steven Zuber, EMT Director, should be present at the hospital’s meeting to review the contract so any questions the hospital may have can be answered.   

Schatz asked for the rescinding of a first reading motion done at the March 1, 2021, meeting on Ordinance No. 2021-3-1 regarding approving code codification and all changes made during said process.  The timeframe for a first reading motion needed to be “after” the company doing the codification received City’s recommended changes and were then returned to city in final format.  Moved by Ellwanger, Fischer seconded, to rescind prior motion of March 1, 2021, meeting on first reading of Ordinance No. 2021-3-1 regarding code codification.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.    Moved by Ellwanger, Fischer seconded, to approve first reading of new Ordinance No. 2021-7-12 on ordinance enacting a code of ordinances for the City of Gettysburg, South Dakota, revising, amending, restating, codifying, and compiling certain existing general ordinances of the political subdivision dealing with subjects embraced in such code of ordinances, and declaring an emergency.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.  

Schatz asked for a motion to approve publishing Notice of Public Hearing for the current Retail (on-sale) Liquor license applications of both Liberty Lanes and Kaylei’s Liquor Store & More wherein a decision could be voted upon at the next regular Council meeting in August.  Moved by Ellwanger, Nagel seconded, to approve publishing Notice of Public Hearing for the current applications turned in by both Liberty Lanes and Kaylei’s Liquor Store & More for the Retail (on-sale) Liquor license.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Discussion was had regarding a phone call Roseland received from Kevin Bliese regarding the City purchasing a portion of land he owns in which City is currently using said property as a street.  Custer Avenue, between Mannston and Platte, Kevin Bliese owns the 66’x303’ piece of land and would like to have City purchase said piece of land from him.  Roseland stated the street portion of land should be purchased by City from Kevin Bliese.  Discussion.  Roseland agreed to speak with Bliese again in more detail to get purchase price he is asking and will bring same, along with recent land sales, to August Council meeting for a motion to be brought to the table and voted upon.       

Schatz handed out a draft Resolution 2021-07-12 put together regarding A Temporary Resolution Regarding the Issuance of Local Medical Cannabis Establishment Permits and/or Licenses.  Information on Iniated Measure 26 (“IM 26”), which has now been codified in SDCL Chapter 34-20G, was put in each Council member’s meeting packets for review.  IM 26 creates a new statutory procedure for the provision of marijuana to individuals with certain medical conditions and under IM 26, a “local government” (which has not yet been defined), will be able to regulate “medical cannabis establishments”, under certain conditions, through zoning and/or licensing.  Schatz also sent all information to Attorney Larson for review and more discussion will be held on this topic in future meetings. 

Mogard gave police report.   

Mogard stated Officer Haupert would like to have her squad detailed as it was sprayed by a skunk recently.  Council stated it is a discretionary issue since under the price limit set by motion.  Mogard said there has been quite the skunk issue within city limits, but he has recently purchased a few more live traps and is trying to stay on top of it.  Some abandoned properties in town are not helping with this skunk issue but Code Enforcement Specialists is currently working on the abandoned property issues within the City.

Mogard explained he did download the data from all radars, recently, and there have been multiple speeding issues in that 25MPH area, some above 60MPH which is excessive, therefore, tickets will continue to be given. 

Mogard informed he did have several complaints regarding the sealing of the streets and people within the community trying to get around town.  With the 212 Highway Project going on this year, it most definitely made travel within the community much tougher while the street sealing was being done.  Next year, City will do its’ best to get head notice on date contractor sets to arrive (which can change quickly) so can hopefully get a short “10-day notice ad” in the paper to let residents know. 

Mogard explained that there have recently been (4) vehicle impounds which are being kept at the airport in the shop.  Mogard informed that the new squad coming is approximately (3) weeks behind as they have been having trouble with receiving wiring parts, however, with Council’s approval of new camera system, this should help with the timing delay.  Mogard is working with a grant to help toward the cost of the new camera system.  Moved by VanBockel, Roseland seconded, to approve purchase of new squad camera system from Digital-Ally at the total cost of $9,640.00.  All members present voted aye.  Motion carried.  This total purchase will be broken down and paid out annually over a 5-year period.  The new system comes with a 5-year warranty and, if approved for the grant, it will cover approximately $7,000 out of the total expense.  

Mogard stated that last month our police department was called over to Walworth County to assist troopers and sheriff on a fatality in that area. There is a mutual aid agreement in place for being called over to assist another county, but Mogard stated it does not happen very often.  Roseland asked Mogard if he was able to get some extra signage up and pay close attention to trucks that were continuously running stop signs on Custer Avenue.  Mogard stated a couple of extra speed signs were put up and the speed limit was lowered to 20MPH in that area.   

  Mogard informed the police department will be having an “active shooter” training session for law enforcement at the city auditorium on July 16, 2021.

Anderson gave maintenance report.

Anderson gave a quote on the possibility of putting in a second meter pit and boring it in at the fairgrounds.  The meter pit would be approximately $2,493.00 which includes a 2” meter and to bore a 2” line would be approximately $2,600.00.  It was discussed putting the meter pit in would need to be hired out as is on private property.  Ellwanger asked Anderson to see if same contractor would be interested in doing both the boring in of the 2” line as well as putting the water pit, itself, in.  Anderson will get that answer to Roseland and Roseland will get total quote pricing to the County who may be interested in cost sharing on this project.  

  Anderson explained to Council that Mid-Dakota Rural Water is asking if City would be willing to appoint a representative from City to sit in on the Mid-Dakota Rural Water board as a Municipal-at-Large Director.  Anderson thought it would be in City’s best interest to do so.  This will be discussed and decided at August meeting.  

There was one fuel bid from Agtegra for the following:  Unleaded 10% Ethanol FTE $2.765, Ruby Fieldmaster at $2.57, Aviation Gas at $4.32, and Jet-A at $2.52.  Moved by Fischer, Ellwanger seconded, to accept the fuel bid from Agtegra.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Schatz asked for a motion approving (2) water deposit refunds in the total amount of $200.  Moved by VanBockel, Roseland seconded, to approve (2) water deposit refunds in the total amount of $200.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Anderson gave 212 Highway Project update.  Schatz gave update regarding the sewer contracts.  

Anderson updated that Jensen’s are running a couple weeks behind on the work currently set up to redo the hospital streets due to having trouble getting in oil.  They are hoping to be here sometime next week. 

Schatz gave an update on the baseball park tower lights insurance claim due to wind damage to a couple of the light towers awhile back.  The new lights have been installed, final payment from the claim will be forthcoming and the claim will be closed.  

Anderson asked for a motion to approve publishing Advertisement for Bids on the farmland lease.  Moved by VanBockel, Roseland seconded, to approve the Advertisement for Bids regarding the farmland lease to be published in the newspaper.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.  All sealed bids must be marked “Farmland Lease Bid” and be turned in at the City’s office no later than 5:00PM on Friday, July 30, 2021.  Sealed bids will be opened, read, and voted upon at the August 2, 2021, council meeting.  

Anderson gave an update on the airport AWOS system.  It was asked for a motion to approve Contractor’s Pay Estimate No. 1 to Efraimson Electric in the amount of $152,493.30.  Discussion.  It was decided to hold off on sending payment until a status could be given as to why completion of the AWOS III installation was not complete to-date.  It was mentioned, again, shipping issues and parts delivery delays could be a possible reason for the hold up.  Schatz will get a status update on this and let Council know before sending out payment.

Schatz explained (2) new airport grants recently sent to City and asked for a motion approving to accept and sign off on both grants.  The first was sent from the South Dakota Aeronautics Commission with an assistance agreement through the Coronavirus Response and Relief Appropriate Act (CRRSAA) which would grant City an extra $9,000 to use over the next (4) years toward COVID-19 pandemic items, maintenance, and development expenses at the airport.  The second was sent by the FAA called the Airport Rescue Grant Program (ARGP) in which the estimated funding would be $22,000 and is to be used toward airport costs related to operations, personnel, cleaning, sanitization, janitorial services, combating the spread of pathogens at the airport, and debt service payments.  Moved by Fischer, VanBockel seconded, to approve and sign both airport grants (1) assistance agreement through the Coronavirus Response Relief Appropriate Act (CRRSAA); and (2) the Airport Rescue Grant Program (ARGP).  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Further discussion was had regarding the possibility of a new pool for the city.  The South Dakota Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant application will be filled out and sent in by its annual due date of April 30, 2022, to see if City qualifies.  Fischer and Economic Development are both working with a small Community Pool Committee of volunteers who are looking into starting fund raising, etc. soon for a new pool for the community.  Schatz asked if she could check into both local banks regarding opening a new separate savings account wherein members of the community could make donations for the new pool if they so choose.  Schatz also stated it was recommended all donations for the new pool project be put into a “restricted” account and ear marked for said project.  Schatz will draft the paperwork for a restricted account to be set up and will bring to future council meeting for approval.  Fischer is researching different pool design options and looking into other possible grants, as well.  Updates will be given at future meetings.  Moved by VanBockel, Ellwanger seconded, to open a new separate savings account at each of the (2) local banks for the community to have available for donations toward a new pool project and that a restricted account will be set up by Schatz earmarking all said donations for the new pool project.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Anderson stated he needs to get a date set for a 5-year planning committee meeting hopefully by end of July, so it is before the August 2, 2021, meeting. 

Schatz gave finance office report.  Schatz asked if she could sign up and participate in an Advanced Minute-Taking Techniques class being held by virtual webinar on Wednesday, July 21, 2021.  Moved by Roseland, Fischer seconded, to approve Schatz to attend an Advanced Minute-Taking Techniques class being held by virtual webinar on Wednesday, July 21, 2021, at an approximate cost of around $200.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Discussion was had to decide a date, time and location for annual employee reviews and a date was set for July 26, 2021, starting at 6:30PM.  Zuber, Anderson, Mogard, and Schatz will need to attend reviews with approximately 20 minutes scheduled for each.

Schatz reminded Fischer about the upcoming Elected Official’s Workshop and stated he is all registered for the class in Pierre on July 14, 2021.  

Schatz stated that a new EMT applicant as well as possible EMT raises need to be discussed in tonight’s executive session for personnel.

Moved by VanBockel, Ellwanger seconded, to approve the following permits:

•Building Permits:

*Straightway Construction, Inc. (Contractor) – Basin Electric – 30917 US Hwy 212 – Alteration of Existing Structure (Interior Office Remodel)

*Northland Construction (Contractor) Avera Gettysburg/Avera Oahe Manor – 700 E Garfield Ave. – New Pole Style Maintenance Garage/Storage

*Melissa Schneider – 507 S Potter Street – Chain Link Fence

• Moving Permit: None

•Demolition Permit: None

All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Moved by Nagel, Ellwanger seconded, to go into Executive Session at 8:52PM for personnel.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.  Council reconvened at 9:10 p.m.  

Moved by Fischer, VanBockel seconded, to approve all active EMT hourly wages be increased from $17.50 per hour to $22.50 per hour to be effective for the July 15, 2021, payroll.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Moved by Fischer, VanBockel seconded, to approve hiring Raelyn Geigle as a new City EMT at $22.50 per hour.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.  

General Updates:  None.

Correspondence:  May 2021 Bank Reconciliations; PCC draft of ambulance contract between City of Gettysburg and Avera Missouri River Health Center; Economic Development second quarter financials; Merchants Bank Bill of Sale on equipment lease no. 103578001; a Thank-You from the Family of Jennifer Jost.

Schatz stated she will be emailing financials and reconciliations to Council members in a few days and Council stated that is fine.

Round Table:  Karl Hawkinson announced that on September 11, 2021, there is a very large poker run coming through town for the Pennies for Robert Foundation.  There will be approximately 170 bikes coming up on Highway 83 and about 70 Dakota Kruzers out of Pierre coming up on Highway 1804 into Gettysburg and will all be meeting on Commercial Avenue in town around 12:30 p.m. or 1:00 p.m.on Saturday, September 11, 2021.  Pennies for Robert Foundation was formed from Robert’s grandparents after Robert died from leukemia at the young age of 11.  Robert always picked up pennies and said they were pennies from Heaven.  This year on September 11, 2021, Robert would have been 22 years old, therefore, 10 years since his passing.  So far, the foundation has raised approximately $7.4 million, and it is all going to central South Dakota to help pick up cost of all childhood cancer expenses such as hotels, gas cards, etc.  They are very much associated with hospice. Williams with Economic Development informed she attended the NECOG meeting last month in which they spoke a lot about future highway projects and the various Cares Act programs.  Williams understood City funds are being ran through the State and County funds are being ran through the U.S. Treasury.  NECOG stated they are the partner here to help clarify things and are seeing a lot of smaller cities turn their funds back because they do not have the staff, etc., to fill out the paperwork and follow the regulations and this could open an opportunity for other communities to receive the funds.  Williams informed she has talked with the South Dakota Community Foundation regarding a new pool for our community and as soon as some design specs and cost figures are available, they are willing to help, as well.  Williams explained that Economic Development has a good partnership with the Small Business Development Center who is great in working with individuals on getting a narrative and plans put together for opening a small business along with helping with finances.  Williams also wanted to clarify that NECOG has been a great partner to our community.  Coming up on almost 3-1/2 to 4 years with the Medicine Rock Café being closed has been challenging and NECOG really stepped up to help and spent $20,000 doing a deep clean of the building.  Williams stated NECOG is a good partner and great support for our community and never misled anyone, in her opinion, as far as the Medicine Rock Café being a turn-key operation for purchase.  Mike Jager stated he is at the meeting tonight to speak vocally for some of the outside public.  It was asked by Jager if the city is still divided into wards in which the answer was, yes.  It was asked which ward Roseland is currently in.  Roseland explained that he represents Ward 3 and very recently moved to a new home which is now in Ward 2.  He explained he still owns the property and pays utilities at the residence in Ward 3 and his voter registration is still in Ward 3, however, he plans on resigning shortly.  VanBockel stated she did hand out information right before the meeting started regarding the codified laws which are in place for when a member of Council from a municipality moves out of the ward they were currently representing, thus explaining why Roseland must resign.  Mayor Wuttke explained it was not a part of the agenda for tonight’s meeting thus was not specifically addressed at tonight’s meeting.  Jager also stated that some members of the public within the community have been talking about certain runs it seems our police department is going on in which maybe they should not be going on.  Jager said it seems like the police department is not using its squads very intelligently yet are continuously asking for new squads which does cost the taxpayers within the community.  Jager stated he understands there may be times wherein our police department is called out to a specific call that the public is not aware of.  However, it seems like if there is a call anywhere, they are gone, and if anything did happen in town, there would be no one here to handle it because they are gone.  Jager stated as a fire department for the city, they do not do this, so why does the police department do this?  Mogard explained that when the City’s police department responds to another call, it is because the department has been asked by another agency, in whom they are covering for, to take this call due to that department having staff gone and needing coverage.  Jager stated there have been a lot of instances where he has been on a fire call and has seen the police driving around out in the fields which is certainly unnecessary and should not be happening.  Mogard stated the only time he recalls driving in a field during a fire call was when he delivered water out to the fireman crew, and he was asked to do so by the Sheriff.  Jager wanted Council to know that this subject is being discussed a lot within the community.   Nagel stated that is why earlier in tonight’s meeting when Mogard mentioned the police department was called over to Walworth County to help troopers and Sheriff on a fatality call, the question was asked if the city police department has a mutual aid agreement in place which they do have.  Schatz informed Council that the changes in the employee handbook in which Council passed a motion for at the March 1, 2021, meeting have finally been completed by IT and new employee handbooks will be handed out to all current employees with a signature page provided they have received it.  Schatz also mentioned that a few members from the public have stopped in at the city office, recently, and asked why the city publishes all its vouchers paid monthly in the local newspaper but Economic Development does not publish its quarterly financials.  Williams stated she will bring this up to the Economic Development board at their upcoming meeting to receive their input.  Roseland and Nagel explained that the city does not control Economic Development as they are their own entity and are technically under no obligation to have to publish financials as municipalities must do.  Williams does not have an issue with bringing this to the Economic Development board’s attention at the next meeting held.

Moved by Nagel, Fischer seconded, to adjourn meeting at 9:28PM.  All members present voted Aye.  Motion carried.


Sheila K. Schatz, Finance Officer


Bill Wuttke, Mayor

Published once at the total approximate cost of $334.12.


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