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City Council meeting held Jan. 7

Unapproved Minutes
Gettysburg, South Dakota
January 7, 2013
Pursuant to the due call and notice thereof, the City Council met in regular session on January 7, 2013 at 7:00 PM at the City Finance Office.  Present was Mayor Bill Wuttke, Council members, Peggy Lehman, Pat Everson , Ron Larson, Dawn Nagel ,Josh Bausch and absent Fran VanBockel. Also present was Sharleen Eliason, Finance Officer, Russell Anderson, Nick Bratland, Policeman, and Gayle Kludt GWBDC.
After the pledge of allegiance, moved by Everson, seconded by Bausch, motion carried to approve the minutes from December 3 and December 31.
Motioned by Bausch, seconded by Larson, motion carried to approve the accounts payable for January 2013 and the following bills that arrived later: AFLAC—$396.67, SD Public Assurance—Ins—$61.00, Logan Electric—Repairs–$565.45, Northern Plains supplies–$50.00, Dakota Backup–$65.04, and SD Dept of Revenue-Sales tax–$395.90 for a total of $ 1,534.06.
AMMUNITION REPORT                                 SUPPLIES  238.81; BAUSCH ELECTRIC                                       SERVICES 169.66; CAM WAL ELECTRIC WELCOME SIGN 10.50; FIRST NATIONAL BANK SEWER LOAN 8,930.13; GAS N GOODIES                                             SUPPLIES 330.05; JONES & BARTLETT LEARNING SUPPLIES 585.49; MICHAEL LARSON LEGAL FEES 375.00; NORTH CENTRAL LEASING EQUIPMENT 34,920.00; NORTHWEST PIPE SUPPLIES 171.23; POTTER CO TREASURE NECOG DUES 871.50; PRAXAIR SUPPLIES 72.50; SCHLACHTERS SUPPLIES                                    651.93; SD AIRPORT MANAGERS ASSOC AIRPORT DUES 25.00; SD ASS’N CODE ENFORCEMENT                 DUES 40.00; SD DEPT OF REVENUE                                  WASTEWATER DUES 1,500.00; D GOV FINANCE ASSOC DUES 70.00; SD HUMAN RESOURCE ASSOC                    DUES 50.00; SD MUNICIPAL LEAGUE DUES 895.20; MUNICIPAL MAINT DUES 35.00; SD POLICE CHIEFS ASSOC DUES 96.93; SDWWA GERBER DUES 10.00; TOTAL CHECKS         50,048.93 .
Gayle Kludt gave the City year ending reports from the Gettysburg Whitlock Bay Devlopment Corporation. Gayle also gave the Council an update on the housing survey.
There is an EMT refresher course in Aberdeen that she would like to attend in Aberdeen on February 8th to Feb 10th. Moved by Lehman, Nagel seconded for Gayle to attend. If any EMT’s would like to also attend this class please notify the Finance Office.
The council was updated with Police reports and an update of different vehicles the dept is considering.
Russell Anderson asked the Council regarding the pay loader if they wanted to lease it for another year. Moved by Bausch, Everson seconded motion carried to sign another year of lease to North Central Leasing. Logan Electric is now sending a term and condition sheet to sign with all invoices. Moved by Lehman, Nagel seconded to have our City Attorney check into this. Discussion regarding if storage vans need moving permit and on water and sewer mains for new development areas was discussed. Council member Nagel suggested the city have a plan in place for the future.
Fuel bid were submitted with the following results:
Unleaded 10% ethanol
Ruby Field Master
North Central Farmers Elevator
$3.025       $3.026           $3.39
# 1 Ruby $3.65
Fischer Oil $3.65 # 1 Die
Northern Plains Co-o
no bid submitted.
Moved by Nagel, seconded by Bausch, motion carried to accept the fuel bid from NCentral.
Building permit committee will meet again to discuss issues.
Council member Everson left the meeting at 7:30 PM
Playground equipment for Little Angels Park was discussed. One company does have a 30% off sale until January 25th. Moved by Lehman, Bausch seconded motion carried to have the park committee and Anderson order the equipment needed. Since the amount decided was below the bid price no bidding is required for this equipment.
Application renewal for rubble site moved by Lehman, Larson seconded to complete the necessary paperwork for a 5 year period.
Below is the listing of Salaries for the start of the new year of 2013 for publication per SDCL 6-1-10:
Maintenance Supervisor Russell Anderson     $17.44 per hr plus OT $26.16.
Asst Maint Supervisor Greg Gerber $15.94 per hr plus OT $23.91.
Maint worker Tyler Jost  $12.70 per hr plus OT 19.05.
Park worker part time John Holzhauser                                           $11.04 per hr.
Rubble worker part time Ed DeKnikker                                          $10.51 per hr.
Maint worker part time Bert VanEssen                                           $10.30  per hr.
Park worker part time Tricia Duttenhofer (park & airport) $10.51 per hr.
Finance Officer Sharleen Eliason                                                    $ 36,008.47 annual salary.
Deputy Finance Officer Judy Nagel   $11.40 per hour plus OT at $17.10.
Chief of Police Bill Wainman $37,800.00 annual salary.
City Patrolman-Nick Bratland                                                        $31,686.10 annual salary.
EMT’s –$15.00 per hour.
City Attorney-Michael Larson                                                         $100.00 per hour .
Airport Manager-Bill Eliason  $43.75 per month or 525.00 yr.
Mayor $3600.00 annual stipend plus below.
Council $1610.00 annual stipend plus below.
Along with their annual stipends, the Mayor and Council members will receive compensation for meeting attendance of $75.00 per meeting and $55.00 per special meeting and other than council meetings at the following rates:
1. For a morning session, an afternoon session, or an evening session the attendee will receive $50.00 plus expenses as previously approved by the Council.
2.  If two or more sessions are attended in one day, the attendee will receive $75.00 plus expense.
3.  If the meeting, workshop or seminar lasts more than one calendar day, then compensation for each succeeding day will be determined as in # 1 and # 2 above.
Moved by Lehman, Nagel seconded motion carried to adjourn at 8:08 PM.
Sharleen Eliason, Finance Officer
Bill Wuttke, Mayor
Published once at the total approximate cost of $60.83.