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City Council seeks Ward 3 representative

A resident of the community is needed to represent Ward III on the Gettysburg City Council. Please contact a council member or the city finance office for more information.

A council member is needed to represent the Gettysburg City Council from Ward 3.
Ward 3 covers the southwest corner of town bordered by East Street, Blaine Avenue, Harrison Street, and Logan Avenue.
Anyone willing to serve on the board as a representative from Ward 3 is asked to send a letter of application to the city council.
The vacancy is due to the resignation of council member Pat Everson, who moved to another home in Gettysburg which is outside of his current ward.
For additional information contact the city finance office or a member of the city council.
A map outlining the three wards within the city is pictured on page 2 of the News and is also online at A representative must live within the boundaries of the ward to serve on the council.
It is asked to have the letter of application be presented to the city council in care of the City Finance Office in downtown Gettysburg by Jan. 31, so a decision can be made at the Feb. 3 council meeting. A representative will be appointed by the council to complete the remaining year of the term until the April 8 election.
Council Vacancies
Five positions on the Gettysburg City Council are up for election in April.
Aldermen are needed for four year terms in Ward 1, Ward 2, and Ward 3. Aldermen are also needed for two year terms in Ward 1 and Ward 3.
Nominating petitions may be circulated beginning Jan. 31, and must be filed in the city finance office by Feb. 28. See page 2 for the boundaries of the wards within the city.
The members currently serving on the board are Mayor Bill Wuttke, council members Dawn Nagel, Fran Van Bockel, Ron Larson, Bryan Hause, and Kenny Goebel. Wuttke and Nagel are not up for re-election this year.
The election will be held in conjunction with the school board on Tuesday, April 8 at the city office downtown.

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