City of Gettysburg 2019 salary listing

2019 Salary Listing

Below is the listing of Salaries for the start of the new year of 2019 for publication per SDCL 6-1-10:

Maintenance Supervisor – Russell Anderson, $22.08 per hr plus OT $33.12

Asst Maint Supervisor – Greg Gerber, $20.20 per hr plus OT $30.30

Maintenance Worker – Tyler Jost, $16.12 per hr plus OT $24.18

Maintenance Worker – Allen Pope, $13.79 per hr plus OT $20.69

Rubble Site Worker Part Time – Ed DeKnikker, $12.73 per hour

Finance Officer – Sheila Schatz, $15.00 per hr plus OT $22.50

Deputy Finance Officer Part Time – Susanne Conradie, $14.20 per hour

Chief of Police – David Mogard, $46,679.60 annual salary

City Patrolman – Allen Robbennolt, $33,280.00 annual salary

Swimming Pool Manager Part Time – Alyssa Haberer, $14.00 per hour

EMT’s $17.00 per hour

City Attorney – Michael Larson, $150.00 per hour

Airport Manager – Russell Anderson, $525.00 annual salary

Mayor $3600 annual stipend plus below

Council, $1610 annual stipend plus below

Along with their annual stipends, the Mayor and Council members will receive compensation for meeting attendance of $75.00 per meeting and $55.00 per special meeting and other than council meetings at the following rates:

1. For a morning session, an afternoon session, or an evening session the attendee will receive $50.00 plus expenses as previously approved by the Council.

2. If two or more sessions are attended in one day, the attendee will received $75.00 plus expense.

3. If the meeting, workshop or seminar lasts more than one calendar day, then compensation for each succeeding day will be determined as in #1 and #2 above.

Published once at the total approximate cost of $21.77