City of Gettysburg held regular meeting Jan. 8

Unapproved Minutes

Gettysburg, South Dakota

January 8, 2018

Pursuant to the due call and notice thereof, the City Council met in regular session on January 8, 2018 at 7:00 PM. Those present Mayor Bill Wuttke, Ron Larson (via phone), Pat Everson, Fran VanBockel, Dawn Nagel, and Ryan Lake. Also present were Dave Mogard, Chief of Police, Russell Anderson, Maintenance Supervisor, Daniall Ablott, Finance Officer, Michael Larson, City Attorney, Kara Williams, Economic Development, Cheryl Sautner, Emergency Manager, Bobby and Jaimie Simon, Geri Hause, Kelly Archer, and Mike Jager.

Moved by Lake, VanBockel seconded motion carried to approve the minutes from December 4 and December 27, 2017 with the following roll call vote: Everson – Yea, VanBockel – Yea, Nagel – Yea, Lake – Yea, Larson – Yea.


Payroll Expense by Department:

Ambulance, 2,616.13; Finance Office, 4,095.45; Parks, 2,184.97; Police, 4,454.21; Rubble Site, 125.00; Sewer, 4,346.09; Snow Removal, 716.90; Streets, 1,244.85; Swimming Pool, 457.09; Water, 6,798.47.

Total Payroll Expense

by Department                    $27,039.16

Net Payroll                          $18,666.77

Accredited Security, Police Supplies, $1,198.00; AFLAC, Supplemental Insurance, 470.96; Bank of the West, Payroll Taxes, 2,759.24; Gettysburg Economic Development, BBB Taxes, 3,345.19; Gettysburg Inn & Suites, Police Lodging, 1,320.00; Mogard, David, Police Fill in, 656.00; North Central Farmers Elevator, Fuel, 2,672.99; South Dakota Retirement System, Retirement, 3,130.01; Wex Bank, Ambulance Fuel, 206.19

TOTAL CHECKS             $31,752.36

Moved by VanBockel, Everson seconded motion carried to approve the vouchers payable.

Wuttke read the following Proclamation honoring Bryan Hause:

Whereas, the City of Gettysburg and the broader community lost a valued member and leader on November 26, 2017, with the death of Bryan Hause; and

Whereas, Bryan Hause served 4 years as a Council Member and distinguished himself for his character, and devotion to the interests and growth of the City of Gettysburg including the improvements to the parks and streets and won for himself the respect of the public for his services to the community, not only as a private citizen but as a public servant; and

Whereas, Bryan Hause’s sense of humor, energy and graciousness enriched those fortunate enough to know and work with him; and

Resolved, by the Mayor and the City Council of the City of Gettysburg, recognizes the significant contributions of Bryan Hause over the course of his career and mourn his death; and

Resolved, the City of Gettysburg extends its sincerest condolences to his family and friends.

Dated this 8th Day of January, 2018

Bill Wuttke, Mayor, City of Gettysburg

Attest: Daniall Ablott, Finance Officer

Cheryl Sautner, Potter County Emergency Manager addressed the council. Sautner handed out ordinance recommendations from the state on temporary gatherings and campgrounds. Sautner discussed the Local Emergency Operating Plan being changed and the emergency radios that will be obsolete in 2023. Moved by Nagel, VanBockel seconded, motion carried to have Michael look at these ordinances and compare them with what we may have on file with our city ordinances as they are.

Bobby and Jaimie Simon’s water damage claim was discussed.

Michael Larson reported on the AT & T Lease. Moved by Nagel, Lake seconded, motion carried to have Michael proceed with contacting AT&T for further information.

Moved by Lake, Nagel seconded, motion carried to approve the Roster for Firemen and the EMT’s.

Motion by Everson, VanBockel seconded, motion carried to go into executive session for personnel at 7:59 pm. Council reconvened at 8:26 pm.

Moved by Nagel, Lake seconded (Everson – nay), motion carried to appoint Adam Roseland to fill the open council position for Ward 3 with the following discussion from Nagel; I would like to say thank you to both Kelly and Adam for running because they are both very qualified candidates in that respect.

Mogard gave his police report. Motion by Lake, VanBockel seconded, motion carried to surplus two of the gun locks to go into the vehicle to the County. Mogard reported he is registered for the DARE program in June and the new tasers are in. Mogard discussed city ordinance about dogs running loose. He is working with the sheriff’s office and a drug task force and it is getting known that we are trying to get rid of the drugs in town. Mogard will be meeting with the school and banks regarding lockdown and safety protocol procedures.

Anderson gave his maintenance report. Motion by VanBockel, Nagel seconded, motion carried to sell the zipper for $30,000 to the City of Gregory. Anderson discussed the drainage project down by the school. Moved by Nagel, VanBockel seconded, motion carried to open bids for the drainage project going south of our waterway; so that we can gather bids and look at how we want to move forward with it.

No fuel bid was received. Moved by VanBockel, Nagel seconded, motion carried to see if North Central Farmers Elevator will honor their bid from last month.

Ablott gave the finance office report. Moved by Larson, Everson seconded, motion carried to publish the Listing of 2018 salaries. Moved by Lake, Everson seconded, motion carried to set the Election date on April 10 and to publish a notice of vacancies and other items that come up for publishing in the election. Moved by Nagel, VanBockel seconded to accept the agreement with the combined election with the school and the city. Moved by Everson, Nagel seconded motion carried to accept the SDPAA agreement. Moved by Lake, VanBockel seconded, motion carried to have Kohlman and Biersbach do the annual financial statements for $1,400.00.

Moved by VanBockel, Nagel seconded, motion carried to approve ambulance write offs. Moved by Lake, Nagel seconded, motion carried to send one ambulance claim to collections. Moved by Lake, Nagel seconded, motion carried to send one water bill with an agreement to collections.

Moved by Everson, VanBockel seconded, motion carried to designate Potter County News as the official newspaper.

Kara Williams reported on the Gettysburg Whitlock Bay Development Corporation.

Moved by VanBockel, Lake seconded, motion carried to raise the EMT’s from $15.00 to $17.00 an hour.

Moved VanBockel, Everson seconded, motion carried to approve the building permit extension for Brett Bauer for a garage at 302 S Mannston Street

Correspondence: Ablott discussed an invoice from Logan Electric for $0.00 they put in some new lights at the auditorium and wanted to thank them on behalf of the city. Ablott had the question raised, “Are chickens allowed in the city limits?” and I posted the question on facebook along with the ordinance and some of the comments were: maybe a  change in the ordinance should be done to allow chicken hens only in which we replied, “Hi Kathleen! If you wish to change the ordinance visit with your council members.” The next question was what about a pet mini pig? Just asking for a friend in which we replied, “Haha! As of now the ordinance states no swine. As stated before you can always visit with your council members.”  Everson stated that Logan’s invoice was over $6,000 and that is a pretty big deal.

Round Table: Everson would like to thank Logan in the paper for that because it is a pretty big write off for him. Nagel said a couple of months ago we had a change in our policy as far as billing goes out for when we go for when we had to dig in the streets and whatnot. My understanding that there has been some billing coming out from our city office that isn’t following what that policy is stated. Just wondering if we could potentially put that on the agenda to address at our next meeting, I think we need to go back to consistency in that respect. Ablott stated that Michael is aware of that. Wuttke would like to thank everyone for coming tonight. Geri Hause said thank you for this Proclamation for Bryan. He took his position on the City Council very seriously and he was happy to part of the committee that worked on the streets and the park and I know that with your continued effort that you will go forward and do the best for the City of Gettysburg and for the taxpayers and the community.

Motion by Lake, VanBockel seconded, motion carried to adjourn at 9:10 PM.


Bill Wuttke, Mayor


Daniall Ablott, Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $87.53


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