City of Gettysburg held year end meeting Dec. 27

Unapproved Minutes

Gettysburg, South Dakota

December 27, 2017

Pursuant to the due call and notice thereof, the City Council met in special session on December 27, 2017 at 7:00 PM. Those present Mayor Bill Wuttke, Ron Larson (via phone), Pat Everson, Fran VanBockel (via phone), Dawn Nagel, and Ryan Lake. Also present were Russell Anderson, Maintenance Supervisor, Daniall Ablott, Finance Officer, Kara Williams, Economic Development, Curt Hamburger, Potter County Sheriff, David Mogard, Kelly Archer, and Carl Hawkinson.


Avera Occupational Medicine, Employee Drug Testing, $84.75; Bank of the West, Payroll Taxes and Sales Tax, 3,569.72; Barco Products, Inc, Picnic Tables, 8,930.69; Cam-Wal Electric, Security Light, 20.50; Carquest Auto Products, Street Supplies, 19.88; Child Support Service, Child Support, 668.00; Cholik Signs, Police Supplies, 185.00; Colonial Research, Pool Supplies, 777.48;

Dakota Farm & Ranch, Street, Park, Sewer, Police, Snow, Auditorium & Water Supplies, 696.15; Davis, W Scott, Police Help, 4,462.34; DENR, Water Exam, 1,530.00; Economic Development, Stipend, 5,000.00; Gas N Goodies, Police Car Washes, 14.00; Heartland Waste Management, Garbage Fee, 6,304.33; John Deere Financial, Street and Snow Removal Supplies, 2,519.27;

Keep It Safe, Computer Backup, 160.00; Kiefer Swim Products, Pool Supplies, 673.63; Kormendy’s Used Vehicles, Street Supplies, 9.36; Knock Out Specialties, Water Supplies, 191.24; Michael Larson, Legal Fees, 607.50; Michael Todd & Company, Snow Removal Supplies, 93.34; Mid Dakota Rural Water, Airport and City Water, 14,141.00;

Midway Parts, Water & Snow Removal Supplies, 140.14; Mike’s Repair, Ambulance & Snow Removal Repair, 1,491.44; Mogard, David, Police Fill In, 1,316.00; Montana Dakota Utilities, Gas, Electric, and Lights, 5,544.58; New Creations, Water and Finance Supplies, 105.21; North Central Farmers Elevator, Fuel, 3,059.35; Northwest Pipe, Water and Auditorium Supplies, 568.76;

Petty Cash, Water and Sewer Supplies, 35.13; Physio Control Inc, Ambulance Supplies, 2,879.00; Potter County News, Airport, Police, Finance Publications, 385.15; Praxair, Ambulance Supplies, 88.47; Principal Financial Group, Life Insurance, 71.47; Runnings Farm & Fleet, Water Supplies, 67.88; Schatz Electric, Street Repairs, 74.09; Schlachter Lumber, Park and Police Supplies, 211.14;

SD Department of Revenue, Water Testing, 30.00; SD One Call, One Calls, 11.55; SD Water and Wastewater Association, 2018 Memberships, 20.00; Servall, Rugs, 112.11; Thompson, Seth, Police Fill In, 1,086.20; True Value, Auditorium, Snow, Airport and Park Supplies, 591.74; US Postal Service, Water Bill Postage and Permit Fee, 400.23;

Venture Communications, Phone, Fax, Internet, Alarm, 785.51; Verizon Wireless, Street and Police Cell Phones, 308.75; Vilas Superstore, Water and Finance Supplies, 12.27; Vogel, Aaron, Police Fill In, 404.80; Wellmark BCBS, Health Insurance, 8,380.45; Zuber Refrigeration, Fire Hall Supplies, 22.12.

TOTAL CHECKS              $78,861.72

Moved by Everson, Lake seconded, motion carried to approve the vouchers payable with the following roll call vote: Everson – Yea, Nagel – Yea, Lake – Yea, VanBockel – Yea, Larson – Yea.

Sheriff Curt Hamburger presented to the Council a proposal on county wide law enforcement.

Moved by Everson, Lake seconded, motion carried to let the bars be open New Years Eve until 1am with the following roll call vote: Lake – Yea, Nagel – Yea, Everson – Yea, Larson – Yea, VanBockel – Yea.

David Mogard gave the police report. Mogard said we had a few good applicants for the open spot. He also said they have been doing a lot of work on the police department, if anyone wants to stop by and take a look at it.

Anderson gave his maintenance report being we haven’t had any snow we have a considerable amount in our snow budget that he would like to carry to 2018. Moved by Nagel, Everson seconded, motion carried to do a contingency transfer to carry over the snow removal budget into 2018 with the following roll call vote: Everson – Yea, Nagel – Yea, Lake – Yea, Larson – Yea, VanBockel – Yea.

Ablott gave the finance office report. Moved by VanBockel, Nagel seconded, motion carried to transfer $452.50 from Contingency Fund to Legal Department with the following roll call vote: Lake – Yea, Nagel – Yea, Everson – Yea, Larson – Yea, VanBockel – Yea.

Motion by Everson, Nagel seconded, motion carried to go into executive session for personnel at 7:18 pm with the following roll call vote: Everson – Yea, Nagel – Yea, Lake – Yea, VanBockel – Yea, Larson – Yea. Council reconvened at 7:50 pm.

Motion by Everson, VanBockel seconded, motion carried to hire David Mogard as Chief of Police at $44,000 and in 6 months a review of 2-3% following roll call vote: Everson – Yea, Nagel – Yea, Lake – Yea, Larson – Yea, VanBockel – Yea.

Correspondence: Wuttke read the following thank you note: Gettysburg City Council and Employees, Thank you so much for the beautiful floral arrangement at Bryan’s passing. He believed in the power to make a difference and in bettering his community. Thank you and God bless, Geri, Clint/Andrea, Nick/Steph and families.

Round Table: Anderson hopes everybody had a good Christmas and Happy New Year. Nagel asked Ablott to research what we have set aside for a new ambulance and to send it out to the Ambulance Committee as well as Beth. Wuttke would like to thank everybody for coming. Everson said, thanks for coming Curt, you gave us a lot to think about. Hamburger said like I said I am not going to be upset by it. Mogard said Curt and I have talked about it a lot and realize we can help out when needed and we will work together. Kelly Archer asked when you are going to make the decision on the City Council and why we didn’t do that on this meeting. Wuttke said because we had it scheduled for our first meeting in January at our regular meeting. Normally all we ever do on this one is pay our bills and we had to add a few more things.

Motion by Lake, Nagel seconded, motion carried to adjourn at 8:41 PM with the following roll call vote: VanBockel – Yea, Larson – Yea, Everson – Yea, Nagel – Yea, Lake – Yea.


Bill Wuttke, Mayor


Daniall Ablott, Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $65.78


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