Clear sidewalks and display numbers to help emergency crews

Chief of Police David Mogard reminds Gettysburg residents that it is important to keep sidewalks cleared during winter weather to assist emergency personnel. 

Chief Mogard said that the EMTs may need to get to someone’s home, and the cots do not maneuver well through inches of snow. He also said that it is important to display house numbers on homes to help the emergency responders find where they need to be. 

He said that the EMTs, firefighters, city crew, and law enforcement are terrific at helping work around obstacles to keep the community safe, but any time the public can help is appreciated. Starting with clearing snow from the sidewalks and putting numbers on the house helps.

The bitter cold temps this week made travel treacherous, and also contributed to a short school week for students at the Gettysburg school. Students will be dismissed at 2 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 31 for parent/teacher conferences, and no classes are scheduled for Friday. This follows a late start for classes on Monday of this week, with no school held on Tuesday and Wednesday due to weather. 

-Molly McR

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