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Community asked for input at June 12 Housing Event

Housing is a concern in Gettysburg, and the community is working to meet the housing needs for people wishing to move into the community. With that in mind, residents are asked to share their concerns and ideas during a housing meeting on Wednesday, June 12.
The point of the event is to encourage conversation about the goals and needs of housing in Gettysburg, and hopefully motivate the growth for available housing. This will help set the housing priorities for the community and establish a unified community vision. Some housing projects are currently in the works, and input from those who live in Gettysburg is needed to continue the enthusiasm.
The community meeting lets everyone know what is going on and gets ideas from more people, allowing smarter decisions to be made. In order for Gettysburg to grow, the issue needs to be addressed, and not just by homebuilders or bankers.
The Gettysburg-Whitlock Bay Development Corporation has recognized the housing issue and has started the process by having a housing study completed. The event will share the results of that study with the community and asks for help in setting priorities to address the housing needs.
The event on June 12 will include a free meal for everyone in attendance starting at 5:30, followed by a presentation on the study at 6 p.m. Following that, folks will have an opportunity to share their ideas about the housing needs and listen. Coming out of the meeting, there will be a list of priorities that the group can begin working on.  There will be an opportunity for people to help and take action.
The event will be paid in part by a $3,000 grant for the Gettysburg Whitlock Bay Development Corporation was approved by the Meadowlark Institute to address housing concerns in the area. The grant is provided in collaboration with the Bush Foundation. Because of the Bush grant, a facilitator has been hired who will lead the community meeting through a process.  The goal is to establish priorities and the facilitators will help make sure everyone has input into that process.
RSVP for the event to Gayle Kludt, Executive Director of the development corporation, to or leave a message at 765-2731. See page 9 for more details.

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