Cool kids…

The importance of staying hydrated is stressed with young athletes, especially in the summer heat. These youngsters followed the instructions of their T-ball coach and took a break along with a drink of water while practicing during the summer rec program at the city park last Thursday. The day was nicer than some that week, with cooler temps in the 70s and a nice cloud cover. Pictured from left are Taytin Pope (Mikelyn Westphal/Allen Pope), Addasyn Roseland (Alyssa and Adam), Kaylyn Pitlick (Kayla and Chad), Bailey Lake (Margot and Ryan), and Rance Wager (Rachel and Kerry). Their coach is Crissy Bieber, with assistance from GHS sophomore Kayden Ahlemeier and sixth graders Brendan and Braden Bieber. Although children this age will happily never know it, it’s much more refreshing to take a break this way rather than the training practices way back in the day when athletes were given salt pills.

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