Cordell advances to National History Day competition

GHS sophomore Sasha Cordell has been selected to advance to the national history day competition at the University of Maryland June 9-14.

Her history project was about the Holocaust during WWII and through her performance she reenacted the story of Elie Weisel and how he faced the conflicts and compromises of the Holocaust.

Conflict and Compromise is this year’s national history day theme.

Cordell originally presented a performance piece  in Gettysburg at the regional completion, which earned her a first place and a berth in the state competition in Brookings.

Her performance at state earned Cordell a second place, which qualified her for the national competition.  The top two advance from each category.

“This is my first year doing the history day project,” said Cordell, who said she is often asked why she chose this for her performance piece. Her response is basically to help educate and help people better understand the holocaust. “I want people to see how bad the holocaust was and how it’s something we can’t forget. We need to continue to be educated about the holocaust.”

Cordell is planning to perform her piece for the public and is working on fundraising for the trip. Watch the News for more details.

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