County Equalization Office to do on-site property check at river area

Just a reminder that the Potter County Equalization Office is working to review property, which includes on-site inspections of houses, garages, and sheds, along with taking photographs and measurements of the buildings.

This is being done to provide the most correct and current information on properties. Director of Equalization Angelia Hiles will begin reviewing properties around the river resort areas, and is asking property owners to help with the process by contacting the county DOE office at 605-765-2481 to schedule appointments for the review. Each of the property reviews will take about half an hour, and the property owner is required to be present when the internal property review is done.

It is hoped to have this area of the county’s property review complete by the end of October.

If you have questions about the DOE property review, please contact Hiles at the number listed above.

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