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District Two County Commissioner profiles

During Tuesday¹s Primary Election, Republican voters in District Two ofPotter County will select the County Commissioner.Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 5. Polling placesare located at the Legion Community Building in Gettysburg and the LegionHall in Hoven. A new method of voting, using electronic pollbooks, willeliminate the need for voters to cast their ballot in a specific precinct.(See front page.) Voters are asked to show their drivers license to vote. Ifno photo ID drivers license is available, a personal ID form can be filed.All voters, regardless of political party, will decide whether to opt out ofthe tax levy to repair County Road #155. (See front page.)Two candidates are seeking the job of District Two County Commissioner,including incumbent William ³Bill² Arbach and challenger Jesse Zweber. Lastweek, questions were sent to each of the candidates. No restrictions were placed on the answers. Here are those answers, in the order they werereceived at the News.

Name: Jesse ZweberFamily: I have been married to my wife Denise for 19 years. We have 2 daughters, Bailey (age: 15) and Zoey (age: 1), and a baby boy due in about 3 weeks.Current occupation? I farm and ranch.How long have you been a resident of Potter County/Hoven? I was born andraised here and this is where I chose to live, work, and raise my family.What experience/strengths do you have that would benefit this office? I knowlots of people throughout Potter County and I am willing to listen to thepeople¹s concerns and stand up and make changes if needed.What is the reason you decided to run for County Commissioner? Living heremy whole life, I am concerned with the future of our county, towns, andschools. That is why I decided to become involved and run for Potter CountyCommissioner.Is there an issue or project that you feel needs priority on the CountyCommission agenda for the next term? As always, roads and emergency service are always a main issue.What has been your biggest disappointment in the Potter County Commission inthe past two years? (No response)What do you think has been the County Commission¹s greatest accomplishmentin the past two years? (No response)How would you encourage the use of the advanced 911 technology for bothsafety and cost savings to the county? Being on the Hoven Volunteer FireDepartment for 13+ years I have seen first hand, that it is a great idea,but still needs some improvement for reliability. Also, for Hoven having nohospital it is a must.What sets you apart from the other candidate? I am much younger and have ayoung family. I am here full time farming and ranching and available to the people.What has been your greatest accomplishment in your business career? In yourpersonal life? Business: Successfully farming and ranching for 20+ years.Personal: My successful marriage of 19+ years and our growing family.Tell us something we would be surprised to learn about you. I graduated fromMitchell Votech with an Associate Degree in Electrical Construction andMaintenance in 1992. I also had a real estate license in the 90¹s.Anything else? Experience is only gained after getting your first chance.