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Economic Development awarded housing study grant

The Gettysburg-Whitlock Bay Economic Development Corporation was awarded a $5,000 grant to help fund a housing study in the area.
The award came from the South Dakota Housing Development Authority’s Housing Needs Study Program, with a match contribution to come from the local development corporation. The housing needs study will be completed by Community Partners Research Incorporated, working with the development  corporation in order to identify and potentially create housing specifically geared towards the needs of the community.
Gayle Kludt, Executive Director of the development corporation, organized a community leadership team earlier this year to help identify the housing needs. With information gleaned through the team, she submitted an application for grant funding to help assess  needs to best benefit the area.
According to Kludt, the grant will act as the catalyst to get the project moving in the best interest of the community and its residents. “We need to seriously address the housing needs in our area if we hope to see any kind of future community expansion,” said Kludt. “Housing has become an issue when businesses are trying to locate families to fill our work force and bring them into the community. This study will help to best assess our needs and develop housing that will benefit many levels of our region.”
–Molly  McRoberts