Editorial page serves to further divide

To the Editor–

Most of us would agree that the political polarization we’re experiencing in the United States besides being sad is also counter-productive. I know…sometimes President Trump embarrasses me, too, but come on, he’s done a lot of fantastically good things for our country in a short four years. (Email me at duenwald@venturecomm.net for a listing.) No, President Trump is not all bad. Nor is President-Elect Biden all good. S’pose if we Republicans meet you Democrats part way, we can again work together for the betterment of the country we all love? Unfortunately, too much of what we read on the Potter County News’ editorial page serves to further divide us. The good thing about that is that it gripes me enough to submit this. Yes, as was printed, “…words do matter.” And how! The power of the press is scary. Thank you for providing this forum for those of us who choose to use it. 

Gloria Duenwald

Hoven, SD

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