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Emergency crews called out

Emergency crews were called out last week to assist with a truck fire and a vehicle roll over in two separate instances.
On Thursday, Oct. 31, an east bound semi driven by Gary Abel of Mina SD and owned by Mitzel and Sons of Aberdeen caught fire around 9:21 a.m. The semi was located approximately three and a half miles east of Gettysburg on US Hwy 212. According to Potter County Sheriff Curt Hamburger, the driver noticed that his semi was slowing down but no gages were showing any mechanical failure. Another vehicle was passing the semi and noticed smoke coming out from under the truck. That vehicle managed to get the semi driver’s attention and pulled over. The hood was opened and a fire had started near the fuel pump primer and had moved onto other plastic parts and oily surface, melting some wires.
The Gettysburg Fire and Rescue responded to put the fire out and assist with traffic control. The semi was then towed by Brenner Towing of Hoven to Lebanon and another semi was sent out to pick up the load of sunflowers.
It is not sure what started the fire, and there were no injuries, however, the Gettysburg ambulance was also called to the scene as a precaution.
The Potter County Sheriff, with assistance from the Gettysburg Police Chief, shut down Hwy 212 and rerouted traffic until the fire department had the fire out and the hoses rolled back up.
“I want to remind farmers and ranchers that when they are blowing out their combine and tractor radiators this harvest season to also check out their semis and trucks,” said Sheriff Hamburger.
Rollover accident
The Potter County Sheriff, Gettysburg Fire and Rescue, and Gettysburg Ambulance were called around 5:06 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 2 to a one vehicle injury rollover accident.
The accident was reported by another traveler. The location was about 15 miles east of town near 326th Ave.
Joseph Hoerner of Aberdeen was traveling east on US Hwy  212 when  a deer crossed his path, causing him to swerve his Spee Dee Delivery van and over correct. He hit the ditch,  rolled several times and then the vehicle backed 70 feet down the ditch, through a fence, and onto some rocks.
Sheriff Hamburger reported that speed did not appear to be a cause and alcohol was not a factor. The driver was wearing a seat belt, and suffered injury to his left arm and a cut on his head. He was treated at Avera Gettysburg Hospital and released.
-Molly McRoberts from
Potter County Sheriff reports

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