Fairy tale start to homecoming game

It was indeed a fairy tale beginning for the Battlers on homecoming night for her majesty Queen Cassidy Goebel, who was adorned in her army’s colors, and King Joey Wheeler by her side, suited in his fighting armor, as they arrived in the middle of Battler Stadium in a wingless chariot.  On such a glorious night, their spectacular entry was to formally announce the commencement of the pending battle with their kingdom’s arch rivals from the south, the Purple Scourge, to once again defend the motherland.  Cinderella could not have made a grander entrance.

After the hoopla came to the end, the battle with the mighty Sully Buttes Chargers did indeed take place and sadly, there were many causalities but for faith’s sake, the skirmish was over quickly.  The Battlers most nobel knight, Sir Grant Luikens, suffered the wrath of the Chargers the most, for he was all too soon impaled on the field of battle by his enemy time and time again.  Even before Sir Grant could mount an attack, he found himself quickly behind by eight points because the Chargers ran the ball into the end zone in less than two minutes of playing time following the Battlers’ deferment after winning the coin toss.  

Then in the subsequent possession of the contest by the Battlers, on their very first play, young Luikens had his first pass attempt not only thwarted, but intercepted.  Again, the Chargers wasted no time to score on a quick pass from their commander on the field, Nick Wittler, to one of his favorite receivers, Zach Farries.  From there the purple army continued to roll because they had widened their lead from 16 to 36 points, before a ray of hope was delivered by Sir Grant.  Luikens, working a fourth and four from his own 39-yard line, was once more forced out of the pocket and while running at full tilt to his right for being under heavy pursuit, fired a successful pass down the sideline to the ever fleet of foot Ethan Pitlick.  Upon possession, this young squire not only put distance between him and the enemy, but once cleared of all adversaries it was like the sleek receiver kicked it into a higher speed and raced into the end zone well in front of any pursuers.  This long-awaited retaliation to Sully Buttes’ dominance not only put six points on the board but restored hope to the kingdom.

Unfortunately, this lone touchdown by Pitlick was Potter County’s only score and it seemed to antagonize the Chargers because they continued to roll over the home team three more times to make the score 58 to 8 when the first half expired.  

With the Mercy Rule in effect, it concluded the contest and no second half was played.  But in this match of neighboring fiefdoms it was obvious the southern kingdom owned the night.  But in the Fraternal Brotherhood of Knights, young Grant Luikens earned his colors because he was targeted, chased, and abused by the purple army from the start of the game until it was called at halftime.  He was run out of the pocket repeatedly, had little time to fire any pass down field, and was constantly thrown to the ground by multiple players.  But most impressively, after each time this young lad was knocked down, he got up to call another play.

And like a fairy tale this homecoming night ended with the grand ball turning into a pumpkin for the Battlers.  But all is not forsaken because the wizard of Battler Kingdom – Coach Vern Smith – will assuredly continue to work on these young knights, who make up the PC Round Table, to bring a reckoning to once again rein over all challengers.


Potter County 8

Sully Buttes 58

PC 0 8 0 0 – 8

SB 22 36 0 0 – 58

Scoring plays

SB – Nick Wittler pass to Jordan Schall 10 yds (Wittler run)

SB – Wittler pass to Grant Johnson 48 yds (Wittler pass to Johnson)

SB – Wittler to Johnson 36 yds (run failed)

SB – Schall 2 yd run (Wittler pass to Cedric Perkins)

SB – Wittler 24 yd run (Wittler pass intercepted)

PC – Grant Luikens pass to Ethan Pitlick 61 yds (Luikens pass to Drake Bassett)

SB – Schall 13 yd run (Wittler to Johnson)

SB – Wittler 49 yd run (Wittler to Johnson)

SB – Johnson 44 yd interception return (pass failed)

OFFENSE: Potter County rushing 11-5 (Joey Wheeler 6-21), passing 4-20-1 for 93 yds (Luikens 4-20-1 for 93 yds), receiving (Pitlick 1-61). Sully Buttes rushing 22-272 (Wittler 13-218, Schall 7-52), passing 8-13-3 for 159 yds (Wittler 8-13-3 for 159 yds), receiving (Johnson 6-115).

DEFENSE: Potter County (Jackson Spindler and Joey Wheeler led team effort). Sully Buttes (Cedric Perkins and Jack Darling led team effort.

Warren LeBeau


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