Gettysburg, SD

Fire destroys Gettysburg business

Firefighters having lunch at J&B’s were called to work around 1:30 when the deep fryer caught fire and spread throughout the building.
J&B’s Quickstop, located on Hwy 212 across from the fire station, housed a gas station, convenience store, bar, casino, and restaurant.
According to Potter County Sheriff Curt Hamburger, employees tried to extinguish the fire but it spread quickly, sending lots of black smoke into the sky to be seen for miles. Everyone escaped without injury.
Assistance came from fire departments in Hoven, Lebanon, and Agar, and the water tower dropped with a considerable amount of water being dumped on the building during the afternoon.
Traffic was diverted a few blocks off the highway throughout the afternoon, and firemen were at the site throughout the night.
Around 15 people worked at the business, which was a total loss. The fire occurred on a mild December day, so no other businesses or homes were threatened due to wind.
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