Fire safety fits fine

Students in kindergarten, first, and second grade learned some of the ins and outs of fire safety on Friday, Oct. 18, when Gettysburg Volunteer Firefighters Brad Saltsman and Bill Vander Vorst gave a presentation to the children. After the program, the youngsters were given the chance to find out what the fire fighters wear, and some took turns trying on their bunker gear, which includes the heavy outer protective clothing worn when they fight fires. Fireman Brad Saltsman had kindergarten students Nash Fischer (Kelsey and Tyler), Corbin Lehman (Aime and Casey), Jackson Langer (Jaymi and James), and Turner Cronin (Nikki and Casey) lined up to take turns trying on his gear. The fire department worked the weekend, too, responding to a combine fire near Highway 1804 on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons. 

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